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Tamara Thorne first published in 1991 and has authored such bestselling titles as Haunted, Moonfall, and Candle Bay, among many others. Alistair was published in 2012. The following year, we began writing together, and have no plans to stop. We’re currently working on our fourth collaborative novel, as well as the ongoing Ravencrest Saga serial, and we are each penning a solo novel as well. We are constantly told by readers that they can’t figure out who wrote what – to be honest, neither can we. Though we live several states apart and grew up in different circumstances, we are continually surprised by the similarities between us, not just in our writing styles, but in our sensibilities. We are so similar that we decided to make lists of what makes us the same – and what differentiates us – because we really didn’t know.

Our similarities

#1 We were both adopted by new kittens on the same day in 2013. Both were black females, and arrived at our homes, demanding entrance, and have been with us since.

#2 Neither of us can stand the thought of anything touching our necks. We have no idea what this is about, but there it is …

#3 We used to be able to tell who wrote what if certain words were used. For instance, if “hollered” or “tedious” were used, we knew Alistair had written it. We can’t tell anymore because we’ve each picked up on the other’s favorites and now use them freely.

#4 We seem to be connected at the brain. Frequently, one of us picks up the phone just as a text comes in from the other. We do it so often that we take it for granted, but it blows other people away. Also, we both refer to phones as “text machines.”

#5 We both had excellent mothers, but our relationships with our fathers were strained.

#6 We are both huge fans of lemon desserts – of any kind.

#7 One of the things that drew us tightly together was a mutual hatred of drama. We both got involved with the same type of people in our pasts – people who left us with absolutely no tolerance for histrionics. The only drama we allow in our lives takes place in the pages of our books!

#8 We have never argued, in part because both of us loathe arguing, but mainly because there’s never anything to argue about. Our tastes are too similar. The biggest disagreements we ever have is about the color of Belinda’s sweaters in The Ghosts of Ravencrest. Those last about half a second because we resolve them by asking Belinda what she wants to wear.

#9 Neither of us can write short. Our first collaboration was meant to be a short story, just to see if we could write together. It sprouted legs, began growing, and took on a life of its own, eventually becoming a full novel. We haven’t looked back since.

#10 We both love The Walking Dead now but didn’t care for it the first time around.

Our differences:

#1 Tamara loves roller coasters. Alistair hates them.

#2 Alistair and Tamara’s musical tastes are similar but Alistair likes his rock mellow while Tamara prefers it hard. Big and hard.

#3 Tamara loves Star Trek. Alistair has never seen it, and doesn’t want to. Tamara thinks he’s crazy but loves him anyway.

#4 Alistair runs. Tamara walks.

#5 Alistair has a slight preference for writing female protagonists while Tamara prefers being in masculine points of view.

#6 Tamara loves Family Guy. Alistair can’t stand it.

#7 Alistair is over six feet tall, and Tamara is over five feet tall. Alistair’s nickname for Tamara is Hobbit. Tamara’s nickname for Alistair is Treebeard.

#8 Alistair is male. Tamara is female.

#9 We’re trying hard but we can’t think of any more differences.

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