Play Twenty Questions: Question 6

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2013 Anniversary WC Question 6
Melissa Schroeder  Hmm, I called someone by the wrong name when he was kissing me. I was paranoid about his roommate walking in on us because he was kind of a creep and so his name slipped out. He understood, but the relationship was doomed from the start lol.

Heidi Lynn Anderson I fell off the bed once while switching positions.

Brenna Lyons  I met my husband when I worked for his father. We didn’t know it at the time, but my FIL was playing matchmaker for us. Technically speaking, we weren’t supposed to be sharing a room in the lodge, so my roommate and I had our belongings in one room but I was sharing that room with my husband at night, while she was sharing the other room with her boyfriend (the room the guys’ belongings were stored in). Usually, we would hear his father coming and switch rooms in the morning, because he drove out to our lodge most mornings for the wake-up call. He decided to walk over that day, and he was strolling through the lodge doing his door knocking with no warning.

We heard the knock on the door, and my FIL yelled out his “Time to get up.”

My husband answered, and I looked up at him and said, “You realize this is my room, right?”

The door opened, and I burrowed under covers. It would be an understatement to say I was a little concerned about what his reaction would be. I’m not sure it was a relief when he clapped his son on the shoulder at breakfast and told him he’d done a good job.

Erin M. Leaf  Farting. Let’s just say this: it’s happened more than once. Always awkward, always hilarious.

Wendi Zwaduk  DH and I were having a good time with the lights out and I rolled over to flip my hair off my shoulder (yes, like Clueless) and I landed on my buns on the floor. Yep, not real sexy.

Sandra Bunino  Okay, so this happened a VERY long time ago. I was in the woods on a hike with my boyfriend. We sat on a fallen tree and he went in for a kiss but hit a branch with his face. We ended going to the hospital so he could get stitched up.

Megan Slayer  I’m horrible at goodnight kisses. When I go to give DH a goodnight kiss, I always miss and end up smooching his nose, chin, cheek. It’s dark and I don’t see well at night to begin with and yeah, I miss. Grin. It’s a fun game, to see where I end up kissing him.

Renea Mason  My husband and I were mid-swing and there was a loud crack and we fell through the bed. He was so proud. I thought he might make up bumper stickers.

Jessica E. Subject  Any time the kids wake up while we’re getting it on. They’ve never walked in on us, thank goodness.

Adriana Kraft  I wasn’t going to, because it was devastating, but I will, because it’s important to know life goes on and gets better. When my first marriage was breaking up, we weren’t having much sex and I wasn’t feeling desired. One evening that changed – he initiated, we made love, it was wonderful and I began getting my hopes up. When we were finished and I said something about how good it was, he said he only did it because he thought I wanted it.

Even recounting that after all this time touches a remnant of the wound, which took a long time to heal. But if he hadn’t left me, I’d never have met the man I love, so it’s all good.

Maxine Mansfield  Well, I did already tell you guys that I like candles, didn’t I? But, what most don’t know about me is I am a total klutz and should not be allowed anywhere near an open flame. I was once giving candle light.. umm.. oral gratification to my guy when I flipped my hair out of the way and caught it on fire. To say the least, screams of panic instead of pleasure, and unexpected flying hot wax dampened the mood somewhat. Candles are no longer allowed in our home… sigh 🙁

Julia Talbot  Well, there was the one guy who was so drunk he passed out…

BA Tortuga  As a young person I had an oral sex experience that ended with my having a terrible black eye. It was a total accident, but I told EVERYONE I was beaten by a loose juggling bear from the circus.

Anya Richards  Oh, lord…definitely being walked in on, mid-stroke, by one of my relatives… I still cringe when I think of it. The room was dark, but the TV was on and I can only imagine what she saw. Luckily I was old enough that it wasn’t like “OMG!” Probably more like “Yuck!!”

Dee Brice  The first time we tried to make love was on the set of a play we were both involved in. The owners of the theater arrived at a very inopportune moment and we both scrambled for clothes. We laugh about it now, but it was really embarrassing at the time.

