Southern Sweethearts with Laura Drake, Sandra Hill, Marilyn Pappano – Guest Blogs and Giveaway

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This post is part of a virtual book tour organized by the publisher. Enter to win copies of several books.

Top 5 Things We’d Be Surprised to Learn About You
Sandra Hill:
1. I dislike reading ebooks. I’d much rather have a print copy in hand.
2. I have never been on the Louisiana bayou. I have traveled to New Orleans several times, and I have researched heavily, but no actual swamp experience. A trip I look forward to.
3. Some people know this, but not everyone. I actually have Viking blood in my veins, stemming all the way back to Rolf the Gangr, first duke of Norsemandy.
4. My grandmother claimed she was related to Rhett Butler. (I know, I know.)
5. I have a son with the good ol’ southern name of Beau.

Marilyn Pappano:
1. I discovered an appreciation for rap once I turned fifty
2. I love medical parody videos on YouTube.
3. Spaghetti-Os are a staple in my pantry.
4. I like fire. It’s gorgeous and powerful and primal.
5. I talk and walk in my sleep. At a writers’ retreat before I sold the first Tallgrass books, I pitched it to my two cabin-mates while sound asleep. The first I knew of it was the next morning when they told me how much they liked the idea!

Laura Drake:
1. I skydived four times, until I had a ‘streamer’ – the chute didn’t open properly, and I had to throw the reserve. That was my last jump!
2. My sister and I, tired of the downfall of Detroit (not to mention the snowfall), in 1980, packed everything we owned in our two Pintos, and moved to California, sight unseen.
3. I’m a jock – competitive swimming and Synchronized swimming through high school. Now I ride a road bicycle for exercise, and my husband and I have been on several across-state trips.
4. I took a motorcycle trip by myself – a storm knocked out electrical by the freeway – no gas. I ran out. Luckily a Harley rider saw me pull over, put me on the back of his, and ran me to get gas. He didn’t leave me until my bike started. When I thanked him profusely, he said, “Hey, this is what bikers do.”
5. In spite of hating math in school, and flunking algebra in high school, I had a twenty-five year career as a CFO. Go figure.

SWEET ON YOU by Laura Drake (August 26, 2014; Forever Mass Market; $8.00)
A Love as Bold as a Texas Sunset . . .
Ex-army medic Katya Smith has always healed other people’s pain. Now she has to deal with her own. Taking a job as an athletic trainer on the Pro Bull Riding circuit seems like the perfect escape from her grief-except Katya doesn’t know anything about bulls, and even less about the tough men who ride them. She doesn’t expect to fall for the sport, or for one tantalizing cowboy who tumbles her defenses.

For rodeo champion Cam Cahill, fifteen years of bucking bulls have taken their toll on his body. Before he retires, he wants a final chance at the world title-and he doesn’t need some New Age gypsy telling him how to do his job. But when the stunning trainer with the magical hands repairs more than his worn muscles, everything changes. Soon Cam finds himself trying to persuade Katya to forgive her past so she can build a future . . . with him.

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About the author:
9_1 sweetheart Laura DrakeLaura Drake grew up in the suburbs outside Detroit, though her stories are set in the west.  A tomboy, she’s always loved the outdoors and adventure. In 1980 she and her sister packed everything they owned into Pintos and moved to California. There she met and married a motorcycling, bleed-maroon Texas Aggie and her love affair with the West was born. Laura rides motorcycles: Elvis, a 1985 BMW Mystic, and Sting, a 1999 BMW R1100.

In Texas, Laura was introduced to her first rodeo, and fell in love. She’s an avid fan of Pro Bull Riding (PBR,) attending any event within driving distance, including two PBR National finals. She is hard at work at her next novel.

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SNOW ON THE BAYOU by Sandra Hill (August 26, 2014; Forever Mass Market; $8.00)
Joining the Navy was the second best thing that ever happened to Justin “Cage” LeBlanc, the rebel son of a no-account convict. The first was Emelie Gaudet, the love of his life . . . until he was forced to leave town and swore there would be snow on the bayou before he ever returned. Now, only his mortally ill grandma can bring the injured Navy SEAL back to Terrebone Parrish, where he must face his past-and Emelie, who’s even more beautiful than she was all those years ago.

