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2013 Anniversary WC Question 4
Desiree Holt  Love at first sight is when every sense in your body stands up and shouts “This is the one!”. When you can’t take your eyes away from that person. When your heart as well as your senses tells you This is The One! And yes, I do believe in it.

Karen Stivali  I do believe in love at first sight. To me, it’s when you see someone and you instantly know there’s a connection. I don’t know if you always even recognize it as love. You just have a strong sense that you’re supposed to be with that person. There’s a magnetic pull between you. Or a feeling that you already know one another although you don’t. That kind of closeness and attraction, where there’s no reason for it but you can’t deny its existence, that’s love at first sight.

Heidi Lynn Anderson I believe in lust at first sight. It’s that moment when you are talking to someone and your hear beats a little faster and you get all warm and fuzzy inside.

Brenna Lyons  I believe in it, because I’ve experienced it. Love at first sight goes far beyond the attraction you might feel upon seeing someone across a room. It’s a kinship, a certainty that this person is RIGHT for you that you experience when speaking to that person for the first time. I found my husband attractive (something that still floors him today) the first time I saw him. Despite him irritating me the first time I tried to talk to him and the first time he tried to talk to me, I knew from our first conversation that we would end up together, and we did. My friends opine that he’s my soulmate. Being soulmates doesn’t make the road smooth. It makes the journey worth it.

Marie Tuhart  Yes, I believe in love at first sight. It’s that special connection when you see the person, be it across the room, or sitting at the table next to yours. You know that you want to get to know that person and it’s possible you’ll want to spend the rest of your life with that person.

Erin M. Leaf Love at first sight is that exciting flop of the stomach when you first meet your special person. After the first few months or years, the love at first sight excitement wanes, but then, if you’re really lucky, it comes back again. I found my love and that frisson of excitement has happened over and over again for us.

Wendi Zwaduk That moment when you look across the room and know in your heart this is the person you’re meant to be with for all of time. I believe it can happen, but I know it didn’t happen to me. DH and I had a definite learning curve.

Sandra Bunino I believe in lust at first sight but not love at first sight. Love is not a visual response. It’s something that needs time to grow and mature.

Megan Slayer That feeling in your tummy the moment you see that special someone. You know way down deep that that’s the person for you. Sure! Why not? Don’t you?

Renea Mason I believe in lust at first sight. I think that happens a lot. Since we’re talking real life and not the mystical unknown forces that compel our characters, I have to have a strong mental connection with someone for love to develop. Sex is very cerebral. I need to have a connection on all levels, so no love at first sight for me.

Jessica Jayne  I often wonder if it is love at first sight or lust at first sight. I have met a person and at that moment felt an instant attraction. Part of it was a sexual attraction, but it was like an overwhelming feeling of not only wanting to explore sexually, but getting to know the person. I don’t necessarily know if it’s LOVE! But it’s something! And it’s more than just a sexual feeling.

Jessica E. Subject Lust at first sight, sure. It took us some time before we knew each other enough to love each other. Though, I believe fate brought us together. I’m not sure if I believe in “love” at first sight.

Adriana Kraft Yes. At some level it’s probably really lust at first sight, but if that spark is triggered, it can morph into love in the blink of an eye. And I do believe in it. I had that reaction the first time I saw my husband at a reception for new professors where I was teaching. I was drawn to his soft, expressive eyes, his lean body, his intelligent comments, his mustache (see Clark Gable comments) and just how he looked, overall. Still going strong, after all these years.

Valerie Twombly  I do. I think a connection deep in the soul occurs. It’s a feeling of belonging, of rightness. The term soul mate comes to mind and it is something you will definitely know when it happens.

Avril Ashton I don’t believe in love at first sight. Now Lust at First Sight…that’s whole other beast.

Maxine Mansfield  Love at first sight is that moment when you look across a room and your soul recognizes that one person it has been searching for. And yes, I do believe. I do I do I do. I do believe.

Julia Talbot  It’s all about chills on your arms and your heart beating too fast. Of course I do!

BA Tortuga  I not only believe in it, I live it. I loved her before I saw her, but I was in love with her from the first time I saw her eyes. 😀

Kayelle Allen  I do believe in love at first sight. I’ve experienced it. I met my husband because he saw me across a room, and says he knew immediately that I was the woman for him. I had friends and family members who’d been through ugly divorces, and I wasn’t sure about getting into any kind of relationship at first. It only took a little while. We met in June, were married in December, and have been together for about 40 years.