Diana Hunter  Sorry, guys. After 32 years of marriage you’d think I’d have a few, but I just can’t think of any…

Lynne Connolly  I can’t. But I can name another one. There I was, trying to be sophisticated, undressing my man, but I didn’t realize his pants had a double belt. Tried to drag them off. ouch!

Charlotte Boyett-Compo  Our youngest son walked in while we were in a rather embarrassing sexual position. We may have scarred the boy for life.

Cameron D. James  I accidentally punched my partner in the mouth during our first time together. And this was right after I tried to explain why I had seven dirty shovels in the trunk of my car — it was for work! Honest!

Sabrina York  The first time my husband kissed me, our teeth clanked. It was awkward. Fortunately, we were able to try it again later.

Rory Ni Coileain  Oh, God. That would have to be with my second husband, in an illegal sublet in a building in TriBeCa that we shared with about a jillion six-legged roommates. Right in the middle of a thoroughly enjoyable woman-on-top moment, a cockroach that I swear was an inch and a half long crawled across my arse. That was the night I learned to levitate.

Eden Bradley  The Sponge! Luckily I’d been with my boyfriend at the time for about a year. The Sponge was all the rage in birth control, so I wanted to try it. The very first time the damn got stuck-and I mean stuck! The thing had flipped over so the little ‘handle’ you pulled it out with was gone. I was probably in the bathroom for almost an hour and I couldn’t get it out. I finally had to call him in to help, but he couldn’t get it, either, no matter how acrobatic we got about it, with me pushing as if I was in labor. It was a weekend, of course, so my doctor wasn’t around. I finally had to call my best friend to come over (her…er…hand was smaller than his) and she got it. Talk about excruciating!

Cassandra Carr  Oh wow. That would have to be when I was seventeen and with my first boyfriend. We thought we were alone so there was clothing going all the way up the stairs to my bedroom. My mom came home from work early, and, well, let’s just say my boyfriend hid in the bathroom because he thought my mom was going to freak. She took it okay, but that was how she found out we were intimate.

Savanna Fox  Having had a wee bit too much wine at a dinner out, we decided to walk it off before driving home. We wandered around the neighborhood near the restaurant on a Saturday evening and, soon after dusk, came upon an adventure playground – the kind with forts and other cool stuff. We started to play on the equipment and our fooling around turned into, shall we say, sex play. Then car lights flashed onto the playground and yes, it was the police. We got busted. Well, they didn’t actually arrest us, but it was pretty darned embarrassing! And yes, I used it in a book. There’s a very similar scene in my first book, “Champagne Rules.”

Eliza Lloyd  Never. Somethings can not be put into words no matter how skilled I am with the English language – or not.

R.G. Alexander  Really? These questions are hard! lol And a little embarrassing. Can I just say it had to do with the misuse of chocolate sauce, a broken bed and really thin walls with a house full of people on the other side? Good. Because that’s all I’m saying.

Lainey Reese  There is awkward and there is downright embarrassing. I was very sheltered when it came to certain things. I had never heard about the G spot. And I had certainly never been told there was a difference between a clitoral orgasm and a G spot one. Funny thing was that neither had my boyfriend. The first time he inadvertently managed to trigger one in me I freaked out. I thought he had peed…and he thought I had. Talk about awkward.

Leah Braemel  We stopped off at my parents’ home on the way back from our honeymoon. Early in the morning, as my new husband and I are, uh, cuddling *wink wink* in my old bed, my father opened the door with a breakfast tray. Um, yeah, talk about awkward.

Victoria Blisse  Well, I crunched my now husband’s equipment once when we were first going out. He walked funny for a few days, poor guy. Then there was the time the cat who adopted us decided to sit and watch us make love…kinky kitty!

