Play Twenty Questions: Question 15

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2013 Anniversary wc question 15

Karen Stivali  As much as I love listening to people and music I’d have to say hearing. I’m an extremely visual person, so losing my sight would be the absolute hardest for me. Smell and taste are both required for enjoying food and food is one of my biggest obsessions—I love cooking and eating it and would be devastated if I could no longer smell and taste it. Touch is a non-negotiable. How can you properly hug or kiss or do anything else with someone if you can’t feel them?

Brenna Lyons  Hearing. I would say smell, but since smell and taste are so interconnected, you can’t lose one without losing a large part of the other as well. In addition, I find sound most distracting, and many sounds grate at my nerves, so it’s the obvious choice for which one is most expendable.

Wendi Zwaduk  Taste. Then I’d be able to eat a bunch of the stuff – tongue, ox tail, snails – that IMHO doesn’t taste real good.

Sandra Bunino  I’d have to say I’d lose the sense of smell. Smell is connected to taste, so maybe that’d be a good time to go on a diet! LOL

Megan Slayer  Smell or taste. I figure I like food a lot, so if I can’t smell it, then I wouldn’t want certain things so much. But taste ranks up there rather high, too. If I can’t taste the pickles, I might not want them as much. Might. I doubt it.

Renea Mason  Touch. I have lost this in the past and learned to cope. It’s amazing how much the brain is able to compensate. I’d prefer none but since I know there is quality of life beyond this one, you have my answer.

Jessica E. Subject  My sense of smell. Seems the least important, I think.

Valerie Twombly  This is a hard one, but smell. I don’t think I could stand not being able to see or hear the world around me. Having vision is a real gift that we take for granted. Imagine never seeing your lover’s face as they reach the threshold of pleasure. The beauty of the world surrounds us, but without vision it’s only darkness.

Avril Ashton  Smell. I can do without that, for sure.

Maxine Mansfield  This is a hard one. If I HAD to choose, I’d say taste, because I believe it is the one sense I rely the least on. Though, nothing beats hot man flesh on the tip of your tongue in the middle of a long stormy night.

Julia Talbot  Hrm. I think sight would be the easiest for me to let go

BA Tortuga  Urgh. I’d have to go with taste, I think. I’d miss it, but I’d function.

Denyse Bridger  Taste. The sense of taste leads to craving all kinds of things that aren’t really good for you, and while the sound of someone’s voice is enchanting to me, I also love to visualize and see the world around me, and scent is a strong, strong memory stimulant. I’m a very touchy person, so I’d hate to lose the tactile pleasure of feeling textures, as well. So, yeah, I’d forego taste to keep the others!

Dee Brice  Since I have neuropathy, I’ve lost some of my sense of touch. I also smoke, so my sense of smell is pretty well shot, too. Raising my hands in surrender and murmuring “No mas, no mas.”

Diana Hunter  This one’s really hard.

Not hearing. I’d never hear music again and I really enjoy listening to all different styles. If I lost it, I’d never hear my son’s laugh or my daughter’s singing or my husband whispering sweet nothings in my ear.

Sight? It’s already going. In fact, I need to make an appointment to get a new prescription for my glasses ’cause things in the distance are getting blurry. But blurry is a far cry from blind.

So much of a writer’s life is observation, listening to the way people talk, watching how they move, replaying it in the mind to find the words to create the image in other people’s minds…I don’t think I could do without either of these two senses.

Touch is necessary because I’m a touch-typist. The thoughts come out of my head and out my fingertips. Even when I use a pencil and paper, I’m still using touch. Need to keep that sense.

Smell and taste are connected, but there are some foods you can taste without knowing their aroma. Other foods you need to smell in order to taste them. But between the two, I think I could live without taste the most.

Why not smell? I love flowers, and the way my linden tree smells in the summer. I love the smell of a pot of homemade spaghetti sauce and how fried onions at a carnival can get my tummy rumbling.