Denyse Bridger I definitely believe in love at first sight, and I believe it happens all the time, but not always for lovers. If you look into someone’s eyes and something in your soul reaches out to that person in recognition, a bond has been forged. If it’s a deep and loving respect, you have a friendship that will always be part of you. If it’s a physical reaction that makes you want to know all there is to know about the other person, you have the basis of a lovers relationship that could become the strongest bond in your life. I think many times we fall in love with people we recognize at a soul-deep level, and the ties are already there, just waiting for Fate to position us for the meeting.

Anya Richards I honestly believe there is an instinctive connection people sometimes feel with others. It happened to me, at a very early age, and after twenty years of not seeing that person we were reunited and are now married!

Dee Brice Can’t say I believe in love at first sight, but I do believe in lust at first sight. That, I experienced the first time I saw the man I eventually married.

Diana Hunter Love at first sight occurs when you look at a person and just know, in your heart, that the person you’re looking at is the one you’re going to spend the rest of your life with.

Yes, I firmly believe in it! The first time I saw the man who would become my husband I was intrigued. The second time I was enchanted and the third time, I knew he was the one. All three meetings took place over a three-day period. We’ve now been married 32 years. 🙂

Lynne Connolly It is an instant attraction, chemistry, if you like. I do believe in it, but I think it has to be backed up by actual knowledge of the person.

Charlotte Boyett-Compo  I can tell you from personal experience since that is the way I met my late husband that there really is such a thing. It was a blind date a friend had set up and it was my first blind date. I was, needless to say, anxious and nervous. But the moment I saw him, I knew and he told me a few months later that the first thought that went through his mind when he saw me was: “I’m gonna marry that girl.” We married a year later and were together for 43 wonderful years. So yeah, I most definitely believe in love at first sight.

Sharita Lira I do believe in it. When you see a person and feel all gooey inside. When your heart picks up pace and you can’t do anything but smile at the person, you might be falling in love.

Shoshanna Evers Love at first sight is when you meet a man and you feel like you’ve known him forever. The conversation flows, you think about him nonstop, and the sexual tension is intense.

I met my husband on a blind date, after meeting him on an online dating site in 2004. Six short weeks later, he proposed. We’ve had a ridiculously happy marriage, and we’ve got a little boy now too! 🙂 So yes. I believe in love at first sight. 🙂

Cameron D. James It’s too hard to define, but I believe in it! It happened to me! We’re still together — engaged to be married!

Christie Butler  I don’t believe in love at first sight. I do believe in lust at first sight. I love that moment when your eyes meet across a crowded room and there is instant attraction. That’s cool.

The men I’ve been in love with are not men that I just instantly knew it right away. It took time to develop.

Alexandra Christian  I absolutely believe in love at first sight. Sometimes you meet someone and instantly you can feel a connection. The hippy-dippy part of me thinks that perhaps we meet the same people over and over from life to life and that these loves at first sight are really the old lovers from past lives that we’ve been searching for.

Sabrina York I am more attracted to people based on their personality and their energy than what they look like and sometimes it takes a while for those mysteries to unfold. I have had immediate attraction to someone, but it wasn’t because of what he looked like!

Rory Ni Coileain An instant attraction, a sense that someone fits with you so perfectly that you’re finding a missing part of yourself. I believe it exists, yes (and I’m still hoping!), but I think it’s more a prelude to real love than the genuine article all by itself.

Eden Bradley I do believe in love at first sight because I’ve experienced it. Your heart immediately begins to pound the moment you see each other, and as soon as you start talking you can’t stop. You have a million things in common, and even though you make each other nervous you just *feel* that connection. You laugh together, and you know you just ‘get’ each other. You *have* to touch him-the chemistry is that strong, and it’s more than physical. It’s intense!

Cassandra Carr I don’t believe in love at first sight. I do believe in instant connection, lust at first sight, but I don’t think you can know enough about a person to fall in love with them the moment you meet them. As I said, there can definitely be a connection between two people – a pull that’s undeniable, but I wouldn’t call that love. I don’t tend to have my characters fall in love quickly. Sure, romance novels are fantasy but I try to inject some reality when I can.

JB McDonald  *laughs* I don’t. When I first met my girlfriend of three and a half years, I thought she’d be a good person to have some sexual exploits with and leave. (She felt the same way, so that was fine!) In fact, my best friends were all people I didn’t particularly care for when I first met them. The people I was enamored with right away are all people I grew tired of within a year!