Jennifer Leeland  Shh don’t tell my husband. I was having sex with my boyfriend at the time when I was twenty. I was living with my parents at the time and my boyfriend and I got a little hot and heavy. Mom and Dad arrived and the inevitable clothes scramble ensued. I’m sure my parents knew I’d been having sex, but they said nothing. They still haven’t . LOL!

Kate Deveaux  Me, awkward?

Ayla Ruse  I can remember a more right-after-the intimacy moment than during. Years ago, my boyfriend and I were going wild and crazy in his room. When we were through and he was walking me to the door, I froze when I saw his mother – who had let herself in – sitting on the couch, literally twiddling her thumbs. Her look spoke volumes, probably matching with the noises I’d made earlier. Yep, coward that I was, I ran.

Fiona McGier  When I was in college let’s just say my “gag reflex” wasn’t under my control yet. Boyfriend and I ate a large pasta dinner at a restaurant. It tasted a whole lot better going in than coming up!

Sarah Castille  A medieval costume party. A corset. A well meaning friend with a penchant for knot tying. A few drinks. A hot guy lacking in dexterity. A lonely cab ride home.

Cathryn Cade  Well, here’s the only one I’ll share, lol. I was in college in Montana, on that first date with a new crush. Oh, he was hawt and handsome, a big red-headed football player with freckles and roguish blue eyes.

He took me out for pizza. I smiled seductively over the candle, and he burst out laughing. I had a big piece of black olive stuck on my front tooth!

At that moment, I wanted to crawl under the table.

We dated for several months, however, so it didn’t ruin my big chance after all.

Luna Zega  Oy! The ultimate in awkward moments. A friend checked into a hotel in my hometown–for the record, the only hotel. I advised against it because the owners fly the Confederate flag, but he insisted.

I had no intentions of staying, but we were going to chat for a bit before I headed home. The chatting turned to something a little more intimate. About the time clothes hit the floor, the hotel phone rang. It was the desk clerk telling my friend that he’d seen me go into his room and my friend had to leave because “they don’t abide that sort of behavior ‘round here.”

My friend said, “Whatever. I’ll check out when I check out,” and hung up the phone. The next thing you know, the cops were pounding on the door. I ducked into the bathroom to get dressed while my friend pulled on his jeans. I could hear him arguing with the cops wanting to know what exactly he’d done that required him to leave the hotel and not get a refund.

I went outside, smiled at the nice officers and told my friend, “Just go. You can’t argue with redneck.” He wasn’t backing down. I then told him that I wasn’t going to bail him out of redneck prison if he got arrested. That got his attention and he decided leaving was a good idea.

Heather Long  Without being TMI, I had a cat who was the master of the WTF head tilt, just as things were truly heating up, I turned my head and there was my cat – I lost it laughing.

Needless to say, the cat became the Dino in the household and was put OUT of the bedroom after that.

Jean Hart Stewart  Ah, come on…This is going too far into my repressed memories. Oh well, here goes. I was a very innocent girl. My hunk thought I was faking how dumb I was, but my ignorance finally convinced him. And that’s all I’m gonna say about it.

Desirée Lee  Hooo boy! You’d have to ask this one, right? Um… okay… in a very hot and heavy moment with my husband, I ended up with torn cartilage in my knee and he ended up with a pulled groin muscle. We can kind of laugh about it now.

Nina Pierce   The first time Mr. Nina and I made love we were very young (and both virgins) Let’s just say knowing the mechanics doesn’t mean you understand the intricate details of how it all works. Needless to say we still laugh about that night.

Charity Parkerson  I don’t know if it was awkward as much as I ruined it. I was on a date and Marty Stuart’s “Tempted” was on the radio. It was turned up so loud that I couldn’t hear anything, and I’m singing along while smelling of this rose that he’s given me. He says, “Are you tempted?” Of course, the music was so loud that I couldn’t hear him. I’m sure that I was wearing one of those ridiculous “huh?” faces as I said, “What?”

