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Top psychic spy Fay Avalon saw too much on her latest mind traveling mission and is now on the run from her post-catastrophic dystopian government, searching for the truth and proof. She escapes but is shot down, landing in the arms of the enemy.

In Drakker and Arlo’s world, women are so rare the men have accepted a polyandrous lifestyle. When the brothers stumble upon Fay unconscious in the wreckage of an aircraft, they are immediately attracted to her. Arlo wants to keep her, but Drakker knows they can’t. They must take her to their brother Logan Abán, leader of their people.

Logan struggles with trusting anyone, even himself. When a beautiful, intelligent, and intriguing woman falls into their laps, his denied desires for intimacy challenge his need to trust the spy. He’s frustrated by romantic Arlo’s claims of her innocence. Even when pragmatic and dominating Drakker defends her as well, Logan refuses to trust his gut.

Can one woman satisfy the diverse desires of three men? Will Logan’s fears be realized by betrayal? Is Fay to be sentenced to death as a spy, suffer a fate worse than death by being returned to her government as a traitor, or will she find a new life and love as the wife of three sexy brothers?



Enjoy an excerpt:

Logan gave a thumbs-up then said to Fay, “When I want to get things done fast, I’ll have to remember to get you jealous.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Somehow you managed to get results none of us could. We’ve been stuck here for what seems like forever. Every day we asked to leave and got rejected for one reason or another. Then your sweet violet eyes turn green with envy because of the attention I gave that young woman, and the next thing I know, we’re out of here.”

“I wasn’t jealous. And she wasn’t a woman. She was a girl.”

“She was a woman and very familiar with the ways of men.”

“She was a tart and tease.”

“Darlin’, I hate to inform you, but the little lady was no tease. She was as hungry as a mountain lion, and I was going to be her main course until you stepped in.”

“Really? Well, I’m sorry I interrupted.”

“No you aren’t.” Logan smirked. “You were jealous.”

“I was not!”

“Come on, admit it. You’re not as indifferent to me as you claim, are you?”

“What?” Fay groaned with her attempt to turn around to see his face, but found it impossible harnessed the way she was.

Chandra finished getting Arlo strapped in and shouted, “Are you two finished scraping?” She motioned for Logan to push the red button. “Let’s go!”

As he reached for his button, Chandra’s sail filled with wind, and off she flew across the dirt with them in her wake.

“I’ll have you know,” Fay hollered so he could hear her above the wind rushing past their ears, “I don’t care if the girl was flirting with you or not.”

“Really? Then why did you force your way between us and shoo her out? I think you like me. Might even adore me.”

“Abhor you, did you say? Yes, you might be right.”

“I said adore. And you do. You just don’t know it yet.”

About the Author: MediaKit_AuthorPhoto_PsychicMenageSeriesHouston Havens retired from a successful modeling career and an adventurous jet-set lifestyle to set the world on fire with her erotic romance books. A tenacious Irish lass, she strives to entertain with seductive stories created from her decadent imagination and traces of a provocative lifestyle she may or may not admit to.

Her interest in the paranormal, fascination with quantum science, passion with myths, and the lure of her mysterious Celtic Irish-Druid bloodlines are combined with generally unknown truths, strange facts, and questionable fiction. Her novels reflect a mix of the past, present, and future, with sexy blends of futuristic science fiction, paranormal fantasy, western romance, and always love everlasting. An author of six romances, a seven book erotic romance series, and numerous articles in literary magazines, she has two award winning blogs.

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  1. Thanks for hosting!

  2. What is your favorite thing about your career?

    • Hi Mai!!!!

      Awesome to see you here! The best thing is getting to chat with my readers and hear what they think…it’s rewarding and it is because of them I do what I do.

      Big Hugs

  3. Good Morning. What kind of research did you do and do you enjoy it!?

    • Hi Debra!

      How are you doing today? Yes, I do a lot of research when creating my stories…I like to mix in myths with facts – I should have been a news reporter because there are things going on we should all be very much aware of and are not…so in my plots, I hide FACTS. I hope my readers will spot the info and check it out for themselves. So when you read my books, you can’t skip a line…everything I put in… every word, every sentence will be answered somewhere in the series.
      Yes…I love research. At times I get so lost doing that I forget to go back and work on my book.
      Are you a writer?

      Big hugs

  4. I enjoyed the excerpt, thank you.

    • Rita…you’re welcome. I hope you’ll give my books a try. I’m a bestselling author and work hard to give my readers a great experience. Book one SINFUL SURRENDER HIT ARe AND AMAZON NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLERS LIST six days of its release…I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


  5. Thank you for the chance!

  6. Stephanie Grant says:

    What was your main inspiration to become an author? Did you always know that’s what you wanted to do or did it just happen?

    • Anna, you’re very welcome…I hope you’ll give my series a read. Book one hit bestsellers 6 days after it’s release and each book that followed has had rave reviews.


    • Stephanie,

      For almost 40 years I was a model…I met interesting people and enjoyed a fabulous lifestyle…I always knew I’d write about the places I’ve seen and about the interesting things (facts and myths) I discovered in my travels. I’m a nerd at heart and love reading Science Lit…I’m also inquisitive and can’t stop asking questions – sometime about things I shouldn’t be asking about…but make really good writing material….like I used in this Psychic Menage Series. I do hope you’ll give my series a try…it’s different than most romance novels and I weave three tales into one…It’s what made book one hit the National and international AMAZON and ARe bestsellers list 6 days after it was released. Each book that followed has had awesome reviews.

      Dare to give me a try

  7. Do you ever suffer from writer’s block and, if so, how do you overcome it?

    • Hi Peggy,

      No, not really…I tend to write through any blocks by going back and reading what I wrote at the beginning which always gets me back on track…writers block is a warning that you’ve gone off track from your plot line. I use a three pyramid guide to keep me focused.

      I hope this helps … I have plans to put out a book that tells and shows all new writers how to write a bestselling story…if you join my VIP lounge (free) you’ll get a notice when that book is released. To join go to (BTW you’ll get two free books for joining)

  8. I enjoyed reading the excerpt. This book series sounds quite interesting. Looking forward to checking out these books!

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