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Long and Short Reviews welcomes Anna Schmidt who is visiting with us to celebrate the release of her newest book Last Chance Cowboys: The Outlaw, the third book in her Where the Trail Ends series.

Ten Items on Anna’s Bucket List
1. Travel more—perhaps to England and Normandy again –this time to research family on my Dad’s side that dates back to the Norman Conquest and includes castles and titles and such.

2. Read more—so many good books and so little time!

3. Do better at keeping in touch—with family, friends, neighbors and READERS!

4. Eat better—since my husband died I tend to ‘graze’ rather than prepare and eat real meals—that is NOT a good thing!

5. Exercise more—I try for the 19k steps per day—most days I fail but I am determined.

6. Try to be more organized about my writing—I tend to write ‘on deadline’ and procrastinate a lot!

7. Learn new stuff—there is so much I don’t know and so many topics that interest me but that I am woefully ignorant about!

8. Downsize—I have way too much ‘stuff’!

9. Attend the Kentucky Derby—it’s been a dream since I was a kid!

10. Write a novel that is not labeled (romance, inspirational, historical) as anything more than a darn good book!!

“‘Someone like me?’ Is that how you see me, Amanda? As someone people should fear?”

“I don’t know what to think,” she said. “One minute you seem so dangerous, and the next you’re sweet and caring and…”

He took a step closer, his eyes sweeping her face. “And which do you want me to be?” His voice was low; it sent shivers down her spine.

“Both,” she whispered, and lifted her face for a kiss.

Amanda Porterfield longs to experience real adventure. So when she’s offered a position in bustling Tucson, she leaps at the chance despite unknown dangers—dangers like the mysterious Seth Grover.

As an undercover detective working to stop a gang of outlaws, Seth can’t afford the distractions a woman like Amanda inspires. Yet when the fiercely intelligent beauty is thrust into the middle of a heist gone wrong, Seth will fight for a future that may never be theirs…even if it means risking everything he holds dear.

About the Author: Award-winning author ANNA SCHMIDT delights in creating stories where her characters must wrestle with the challenges of their times. Critics have consistently praised Schmidt for her ability to seamlessly integrate actual events with her fictional characters to produce strong tales of hope and love in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. She resides in Wisconsin.

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  1. Astilbe says:

    Congratulations on your new book!

    I get about 16,000 steps a day, but it took me a long time to work up to that number. 19,000 steps a day is a great goal! I’m sure you’ll be able to reach that goal regularly at some point, though. Just take it a few extra hundred steps a day at a time so you can find more ways to squeeze in activity around the stuff you already have to do. 🙂

  2. Yes, Congratulations on your new book. It sounds fantastic! Do you have a Facebook page to follow?

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