And smell also alerts us to danger. The smell of smoke when there shouldn’t be any, the smell of gas in the house. So I’m keeping the sense of smell.

Which leaves taste. I’d lose taste. Why? Process of elimination. It’s the only one left!

Lynne Connolly  Taste, probably. Food isn’t that important.

Charlotte Boyett-Compo  My sense of taste. That way I could probably lose the weight I want to lose. Also I try things I normally wouldn’t eat for fear they’d be awful. Like liver.

Sharita Lira  Smell. It would keep me from smelling offensive odors. *giggles* Sight, touch, taste are a lot more important

Shoshanna Evers If I had to lose one of the five senses, I’d like to lose my sense of taste. Then food would no longer be interesting and diets would be a breeze. I could eat gross healthy food all the time, since it wouldn’t matter what I put in my mouth!

Sure, I’d miss yummy desserts, but the pros outweigh the cons IMO. 🙂

Cameron D. James  I could go without my hearing — I’m halfway there already. I realize this isn’t a sexy answer. Sorry.

Christie Butler  I guess it would have to be sound. Life would be too hard without sight. I’m a total foodie so sense of smell and taste are imperative. As for touch, well come on

Sabrina York  I would rather lose my sense of smell. My sniffer has always been so sensitive…I can tell when milk is going bad in a couple of days. Some scents actually make me nauseous. Barring that, it would be awesome if everything smelled like bacon!

Lucy Felthouse  Sense of smell. I’m sure it would impact me pretty badly, anyway, but I’d hate not to be able to see, hear, taste or touch. Though I think sense of smell also affects sense of taste. Hopefully I’ll never have to find out!

Cassandra Carr  Smell – it’s not that good anyway so I don’t think I’d miss it a ton. It’s also probably one of the easiest senses to lose but still live well with. I think it would a way longer time to get used to living without something like sight or hearing, even taste.

JB McDonald  My sense of smell! First off, I don’t use it very much. It wouldn’t really impact my life in general. Second off, I don’t have a very good sense of smell as it is! I manage to smell skunks, and if I bury my nose in something I can smell it. Various people in my life have sensitive noses, and as far as I can tell there are more bad smells in the world than good ones, anyway!

Amanda Young  If I had to choose one of my senses to lose, then I would have to go with my sense of smell. It seems like smell would be the easiest thing to live without, although I would miss the baby fresh scent of my little girl and the spicy aroma of my husband’s cologne. Being impervious to dirty diapers would be pretty fabulous though.

Lainey Reese  That’s an awful choice. I would have to say taste. It would be better than sight or hearing and maybe if food didn’t taste so darn good I could finally lose some weight!

Donna Gallagher  Smell definitely. I’m not into cooking or gardening so would not miss those aromas. My mother was deaf, so I know a bit about not being able to hear and as for sight, I can’t imagine not being able to read a book or look at all those wonderful images that appear on my Facebook stream – authors spend so much time on research!

Victoria Blisse  So tough! how can you decide? Sometimes I think loosing my hearing might not be too bad, my daughter has developed a love of heavy metal…

Jennifer Leeland  Tough one. I’m not sure I can. There’s so many things I’d miss! I think my sense of smell would be okay to lose (as long as I could still taste. LOL).

Kate Deveaux  Smell, I think I could live without that one the best.

Ayla Ruse  I was going to say sight, but no. I think if I HAD to lose a sense, it would be my hearing. Even with a loss of sound, I could still feel vibrations. Plus, I’d still be able to read and write.

Fiona McGier  My sense of hearing. I love music, but I’ve got so much of my favorites memorized that I could spend the rest of my life happily remembering every note of many songs and pieces of classical music. And when I write my books, I need complete quiet so I can “hear” the voices of my characters in my head. So that would still allow me to indulge my insistent muse and write.

Sarah Castille  Scent. Then I could imagine everything smelled like roses.

