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Long and Short Reviews welcomes Katie Ruggle, who is visiting with us to celebrate the release of her newest book Fan the Flames. Leave a comment or ask the author a question for a chance to win a print copy of the book (US/Canada only).

Thanks for visiting with us, Katie. What is your favorite movie based on a book, where you preferred the movie?

Ooh, hard one. The book is almost always so much better. One of the few movies that I prefer over the book is The Thirteenth Warrior, based on Michael Crichton’s Eaters of the Dead. My reason is shallow: I get to actually see the Vikings (mmm…Vikings) and all of the horses (I’m a total horse geek).

Laptop, desktop or notebook and pen for writing?

Laptop! When I was living off-grid in the mountains, I’d charge my machine during daylight hours (prime solar-power time) and write in the evenings until my battery ran out. I do go old-school and pull out a notebook and pen for lists (I write so very many lists; if I didn’t, I’d forget everything in the universe) and note-taking.

Do you believe in writer’s block? Has it ever happened to you?

I have to schedule writing into my daily routine. For me, it’s not really a matter of writer’s block, but more of an issue with the thousand and one non-writing life things that need to be done. If I don’t have a dedicated time to write (and only write), then other stuff (cough*Facebook-cute-animal-videos*cough) fills my day instead. Currently, I’m working nights at a bakery, so it’s especially important for me to schedule my writing between making a gazillion caramel rolls and sleep.

Is there a book you’ve ever read more than five times? Which book and what drew you back to it?

I have piles of them; they’re my comfort reads. It’s an odd assortment, ranging from Deerskin by Robin McKinley to The Road Home by Ellen Emerson White to On Killing by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman to Phase by E.C. Newman to Sheltered by Charlotte Stein to Patricia Briggs’s Mercy Thompson series to The Self-Sufficient Life by John Seymour. In very different ways, each one has earned its place on my multiple-reread-worthy shelf.

Have you ever literally deleted or thrown away a book you’ve written?

Not on purpose! I’ve had a computer stolen (before I backed up my work remotely), which had lots of book starts (it’s how I record an idea—I begin writing the first chapter), and I’ve had the usual blue-screen-of-death nightmares, but I’ve never intentionally deleted an entire book. There’s something worthwhile in every story, so I like to hang on to everything I write.

You’re spending one year living on a desert island – which three authors do you want with you?

Can I have dead people? Not in zombie mode or anything, but in they-used-to-be-dead-but-now-are-alive-again-and-not-decomposing-for-this-year-on-the-desert-island mode? Because, if so, I’d like Mark Twain (practical and entertaining), John Seymour (very, very practical, but unsure about entertainment value), and Herman Melville (wouldn’t he know how to build a boat?). If I can’t have dead people, I’m going to have to think really hard about this. Dozens of authors immediately popped into my head, people who I figured would be a blast to hang out with at our tropical party, but then I realized something: no coffee. Most of the authors I know develop slightly (very!) scary personality disorders if they’re deprived of caffeine. I don’t want our year on the desert island to turn into a bloodbath because there’s no visiting Love Boat with an on-board Starbucks. I’ll just stick with my dead guys.

5_23-FantheFlamesIn the remote Rocky Mountains, lives depend on the Search & Rescue brotherhood. But in a place this far off the map, trust is hard to come by and secrets can be murder…

As a Motorcycle Club member and firefighter, Ian Walsh is used to riding the line between the good guys and the bad. He may owe the Club his life, but his heart rests with his fire station brothers…and with the girl he’s loved since they were kids, Rory Sorenson. Ian would do anything for Rory. He’d die for her. Kill for her. Defend her to his last breath—and he may just have to.

Every con in the Rockies knows Rory is the go-to girl for less-than-legal firearms, and for the past few years, she’s managed to keep the peace between dangerous factions by remaining strictly neutral. But when she defends herself against a brutal attack, Rory finds herself catapulted into the center of a Motorcycle Club war—with only Ian standing between her and a threat greater than either of them could have imagined.

5_23-katie-ruggle-authorAbout the Author: When she’s not writing, Katie Ruggle rides horses, shoots guns, and travels to warm places where she can SCUBA dive. Graduating from the Police Academy, Katie received her ice-rescue certification and can attest that the reservoirs in the Colorado mountains really are that cold. While she still misses her off-grid, solar- and wind-powered house in the Rocky Mountains, she now lives in Rochester, Minnesota near her family.

Buy the book at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, or Kobo.


  1. Faye Gates says:

    My goodness, Katie. What a career! I love the mountains, but the movie JAWS ruined my love of deep water. Great job on the book. I’ve added it to my summer TBR list.

  2. I love to do research. What is the weirdest thing you have done for research?

    • The weirdest? Well, I didn’t realize it was going to be research, but I helped with the police Emergency Response Unit (SWAT) training. I played lots of different roles for this, including cult member, dead person, hostage and militia member. At one point, I was huddled in an upstairs bedroom of an abandoned house, surrounded by dead Asian beetles, because it was the only spot with enough cell reception to text with the negotiator. It was actually more fun than it sounds.

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