He kissed me. I’m surprised, but in my head I’m still wondering what he said. After the kiss, he’s all smiles, and I say, “What?” Now, he’s the one with the confused look. “What? What?” It’s both of us confused at this point. I said, “What did you say before you kissed me?” Long story short, or maybe not so short, he had to repeat the question which ruined the sexiness of the moment, but I’ve never forgotten it.

Bobbi Brattz  Well, that would be when we fell off the bed and landed over top of the dog, the poor thing was squirming to get out from under us as we laughed hysterically. The most awkward part was when the kids shouted, “What happened?” as they started running up the stairs. We had a hard time telling them to stay downstairs as we could barely talk as we struggled to get out of our situation. I still laugh when I think of it.

Kay Dee Royal  When I flipped myself off the bed, my ankle stayed on the bed beneath DH’s knee. When we looked at my ankle, it was all jacked, so I told me husband to yank on it…pop it back in (thinking it was simply out of it’s socket). Right – ended up broken in three places so had to wear a cast all they way to the top of my thigh…yep, had to drag myself up and down the stairs. Fun.

Tonya Renee Callihan  I had a little diamond stud fall out of my ears. It pierced my partners knee! It was embarrassing!!

Gale Stanley  Hmm… Probably getting caught kissing a coworker. We were both single but it was definitely not the right time or place.

Kemberlee Shortland  For me, the most awkward thing is having feelings for someone and think the feeling is mutual, then make the first move only to be shot down because I misread the signals. For a woman growing up shy and self-conscious, that was the hardest thing. It’s probably more embarrassing than awkward, but still pretty awkward.

Hurri Cosmo  When my husband pulled me into his lap in front of his family. He wasn’t my husband at the time, we were just going out, and I knew his family didn’t really like me. He was also a small man back then (that’s what I was attracted to at the time) and I was probably the same size, maybe a little bigger… okay I was bigger. Ended up on the floor and his family laughing at me as I struggled back to my feet. It was horrible.

Lyncee Shillard  My husband had been gone for three weeks (he drives truck and was over the road at this time). I dropped the kiddos off at a friends and when I came home, I saw his car in the driveway. When I went into the house, I heard the shower running. Peeling off my cloths, I ran down the hallway and into the bathroom. I jerked the curtain back to find my brother-in-law standing there. My husband was in the backyard playing with the dog…. Apparently my brother-in-law’s water had been turned off while they were on the road – they ran team.

Angelina Rain  Once when I was married, my now-ex-husband jokingly put my thong over his neck and wore it like a necklace while we were… Well, once the act was done, we both got dressed and went about our evening. Some of his friends stopped by and we both completely forgot about the garment until someone mentioned the pink lacy thong he still wore. I was so embarrassed I avoided his friends for a while.

Trina Lane  I think first times in general are your most awkward. Whether its your first time EVER or first time with a new partner. I am, in general, very awkward around other people so add intimacy into the mixture and the discomfort only exponentially increases. I can laugh about this now, but probably one of my first awkward moments was the first time I ever showed my chest to a man. I apologized because one side is bigger than another. I don’t think I’ll divulge what’s my very most awkward 🙂




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  1. Adriana Kraft’s story was so touching!

  2. Petula Winmill says:

    A slightly embarassing moment for me. I stayed the night before a road trip at my soon to be husbands home. His mum made up a spare bed in his room for me. I slept in his with him . The embarassing part was when she thanked me for making the bed after I got up.

  3. LOL! I see some themes here. Parents and children. And bodily injuries.
    I have to say, though, my favorite Is Eden Bradley’s story. SO remember those awful sponges.

  4. Yazmin R. says:

    LOL. Wow, it’s good to know that we are all human after all, even if it is with some awkward moments. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  5. Oh wow…Some of these are hilarious! My favorite is probably Lyncee Shillard…I can’t imagine getting naked and having my BIL seeing me! ROFL!!

  6. FYI I used my experience as part of one of my heroine’s history. Hey, stuff that traumatic has to be dealt with somehow!

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