Besides that, love at first sight happens in romances all the time. I find it hard to buy; give me something people have to work at, and I’m much happier!

Savanna Fox  I have some problem with the concept. I can certainly understand powerful attraction at first sight, but to me love is something that takes time to develop. Love, the kind that’s deep and strong and long-lasting, involves not just physical attraction but liking, respect, trust, the ability to work through problems together, and a balance of individual self-sufficiency and “coupledom” that works for both people. You can’t possibly have those things with a person you’ve just seen or met. Turning to fiction, if a romance novel doesn’t show me that the heroine and hero have all of those things going for them, I won’t buy into the happy ending.

Amanda Young I do believe in love at first sight. Sometimes it’s as simple as two people locking eyes across a room, feeling an overwhelming amount chemistry sparking between them, and boom–you have the start of something real that’ll last a lifetime.

Eliza Lloyd  I believe in lust at first sight, which I think many people get confused. You know what I’m talking about – the first meeting when you can’t stop looking at the other person, the fierce desire to know them and touch them. The absolute need to be connected to that person. For those who go on to love, then yes, they would say it was love at first sight, but not really. Early on, it is something primal and undeniable.

Tracey H. Kitts  Probably the best answer to this question was on Robin Hood: Men in Tights. “Depends on what you’re looking at.” Ha. Ha. Ha. So, under the right circumstances, yes, I believe in love at first sight.

R.G. Alexander  I absolutely believe in love at first sight. There is also lust at first sight and occasionally it’s hard to tell the difference-but it’s an important distinction. When it’s love, I believe souls recognize each other. Are drawn to each other. I believe in Fate, even though my own story wasn’t exactly a first sight scenario. My husband and I knew the moment that we met we were going to be best friends. We were dating other people at the time, of course, so I never considered anything more (though he says he did). After five years of being best friends, a few boyfriends and girlfriends later and years of him offering more and me not wanting to ruin our friendship, we finally got together. I felt like an idiot for not seeing what was right in front of me for so long. All these years later I can see that we didn’t lose anything. He’s still my best friend. Now he’s just so much more.

Lainey Reese I do believe in love at first sight. It’s looking across a crowded room and seeing that person for the first time and feeling your whole universe shift. Your world now no longer spins because of the sun or the moon or any other mundane scientific reason; it spins for him.

Katalina Leon I definitely believe in love at first sight. I’ve been lucky enough to have that experience with my husband and I can honestly say it’s a bit scary and strange. I had big plans for my life that included being single and traveling without a mate and then the perfect man came along, and I couldn’t ignore it. My first reaction was “No! This can’t be happening! I have no control, I have no choice, get me out of here!” But by the end of the first meeting I was totally calm and felt like I was floating because I was with the right man and nothing was going to change that. I was so startled by the strength of my reaction that I avoided my future husband for almost six weeks just to see if I was hallucinating or messing with myself. I knew he was leaving on a long trip outside the US so I looked him up and went to ask him out for coffee. When he opened the door and I saw his face, I just knew he was the one. After that we haven’t been apart.

Donna Gallagher  I believe in lust at first sight, then hopefully love follows.

MK Schiller Yes, I think love and lust are both visceral responses, and it’s possible to see someone and just know you belong to them in some way. I’m not saying there’s just one right person, but meeting someone that creates such feelings is a rare thing. It’s the stuff of great romances!

Leah Braemel Love at first sight to me is meeting someone and feeling that instant connection in your gut. The feeling that you know them, and not just what they like but who they are deep inside. And yes, I believe in it. While I can’t say I experienced it with my own husband, I know too many people who have met that special someone and knew right away, and they’re still together.

Victoria Blisse I do believe in it, definitely. It is mix of chemistry and something deeper. It may be mostly lust but there is always something more substantial underneath it. I loved my husband from the first time he pinched my butt on the internet. It’s not quite the same thing, but close enough. We’re celebrating our 13th Wedding Anniversary this year.

Jennifer Leeland Mmmm. I don’t know that it’s “love” but I do think souls can recognize each other. Sometimes the world gets in the way, but if I listen, I can hear it.

I was lucky that my husband recognized me instantly, because I didn’t trust my own instincts around relationships at that time.

Kate Deveaux I do believe it in, there is a flicker that cannot be denied. The first day I ever met my future husband I went home and told my roommate that I’d just met my husband.