Bourbon Street blues singer Emelie is once bitten, twice shy. When she learns that Justin is back in town, she wants nothing to do with the once wild Cajun teenager who fled with the law on his tail-and broke her heart. But she can’t deny the red-hot attraction between them . . . or his efforts to prove he’s finally changed his hell-raising ways. Can she trust that this time the bad boy of the bayou will be the best man for her?

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About the author:
9_1 sweetheart SandraHillSandra Hill is a graduate of Penn State and worked for more than 10 years as a features writer and education editor for publications in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Writing about serious issues taught her the merits of seeking the lighter side of even the darkest stories. She is the wife of a stockbroker and the mother of four sons.
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A LOVE TO CALL HER OWN by Marilyn Pappano (August 26, 2014; Forever Mass Market; $ )
It’s been two years since Jessy Lawrence lost her husband in Afghanistan, and she’s never fully recovered. Drowning her sorrows didn’t help, and neither did the job she’d hoped would give her a sense of purpose. Now trying to rebuild her life, she finds solace in her best friends, fellow military wives who understand what it’s like to love-and lose-a man in uniform . . . and the memory of one stolen night that makes her dream of a second chance at love.

Dalton Smith has known more than his fair share of grief. Since his wife’s death, he revels in the solitude of his cattle ranch. But try as he might, he can’t stop thinking about the stunning redhead and the reckless, passionate night they shared. He wasn’t ready before, but Dalton sees now that Jessy is the only woman who can mend his broken heart. So how will he convince her to take a chance on him?

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9_1 sweetheart Pappano, MarilynAbout the author:
Known for her intensely emotional stories, Marilyn Pappano is the USA Today bestselling author of nearly eighty books. She has made regular appearances on bestseller lists and has received recognition for her work in the form of numerous awards. Though her husband’s Navy career took them across the United States, he and Ms. Pappano now live in Oklahoma high on a hill that overlooks her hometown. They have one son and daughter-in-law, an adorable grandson, and a pack of mischievous dogs.
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  1. Fun post!

    First, I <3 Ms. Hills books. I always take a precautionary puff of my asthma inhaler before I read because at least once in every book she always makes me laugh so hard that if I didn't take my puff, I'd end up in an asthma coughing attack. So many books have done that to me, I've learned my lesson; and I keep coming back for more.

    As for Ms. Pappano – Therese and Keegan's story was the first I've ever read of hers and it was quite recently too. I think the publisher sent out a newsletter about it being on sale so I took a chance. I enjoyed myself and really liked how the author made the challenges and frustrations and even the little victories of being a single mom and a step-mom come to life and make it relatable. It was a wonderful romance. I am looking forward to Jessy's story.

    As for Ms. Drake – I've never read any of her books. Sorry. However, being in such august company makes me very interested in trying out one of her books and the blurb for the upcoming Sweet on You sounds like the perfect book to start with because I adore PBR! 🙂

    Thanks for a wonderful post and good luck with the tour!!!!

    moberlan at gmail dot com

  2. Millie Swank says:

    I have all three of these books on my wish list. Can not wait to read!

  3. Janice Hougland says:

    I thank you for the introduction to Ms,. Pappanno and Ms. Drake. I love western romances so I will definitely look at their books on amazon. As for Ms. Hill, I’ve read others stories of hers and loved them…so I don’t expect that this one will be any different in that regard. I’ve enjoyed this tour and reading about their newest books. Thanks for the post!

  4. Cathy Genna says:

    This was fun, I enjoyed learning more about you all

  5. What interesting fun facts. We just discovered that my husband’s family has a Viking lineage too. It seems they settled in England for a long time before migrating to the US.

    And I’d be afraid to sky dive. I don’t like heights and I don’t even like going up in a plane much less jumping out of one. I’m glad your backup chute worked.

    The books all sound like fascinating read. I look forward to reading them.

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