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You might be from Pennsylvania if these signs of spring sound familiar

It creeps upon us, a few degrees over freezing here, a moment of being mesmerized by the round, orb in the sky that after initial confusion our frozen minds realize it’s the sun thinking of emerging from hibernation…and suddenly Spring is on its way.

Most notice the longer days, and that they might actually go to and from work without the moon for company. Others comment on the budding flowers, but here in PA, I find some other not so obvious signs that Spring may be upon us (and not the Groundhog, he seems to love Winter- who could blame him when he gets to hibernate).

Spring might be on its way if:

• My obsession with the Schoolcast website has lessoned. One morning I will realize I’ve started my day without the routine of refreshing the school closings and delays at least a bajillion times, only to have the cancellation roll in moments before or after waking the munchkins.
• I realize I’ve not checked the weather for a day or two, and have not conversed with friends and families about when the next winter storm is about to descend (I.e.: when to avoid the grocery store at all costs)
• I look in my closet and discover 90% of my choices are black or grey…and suddenly I feel the urge to add a little color.
• The initial excitement has long faded and I don’t know if I can stand to wear my salt encrusted, dry rotting, boots One. More. Day— I dream of open-toed shoes and painted toenails.
• Fretting begins about the eventual hibernation of the sweat pants I’ve come to love and cherish—one aspect of winter I resist with all my might—despite doing very little sweating in them.
• That rack I’ve intentionally avoided, ignored and scowled at has been full of bathing suits since January- and some crazy people (who haven’t taken advantage of the frigid temperatures to indulge) have been buying them so the rack is getting sparse.
• The state flower has began to make its appearance. No, not the Mountain Laurel Flower (who knew we had so many state symbols) but the orange_cone
• Potholes appear out of nowhere as if an asteroid has hit the earth, leaving gaping holes big enough to lose small animals in.
• In Destiny Calling, another not so usual sign of spring is the emergence of motorcycles even though the snow has yet to finish melting. I have yet to see any out, but it won’t be long- and I’m sure there would be if we had any Oppressors in residence…


MAUREEN DestinyCalling_w9052_medHope only wants to find out if her ability to infuse euphoria or despair with her touch makes her the devil’s spawn, or his exterminator. But when the woman who raised her is murdered by something not human, she loses the only family she knew and discovers one she might wish she hadn’t.

Drawn back to the hometown she vowed never to return to, her ability is seen as an asset to everyone but Hope, and she doesn’t know who to trust. Her family wants her to help them overcome an enemy oppressing the human population, while the man of her dreams is courting her for the Underworld.

Time is running out, and Hope’s choice may be made for her, as she discovers she’s a pawn in a bigger game played by a merciless ruler who doesn’t lose.

About the Author: Penning stories boasting laughter, light suspense and something magical in the hope of sharing her love of finding the extraordinary in the ordinary world.

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  1. Rita Wray says:

    The book sounds very intriguing.

  2. Thanks for visiting Rita!

  3. Alicia Pearce says:

    I’ve read Destiny Calling and loved it! A wonderful journey with characters I really cared about, and new twists on the lives of those with paranormal abilities!

  4. fun list

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  5. “Fretting begins about the eventual hibernation of the sweat pants I’ve come to love and cherish—one aspect of winter I resist with all my might—despite doing very little sweating in them.” LOL!!! Great post!!

  6. Great post on PA!

  7. This story sounds unique and fascinating.

  8. As a resident of PA, I could totally relate to this. Great post, and the book sounds interesting. Will be checking it out!

  9. Enjoyed reading your post, like the sound of your book, putting it on my wish list.

  10. Enjoyed reading your post since it’s so different for me since I don’t live where is snows.

  11. lori faires says:

    Great post on spring in PA. I live in sunny California, so I don’t see much snow, but I’ve always thought the pictures of the changing seasons looks so beautiful. The synopsis of “Destiny Calling” sounds interesting.
    Blessings & Thanks for the giveaway.

  12. Karen H says:

    And living in MI as I do, I would add this to the list: It might be spring if the orange construction barrels start appearing on the highways and various roads! You know there are only 2 seasons in Michigan…winter and road construction!

  13. Barbara Elness says:

    I enjoyed your Spring list, it sounds lovely there in Pennsylvania, but I sure couldn’t handle the winter and the results of all that snow (like the huge potholes). 😀

  14. Nikolina says:

    Enjoyed reading this post, thank you! 😀

  15. Suz Jamison says:

    I want to sit outside and soak up some sunshine! Can’t wait for everything to green up!!

  16. Thank you all for taking the time to visit and leave a comment! I hope you’re enjoying a lovely spring in wherever your neck of the woods may be! And the winner of the $5.00 Amazon Gift Card is….momjane!! Congrats!!


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