Ayla Ruse I’m not sure I believe in love at first sight. Is it possible? Probably. If I had to put a description on it, though, I think this would be something that hits you out of the blue. Not just an attraction of lust for another, but also a physical pull. For example, if said love interest were to suddenly walk out the door, the one falling in love would feel as if a part of their heart/soul/being were pulled from their chest in an attempt to remain near their love interest.

Fiona McGier  The first time I saw my husband was at a retro 60s party and I was wearing jeans from high school, no bra, and had flowers painted on my face. I was absolutely floored when an attractive man walked into what were usually pretty boring parties, hence the rapid beer-drinking that had been going on. He sat near me and we talked about how much I hated camping, and I did Rocky and Bullwinkle imitations for him. He told his ex-roommate that “John’s wife is flirting with me.” His roommate told him I was John’s sister and we lived in a house together. My brother carried me out the door, fireman-style, because I was too drunk to walk. I yelled over his butt, “You there, cute boy! Party at our house next week! Be there!” He showed up, and never left. We’ve raised 4 kids and will be married 30 years next year. So yeah, I believe in it.

Sarah Castille That lightening bolt moment, powerful and intense, when the world falls away and your life is irrevocably changed. Do I believe in it? How can I not?

Cathryn Cade  I do, absolutely. It’s looking into another person’s eyes and feeling that sweet, solid click, as if the missing puzzle piece has been laid into place. Finding the other half of ourselves.

Do I think everyone gets to have this? No, or at least not all of us get to keep it. But it exists.

Eliza Gayle  Love at first sight feels a lot like chemistry at first sight. But I truly believe that something between two people can click that quick. I’ve always had a lot of faith in gut reactions. They are usually right if you listen hard enough.

Luna Zega  The first time I laid eyes on my ex-husband, I knew I was going to marry him. Knew it. He didn’t even know my name. It was months before he even noticed me, but once he did we were together constantly. I was sixteen. We got married at nineteen, grew apart and divorced at twenty-five. We didn’t talk to or see each other for years. He tracked me down via the glorious Google because he needed my contact information for a security clearance.

I think that if we didn’t know each other and met at a party somewhere today, we’d probably end up together. There’s this connection that can’t be explained.

Lila Shaw  What’s typically called love at first sight is strong sexual chemistry. It’s not love until it transitions into love over time. Until then it’s just attraction.

I don’t believe in love at first sight because I think to love, you have to know the inside of a person as well as the outside. I don’t believe people are fated to be together or there is only “one true mate” for each of us out there. There are many possibilities for us. The trick is to find the one who grows with you and not away from you or vice-versa.

Kate Hill  To me it’s more like lust at first sight, or at least that’s what I’d always thought. I only started to consider actual love at first sight after my grandmother said to me if people can hate at first sight, why can’t they love at first sight? Then it made me think maybe it’s possible.

Heather Long  I do. Love at first sight is a chemical reaction that can be physically or mentally stimulated and lead to emotional ties…and I honestly think that some people are souls that have walked together before and you recognize them when you see them again.

Jean Hart Stewart  Yes, it happened to me. Had been fighting meeting someone whose brother was trying to put us together. Saw him and his brother walking down the library steps to come greet me and I turned to my girlfriend and I told her I was going to marry that good-looking guy. And I did. I know it doesn’t happen too often, but it definitely did with me.

Desirée Lee   I’ve never experienced it personally, but I think for some people it may happen. To me love isn’t an initial impression, but instead a developmental process. I think that lust at first sight happens far more often, and is mistaken for love.

Nina Pierce  That flutter you get in her heart when someone enters the room and you just know they’re someone special to you. Yep, totally believe the heart is smarter than the brain. Many times we just need to get out of the way of true love.

Charity Parkerson  I do believe in it. I think it’s an overwhelming of knowing someone even though logically you know that you’ve never met before. It’s an instant connection.

Bobbi Brattz  I LIVED IT! I was in a bar, dancing with my girlfriends when I saw the most handsome man I’d ever seen watching me. When I went up to him, he said hello. He actually knew my name! His stunning sky-blue eyes captured mine as lightning sizzled down my spine. He had me at first glance. It’s been 34 years and I still feel the zap and sparkle. Now that’s true love at first sight.

