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Background of the book
o Rope rope rope rope rope!!

o I know quite a few Shibari rope riggers in Texas, the US and internationally. I asked a million questions, watched countless videos, attended conferences… Oh, and I happen to be able to rope bottom for some amazing riggers as well. So I have working knowledge of rope and kink and BDSM dynamic in general.

o Corsets – I bought corsets so I could see how it would be to wear them as armor. So sexy!

o I’m a hands-on kind of girl and I want to feel it, see it, hear it and taste it before I write it. That makes my books special to me especially when I get extra time so I can go back and re-read them. That normally only happens during editing time, but that’s just fine for me. Love finishing a story and love starting a new one as well. So fun!

Balancing life and writing
o Oy. That’s a hard one sometimes. Especially since my body keeps reminding me I actually have to sleep sometimes. It’s a learning curve and an ever changing one that I have had to adapt to. Life can change (day job changes / children’s schedule changes / illness) my writing schedule at the drop of a hat. And something that I’ve had to be very aware of is NOT feeling guilty if I have to move something or say no to things. I write for fun. It is a hobby and it keeps me sane. I’d almost say that I use my books as a kind of diary. Sometimes a wish list. Sometimes a catharsis when I get to put someone in a book that is an asshole and I get to make bad things happen to them. That’s so much fun!!! I love real life! And I love getting to create worlds and share my kink with the world. I have the best life ever!!! The fact that I get to do both amazes me!

5 musts every story in your genre should have
o 5 – Share true life BDSM with the world. It has NOTHING to do with abuse and making someone feel bad about themselves. It’s about feeling perfect in your own skin surrounded by people that understand and accept you for that perfect person. It can be sweet or harsh. Gender doesn’t make a difference, which I love. No limits in what I can write either. Awesome!

o 4 – Friendship. I love books being filled with friends as well as lovers. They can be the same two people but I really like it when other friends are added into the mix. I’m a social butterfly and sharing my happy with the world makes me even more happy. So I like adding friendships and people to books so they can share in the main characters’ joy.

o 3 – Sex. Lots and Lots and even more Lots of SEX. Sweet or sweaty. Kind or kinky. Harsh fucking in a scene in front of a crowd of people or a night long session of making love on a couch in front of a fire. Sex is healing and magical and wonderful. And I love getting to share my sexy in my books!!

o 2 – Consent. And that can be anything from a character having to give express permission for something each and every time all the way down to consensual non-consent. It’s a hard topic to wrap your head around for some people but it can be amazing. This one word is what keeps BDSM so far from abuse it’s not even in the same category.

o 1 – Love. When I read a story (which is really rare because I work and write so much) I want a happily ever after. I want it. When I don’t get it – I’m not gonna lie. I hate it. Life is hard enough and full of heartache. For my extra-curricular activities I want happy… Ecstatically wonderful happy love. So I write that into all of my stories!!!!

MediaKit_BookCover_JennasConsentMembers Only, Book Six

Every night Jenna spends hours preparing submissives for their Doms at The Library. She encourages them, reassures them as they take a step into the forbidden and urges them never to settle. But when it comes to her own journey, she’s spent years hiding, trapped within the steel cage of her corsets. She can’t hide any longer.

Nick has wanted her since the moment he laid eyes on her but she’s always told him no. Until now. She agrees to be his submissive for a night but he wants more…much more. He unwittingly brings in the one man Jenna never stopped loving and, on the cusp of everything’s he’s ever wanted, he’s not the only one fighting for her heart.

Ian can’t forget her…his Jenna. He walked away years ago, but not this time. This time he’ll settle for nothing but her complete submission.

Three people unable to let go of the past must learn that love—above all else—is worth fighting for.

Enjoy an excerpt:

“Run that by me again…”

Yeah, she decided it was worth it just to see Mr. Cool Calm & Collected flounder for a few seconds while he tried to reboot his brain to process her out of the blue answer. His usual smirk reappeared before she could speak.

“You heard me, Casanova.” His gray eyes narrowed and his jaw clenched at the taunt.

He hated the nickname and it made the sting of giving in a little bit easier to swallow. Her pride was going to undoubtedly suffer but she decided to go down swinging.

She’d put on her turquoise corset with floral panels, highlighting her small waist and large chest. And she’d paired it with a cream tutu, fishnet stockings and a pair of high heels most drag queens would be jealous of.

Whoever said that power came in a pair of stilettos was definitely a woman.

“I said yes. You’ve been asking me the same question for months so surely you haven’t forgotten the request yet?”

For a moment longer he stood a few steps away, posture relaxed. Anyone else who cared to look at them across the bar probably saw what he wanted them to see. The unruffled, self-possessed manner that he always exuded with ease. But she saw the darkness he thought no one else noticed.

Thankfully, the regulars probably thought they were having a normal conversation. It wouldn’t be abnormal, since they were both employees. Well, two employees in the private bar of The Library, a private BDSM club in Arcadia, Kansas.

Their conversation was as far from normal as most vanilla people could get and he was as far from calm as she’d ever seen him in public.

His ghostly eyes seemed to scan the room. He probably saw the long bar with stools on one side, the mass of tables in the middle and the booths around the far wall. He nodded to someone who she didn’t know and then the distance between them disappeared as he stepped closer. His body heat enveloped her and the tips of her breasts tingled as his muscled pectorals brushed against them.


About the Author:1_8 jenna AuthorPic_Jennas ConsentJennifer Kacey is a mother, and business owner living with her family in Texas. She sings in the shower, plays piano in her dreams, and has to have a different color of nail polish every week. The best advice she’s ever been given? Find the real you and never settle for anything less.






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