Q&A and Giveaway: Abbie Roads

Long and Short Reviews welcomes Abbie Roads, whose newest book Hunt the Dawn will be released on December 6. Leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of the book. Abbie has agreed to answer a few questions.

What was the scariest moment of your life?

In May I was in a car accident.

I looked in my review mirror and saw a car barreling full speed toward me. I knew that even if the driver slammed on their brake they’d still hit me.

And yep, she blasted into me without ever braking. It was the hardest hit I’ve ever taken in a car. I was parked at least fifteen feet back from the car in front of me and ended up smashing into them, causing them to hit the car in front of them.

The most horrible part about the whole thing—the thing that I had the most trouble dealing with—was my lack of control. I was doing everything right. But I couldn’t do anything to prevent that lady from hitting me.

For months, I had severe anxiety whenever I was in a car. I felt semi-relief in one place—the back seat. For some reason I felt safer there.

I’m a mental health counselor, so I knew I had to keep driving despite the anxiety or else I’d risk getting to a point where I wouldn’t drive at all. I know not to feed the fear. But it was torture. Every time I looked into the rearview mirror I saw that car speeding toward me. My heart would race, I had trouble breathing, I got sweaty palms–I’ve never had sweaty palms in my life! That’s also when I got a tic in my left eye.

The anxiety is better now, but gets triggered when I look in the rearview and see a car coming in too fast or when one who gets too close to the back of me.

But that danged eye tic still won’t go away.

What books have most influenced your life?

Romance novels! They have been a part of my life since I was about twelve years old.

Every week when we went to the grocery store my mom would buy me a paperback historical romance. She didn’t realize they were romance novels. I suppose she thought they were historical novels with covers featuring a bare chested man and lovely lady in an embrace. You know, as if that was just advertising.

Even as a child I knew that life was unfair and bad things happened to people. That’s why I loved romance novels. I craved the love story and I especially desired the Happily Ever After that comes with every romance novel.

Even now I mostly only read books with a happy ending and avoid the ones that will rip out my heart.

What are your favorite TV shows?

Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Criminal Minds, Shameless, Longmire, I Survived, Dexter.

Do you see a theme here?

What is your favorite meal?

I’m going to cheat a little on this answer and tell you my favorite foods because I always make a meal out my favorite foods.

Cheese pizza is one of my favorites. But I’m pizza picky too. I don’t love all cheese pizza, but I love spectacular cheese pizza. I’ll drive 30 minutes from my house to pick up a great pizza instead of eating something that’s just okay.

Another favorite is mashed potatoes. Homemade or from a box—I don’t care. I love them all. I’ll make a batch and eat them for a meal! They remind me of my childhood and my grandma.

My mom’s strawberry pie is my favorite dessert! I used to ask for strawberry pie instead of birthday cake when I was growing up!

What question have you always wanted to be asked in an interview, but have not?

Were there any bloopers when you were writing Hunt the Dawn?

Caution: Explicit words used, but in a funny way.

When I was writing Hunt the Dawn I decided that using the word “cock” to describe uhm… you know… was too erotic sounding. I made the decision to change it to “dick” instead.

So I went to the edit tool in my computer and did a find/replace. Easy peasy! With one click I changed all the “cocks” to “dicks”.

But there was a problem…

I wasn’t thinking that there were other ways the word “cock” is used. When I began editing I found some of these mistakes:

The woman’s head was dicked unnaturally to the side, ear touching shoulder.

He dicked an eyebrow at her.

And that wasn’t even mentioning the mice feces and dickroach dung.

She dicked her head ever so slightly almost as if she were listening to the words he hadn’t spoken.

Those errors made for a good laugh while I was editing. And boy was that a learning lesson. Don’t ever do a sweeping find and replace you never know what craziness might occur!

How about you?

What’s your favorite meal?

What books have most impacted your life?

12_1-abbie-roads-book-coverOut of darkness and danger

You can’t hide your secrets from Lathan Montgomery—he can read your darkest memories. And while his special abilities are invaluable in the FBI’s hunt for a serial killer, he has no way to avoid the pain that brings him. Until he is drawn to courageous, down-on-her-luck Evanee Brown and finds himself able to offer her something he’s never offered another human being: himself.

Dawns a unique and powerful love

Nightmares are nothing new to Evanee Brown. But once she meets Lathan, they plummet into the realm of the macabre. Murder victims are reaching from beyond the grave to give Evanee evidence that could help Lathan bring a terrifying killer to justice. Together, they could forge an indomitable partnership to thwart violence, abuse, and death—if they survive the forces that seek to tear them apart.

About the Author: Abbie Roads is a mental health counselor known for her blunt, honest style of therapy. By night she writes dark, emotional novels, always giving her characters the happy ending she wishes for all her clients. Her novels have finaled in RWA contests including the Golden Heart. Race the Darkness is the first book in the Fatal Dreams series of dark, gritty romantic suspense with a psychological twist.

Buy the book at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or iBooks.


  1. HAHAHAHAHA … dickroach dung …. hahahahaha…. 😀

    This was a great interview. If you write half as well in your book, I’m going to love it. Thank you for sharing!!

  2. I agree with Marie. That was too funny!

  3. congrats on the new release! thanks for such a fun spotlight and giveaway 🙂

  4. Congrats on your release. Do you enjoy researching?

    • Hi DebraG!

      Do I enjoy researching… Hmm… Depends on what I’m researching. Things that grab my attention and suck me in–Yes! I love that. Things that I ‘have’ to research–Not so much. But then I suspect most people are like that!

      Thanks for dropping by!

  5. Oh my gosh….I loved this interview. I laughed so hard about your “bloopers” that I almost sprayed coffee on my computer screen. (that needed to come with a warning of some kind) lol

    I’ve had a similar car accident and like you, every time I come to a red light I am forced to look in my rear view mirror and hold my breath that the car behind me stops.

    I love your writing style and it is unique and different from others I read. That really holds my interest, keeps me turning pages and looking for your next book to be released. I even have my daughter-in-law reading again thanks to your books.

  6. Hi Long and Short Reviews!

    Thanks so much for hosting me today! You ROCK!

  7. Melissa Noecker says:

    Loved the interview! My favorite food is cheeseburgerloaf.

    • Hi Melissa!

      I’ve been a vegetarian for about 5 years, but my former meat eating self would’ve loved cheeseburger meatloaf! Every once in awhile I still get a serious hankering for a cheeseburger!

  8. Kami Matsunaga says:

    Oh my, I love the bloopers. I’m still laughing over them. I loved your first book and I am excited for book two!

  9. Sally A. Peckham says:

    My favorite meal is lasagna and cheesecake for dessert.

    Loved the bloopers! I needed a good laugh, so ty! 🙂

  10. Linda Moffitt says:

    This looks like an Awesome Book Thanks so much for the chance to win a copy. You are a new to me Author so should I read anything before this book, Or is it a stand alone book?
    My Fav meal is a Good Big Steak!

  11. Latifa Morrisette says:

    I absolutely Can’t wait to read Hunt the Dawn.
    My favorite meal is oven baked chicken with pasta and vegetables

  12. Eric Moffitt says:

    Thanks for the chance to win a copy of this book. It sounds like a good story. My Favorite meal is every meal I just really enjoy all kinds of food. Thanks

  13. Nancy M. Shepherd says:

    My favorite meal is a beef pot roast, served with sweet iced tea, and followed by a slice of cherry pie.

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