Cathryn Cade  I’m such a sensual person, so the thought of losing any of my sense just drives me crazy! Don’t ask! I can’t stand it.

Eliza Gayle  I think maybe my sense of smell because I find that certain scents activate some pretty bad allergy attacks for me. But I really don’t want to lose any senses, so lets not dwell. 🙂

Heather Long  Hmm–maybe taste. Though food is such a sensual experience, I could live with not being wildly attracted to chocolate cake.

Jean Hart Stewart  Tasting. Couldn’t get alone without the others.

Desirée Lee   If I had to choose one, it would be hearing. I took some sign language classes when I was younger. I don’t remember a lot of it now, but I could pick it back up again rather easily, I think. Of course, I’d REALLY miss music, but at least I could still see my daughter smile.

Nina Pierce  I have terrible eyesight. Thankfully it’s mostly correctible with glasses. But I do really well in the dark, so I don’t think being blind would slow me down too much.

Bobbi Brattz  I believe the six senses; taste, touch, smell, sight, and hearing as well as ESP are most important as a team. To lose one would be devastating. ESP is the one that rules in my world to bring all the senses together into a package that is indestructible. Sorry, I can’t imagine life without either of them. It would be an imbalance that would cave in my world.

Kay Dee Royal  Taste – if I can smell it and see it, I’ll be able to imagine the taste of it;) I can’t imagine losing any of my senses…they all matter to make our world rich in life;)

Tonya Renee Callihan  Wow!! That’s hard. I love taste, feeling, seeing and hearing. Smell can be a major turn-on. But I would rather have the other four. So, yeah smell…

Gale Stanley  So tough. Probably smell, because I would still be able to read and listen to my music and touch… stuff.

Naomi Bellina  The only sense I could stand to lose would be my sense of taste. I enjoy the others far too much. If food didn’t taste so good, I bet I’d be really thin.

Kemberlee Shortland  Intuition. If I could only hone it to predict lottery numbers, but it doesn’t work that way. I really dislike the little snippets it gives me. I want it all or none of it.

Hurri Cosmo  Taste. Because, like everyone, I love beauty and would miss it terribly. The same goes for hearing. Not that music is as important to me as it is to some but I truly love the sound of that and frogs and crickets and wind and trickling water and waterfalls. Touch is essential. And even though smell goes with taste, smell, to me, is more important. If I can’t taste anything I might actually lose weight as well! LOL

Lyncee Shillard  My smell. I have allergies and asthma so smelling the ‘roses’ doesn’t really work for me.

Tracey Steinbach  I lost my senses a long time ago. Ohhhhh… You meant the other kind. Well, I would rather lose my sight than any other sense. In today’s world, I can still read because of audio books. I would still be able to enjoy music and hear the voices of my loved ones.

Trina Lane  I would have to say sight. So much of our awareness in the world and with other people is dependent on smells, touch, and sound. I don’t know if I could handle never being able to smell the scent of fresh cooking, feel the skin of a lover, or hear all the sounds that make up everyday life (birds chirping, waves crashing,motor running, babies laughing).




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  1. Many agreed with me on hearing. As writers, we are very visual. And taste and smell are so inter-connected that to lose one would be to lose the other. Interesting question.

  2. Hurri Cosmo’s entry – since taste would be the sense that I would give up if I had to.

  3. I agree with Nina Pierce. It would be much more difficult to lose my hearing than to lose my sight.

  4. I agree with Denyse Bridger. As much as I love food, taste is the least important to me of all the senses.

  5. Karen H in NC says:

    I agree with Jean Hart Stewart Tasting. Couldn’t get alone without the others.

  6. Kimberlee Shortland’s answer made the most sense to me!

  7. Bobbi’s was so interesting! I don’t think I’d be able to pet a tarantula!! EEK!

  8. This was such a difficult question, though losing the sense of taste or smell is probably the least dreadful.

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