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10 things most people don’t know about me
1. I am known as a “cut up.” I love making people laugh and telling jokes.

2. I don’t enjoy cooking, but I have a lot fun making a meal that looks like I spent all day in the kitchen, but only took 15 minutes to make.

3. I write some pretty interesting poetry. Most of them deal with relationships and love.

4. When my kids were little, I would make up rhyming songs to help them memorize their address, phone number and homework. They still use the techniques and they are all teenagers!

5. When I was a little girl, I wanted siblings so I would pretend that they lived in the attic and would tell people that when they came over. They would always give my mother the strangest looks when I said this.

6. I used to be a flight attendant. That is why some of the airline chapters seem so real in Destination D.

7. When I was 16 years old, I drove my mom’s car through two feet of water and when I tried to stop the car, the braks wouldn’t work. So, I thought if I stood on top of the brakes that would stop the car. It didn’t.

8. When I was about 11 years old, I wanted to do a bike trick. So, I decided it would be good to see how far I could go with my eyes closed. I did great for about a block and then suddenly when I decided to open up my eyes, I found myself moving at uncontrollable speed down a hill. I couldn’t hit the brakes fast enough, so the only way to stop the bike was to drive it into a ditch. The ditch was filled with mud, water and bugs. This was the first and last time that I did a bike trick!

9. I am a very sensitive person and cry very easily at sappy movies and sad stories that I see on the the news. I have great empathy for people, and love to help people out of negative situations when I’m able to.

10. I enjoy speaking in public. The more people in the room, the more exciting it is for me. It’s fun to speak on topics that are controversial. I also write my own material.

About the Author:10_18 AuthorPicAn accomplished playwright and marketing/public relations executive, Lori Beard-Daily is a graduate of Spelman College with a bachelor of arts degree in English. Lori has written stage plays: Trunk of Fate, Daddy’s Girl, and Civil Unrest, two of which were directed and produced by the late theater thespian, Carol Mitchell-Leon. A native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Lori and her husband Bryon Daily live in Atlanta, Georgia, with their three children: Erin, Erica, and Eric.

Book Video: http://destinationdthebook.com/book-trailer/
Interview with Writer’s in Focus: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7_rjeGH9bY

10_18 Cover_DestinationDA broken promise from their school days at Spelman College takes three successful friends in Atlanta to an unexpected destination of discord, duplicity, and denial. Their personal demons drastically alter their friendship and their life’s destiny.

The first friend leads a secret life of multiple personas that allows her to escape her own reality and ease into a life of deception long before her true identity is discovered.

At the pinnacle of her career, the second friend is self-driven, sexually suppressed, and highly explosive . . . blowing up at anyone who crosses her path. Her domineering ambition drives her into a collision course with herself and steers her in an unexpected direction that becomes life-altering.

The third friend is a single mother seeking refuge from a regretful past that has finally caught up with her present. Just when she thinks her future is solid, it begins to crumble as her fate is altered by a past romance that resurfaces . . . resulting in an unexpected resolution.

Buy the book at Boutique of Quality Books, Amazon, BN.com Print, or BN.com eBook.


  1. Thank you for hosting

  2. I did the song-thing with my address when I was a little kid too! I still get the song stuck in my head sometimes!

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  3. Karen H in NC says:

    Well, it’s the last day of the tour and I want to say I’ve enjoyed following you around, learning more about you and your books. So, thanks for a good time!
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  4. That #10 is a killer! I occasionally have to speak in front of large groups and it makes me a nervous wreck. I’ll actually be doing a conference presentation in Atlanta in Dec. and I’m already nervous about it!

    We still do #4 at the college level. We use techniques like rhymes and songs and acrostics to help students remember factual information for tests. That’s a great skill that you’ve fostered in your kids.
    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

  5. Thank you for the ten things. It’s nice to learn more about the author.


  6. Sorry this is the last day of your tour. I have really enjoyed following it. Loved your comments.

  7. Interesting facts

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  8. Chelsea B. says:

    This was so much fun! I so enjoyed the tour!



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