The Book That Has Most Influenced My Life by Lily Velden

I was fortunate enough, in my first year of a Fine Arts degree to have one of my lecturers give me a copy of The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. I’ve read it so many times it’s dog-eared, and it has so many post-it notes marking passages that resonate with me, I have to lay it flat on my bookcase!

I think every creative person, be they an artist, musician, songwriter, writer, architect, or designer should read it.

It’s not so much the writing itself, as I have certainly read more eloquent authors, but its premise which speaks to me.

Through one of its characters, Howard Roark, it expounds a theory on what is important in the creative process. Namely, that a ‘creator’ takes an idea, a thought, something that is really only something inside his or her head and turns it into something real. Something tangible. Something that can be seen, or heard, worn or inhabited. The taking of that idea and giving it life, be it as a song, an artwork, a novel, etc. is the achievement, not how the audience responds to it.

You have no control over the audience—each person will bring to the table their own life history, experiences, prejudices, expectations, likes, dislikes. What one person loves about your work, another will hate for the very same reasons.

By saying that, it is by no means my intention to dismiss the audience or a reviewer, in fact, the opposite is true. Every creator also wants an audience for their work. Why write a piece of music if it’s never going to be heard? Why make an artwork which will never be seen? Or write a book no one will ever read?

My point is to stay true to why you decided to create that something in the first place. What was the need within you to start? What drove you to step out on that limb? Whatever it was, stay true to it. Hopefully, if you strive with integrity to make real your idea, there will be an audience for it somewhere, however small. The world is a diverse place, after all.


About the Author:   

Administration and Finance Manager by day, author and artist by night. Types faster than a speeding bullet, more profound than a cream cheese bagel, able to string two adjectives together in a single sentence.

Look! Up on Google. It’s a name. It’s an author. It’s Super Lily!

Okay, maybe not so super.

On the upside, Lily chooses to wear her underpants beneath her gym gear!

Sorry! I couldn’t resist—I never know what to say about myself. I’m just a quirky artist with a passion for the written word, who’d like to share some of the stories floating around inside my head.


Twitter:          @LilyVelden

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