Christmas FunI know the Christmas season is usually about family, good food and get-togethers, but let’s face it: it’s also about gifts…lol. At least, gifts and Santa Claus were probably of prime importance to us when we were children, and who could blame us?

During this Christmas season, I reminisce about some funny memories as a child about receiving gifts, which were meant to be ‘joke-gifts’. Let me tell you, as a child there is not much sense of humor about having a practical joke played on you, but now that I am older, I think it’s all pretty funny!

I remember one Christmas when my sister and I were presented solemnly with one present for both of us, and upon unwrapping it, I was horrified.

It was a garbage can. Not any garbage can, mind you. This one did have Snow White and the Seven Dwarves on it. But it was still a garbage can. My six year old heart broke. As my sister politely thanked my parents, and discussed the merits of the artwork adorning this item, I started to cry, believing I had been, in a word, “ripped-off.” Oh, I knew I wasn’t behaving well, it’s the thought that counts of course, but what were my parents thinking when they associated our present with waste disposal?

My parents did not expect that reaction, momentary disappointment, surely, but not utter distress, and particularly my heartrending reaction contrasted with my sister’s gracious one. So very quickly, within seconds, the other ‘real’ presents came out, and my parents’ playful joke revealed.

That’s not the last time they ‘got us’ either. We probably still had an old eight track stereo long after other families had the new stereo technology, and I remember at one point I could not listen to the music of my new favorite bands in the eighties, like Duran Duran and Culture Club. We were given cassettes of these bands as gifts, which delighted my sister and I, until we realized we couldn’t actually play them on the eight track!

Our sadness turned quickly to joy when another gift was brought out, which you guessed it, was a cassette player!

I guess I learned a couple things through these experiences, one: my parents are jokers, and two: I don’t always take jokes well, at least, not as an unsophisticated child. But I am older now, and appreciate what they did. Sometimes delaying the gratification builds up the excitement. I will always remember these gifts and the way my parents tried to make the gifts memorable.

Because, after all, it’s all in the giving! Speaking of which, I have a gift to give away.

A copy of my new release, Irish Magic, an erotic paranormal romance from Secret Cravings Publishing!

Mysterious Ireland is famous for its magical lore. But Kelly Murphy is here to mend a broken heart; not chase pots of gold. She can’t help being enchanted, though, by the beauty and charm of the land. Not to mention being completely captivated by local hunk and tour guide Sean Ahearn!

But it’s more than Ireland that’s seducing Kelly. After wandering onto a fairy hill, Kelly experiences the most passionate night of her life. It’s who it’s with that has her stumped.

Is it sexy Sean or is fairy mischief afoot?

In a land where everyone believes, can Kelly find the courage to let go of the past and take a leap of faith?

How do you get this gift? Just post a comment, and I will be drawing one lucky winner who does so on December 23rd!

Happy Holidays, and Happy reading!

About the Author: In the daytime, Chloe Waits works in healthcare taking temperatures, and by night she sends them sky rocketing by writing white hot contemporary and paranormal erotic romance. A Toronto based author, Chloe Waits has fond memories growing up thumbing through Harlequins to get to the ‘good stuff,’and blames this formative experience for all that she does! You can find her work at Secret Cravings Publishing, Phaze Publishing, Clean Sheets, and The Erotic Woman.

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