Scary movie anyone?

I never knew the movie Halloween was actually shot in the spring, using fake autumn leaves. I LOVE scary movies, but have a hard time finding anyone who will watch them with me. Although I love writing spooky stuff, I’m a complete wuss when it comes to horror movies (it’s a fact), and won’t watch one alone. I’m considering telling my best friend we’re going to see a chick flick, then showing up at Paranormal Activity 3 instead. She’d seriously kill me.


  1. I am not fond of scary movies but my whole family is.
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  2. I love scary movies too especially when they are based on true events. Haven’t found any scary (lots of gory) ones lately so often I turn to older ones.

  3. Ooo I think your friend might be a tad upset if you did that *L*
    I like watching the older scary movies more than the newer ones.

  4. I LOVE scary movies, but I do like ones that are a little more realistic. My kids and I have watched (memorized) all the Michael Myers Halloween movies. We LOVE those. I like some of the older ones, too. Sometimes the buidup and not knowing whats about to jump out and get you is much scarier than in your face gore. I like to write creepy stuff…and love to watch it. Happy Halloween everyone!

  5. Not sure if the movie “It” qualifies for Halloween, but it scared me.

  6. I would kill you for sure, I canna even watch the previews and I’d walk home before watching it.

  7. I have a friend who watches them with her face hidden against a pillow. lol

  8. LOL. I”m not much for the blood & gore scary but love a good pyschopath movie, though I have nightmares for weeks after watchig one.

  9. Maybe I can get my husband to watch one with me tonight. Spooky! Happy Halloween everyone!

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