Kay Dee Royal Love at first site to me was the ‘across the room connection’ – a gaze that locked in and drew those crazy butterflies from my belly to the knot in my throat and back again like a turbulent whirlwind. And it all happened in a matter of seconds…and it happened a few more times that same night after the first time…I think for good measure, to ensure we got it right 😉

It is exactly how my husband and I got together – we were very young when this happened and we didn’t stay together back then, but reconnected a few years later and married. We’ve been together for a very long time – something of a soul-mate…more than mates.

Tonya Renee Callihan  Never had love at first sight. No, I don’t believe in love at first sight. I believe in lust at first sight.

Gale Stanley  I absolutely believe in lust at first sight. It’s that feeling when you look at someone and your legs turn to jelly, your nipples clench tight, and butterflies take wing in your chest. It takes a bit longer to grow into real love.

Naomi Bellina  I believe in lust at first sight but love…no. True love takes time to grow. People can become infatuated with someone easily, but the real thing involves learning about your lover, all those little qualities that make them who they are.

Kemberlee Shortland  I’d like to believe in love at first sight, but I think we often confuse love with lust. I totally believe in lust at first sight 🙂 I also believe in familiarity at first sight. I met my hubs online. When I saw his name, I thought, “I know this guy.” He said the same thing when he saw my name. We’re together 16 years this month, married 14 years 🙂

Love is something that must grow. It has to be fed all the time and cared for. Love is a complicated feeling we need to stop trying to understand (like the meaning of life) and appreciate it for what it is, and never take it for granted (like life).

Hurri Cosmo  I do believe in “love” at first sight although it may be more “infatuation” than it is love. But even so, real lasting love comes only after time and it is infatuation that allows that time to pass.

Lyncee Shillard  I don’t think our minds are programed to understand true love at first sight. After 25 years of marriage there are days I’m still awe struck at the love my husband and I share. BUT it hasn’t been this way since day 1. I think we need to learn the concept of love.

Sherrie Henry  There is no such thing. Love is elusive. What you feel is lust at first sight. Lust and love have almost become the same in our society, thus when the lust runs out, the divorce comes next.

Angelina Rain No, I don’t believe in love at first sight. It is nothing more than attraction and lust. Those emotions sometimes feel like love, but how can you love someone you’ve only just met? That being said, I have had that love at first sight experience and can say it didn’t last long.

Trina Lane  To me love at first sight is experiencing an instant connection with another person. It’s more than lusting after a hot ass walking down the street. There has to be something about the other person that pulls at the very deepest part of you. I do believe in love at first sight. However I also believe that falling in love is easy, staying in love is much harder.



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  1. Jim Evans says:

    Love at first sight is attraction that has caught fire; it’s something that cannot, will not be denied. It’s the yearning of one soul to another; the yearning to weave the fabric of your being with your perfect half. So, Yes, I believe in it….and I’m still looking for it. I believe he is out there, waiting for the same thing.

  2. Jim Evans says:

    I found Hurri Cosmo’s comment fascinating, and can be true, of course, often times we mistake true love for infatuation; but there are times when it can evolve into a lasting attachment.

  3. I liked Shoshanna Evers answer, it sounded a lot like my husband & I 🙂

  4. I like Heidi Lynn Anderson and Jessica Jayne’s answers.

  5. Shoshanna Evers

  6. Jane Thompson says:

    Charity Parkerson fits that is exactly what happened to me.

  7. Donna Gallagher “I believe in lust at first sight, then hopefully love follows.”

    So very true, I totally agree.

  8. Sue Sattler says:

    I loved all of their answers, but my favorite was Fiona McGier’s. Her story reminds me of something that I would have done when I was younger. 😀

    • Thanks, Sue. The kids are all grown up and they tease us, asking us, “Tell us again, about how romantic it was when you and dad met.” Can’t beat that romance…well, it was for us! And yes, we were both much younger then. They say that youth is wasted on the young. Mine wasn’t! I enjoyed all of it! Par-tay!

  9. nikki flannery says:

    Karen Stivali I do believe in love at first sight. To me, it’s when you see someone and you instantly know there’s a connection. I don’t know if you always even recognize it as love. You just have a strong sense that you’re supposed to be with that person. There’s a magnetic pull between you. Or a feeling that you already know one another although you don’t. That kind of closeness and attraction, where there’s no reason for it but you can’t deny its existence, that’s love at first sight.

  10. I liked Amanda Young’s answer.

  11. I liked Kayelle’s answer. Wile I don’t believe in love at first sight myself, her story makes me want to believe 🙂

  12. I agree with Eliza Lloyd’s explanation.

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