Play Twenty Questions: Question 14

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2013 Anniversary WC Question 14
Desiree Holt  The eyes. Whoever said they are the mirror of the soul was absolutely right. A person’s eyes tell you everything about them and send very sexy messages.

Melissa Schroeder  My eyes and mainly because of their color. They are hazel, but tend to change color depending on light and color of my clothes and makeup. I actually had an eye doctor tell me that people would pay a pretty penny to get contacts like my eye color.

Karen Stivali  Eyes. Definitely. It’s not the color or the shape or whether they’re big or small or far apart or close together—it’s the look in them. A guy who knows how to give that panty-dropping, I-can-see-into-your-soul-and-into-your-future-and-I-think-you’re-sexy look will always make me swoon.Anytime I’m attracted to someone who doesn’t have the type of features (I tend to like strong jaws and thin noses) or coloring (I usually prefer guys with floppy dark hair) that I prefer I know that it’s the eyes alone that have drawn me in. Works like a charm.

Heidi Lynn Anderson  Arms… Something strong to hold on to 😉

Brenna Lyons  Eyes. It’s not just the shape or color I enjoy…or even the eyelashes some women find so appealing. Someone with expressive eyes is very appealing to me. Also, being the focus of someone I love’s attention is something of an aphrodisiac.

Erin M. Leaf  I love hands on a man. Good hands. Strong hands. Hands that aren’t dirty, but aren’t weak, either. Hands imply so much… there’s so much potential energy and motion in them. I also love beards and long hair and, well, everything.

Wendi Zwaduk  Eyes. If he can catch me with his eyes, then he’s a keeper. (yes, I know, you’ve had a mental image of eyeballs reaching out and grabbing someone. Hee hee)

Sandra Bunino  Well defined arms. I love the dips and planes of sculpted muscle.

Megan Slayer  Butts. I love looking at man butt. There’s nothing hotter than two round man cheeks to grab and squeeze.

Renea Mason  Brains and voices are two of the sexiest things to me but since you stipulate physical. I love a tall man, with some stubble and a sexy smile.

Jessica Jayne  Eyes. I feel like there are so many things that can been seen by a person’s eyes. You can always see emotion. I’ve been turned on simply by the look in someone’s eyes. After that… I love a nice smile and great ass!

Jessica E. Subject  A broad chest/back. Means the guy is bigger than me and I’d feel safe with him.

Adriana Kraft  Eyes, hands down. They tell so much about the person. They’ve got to be soft, expressive, the smile has to reach up to include them – and they can be piercing, or commanding, or challenging, but always engaging. Eyes are what draw me first.

Valerie Twombly  I love everything about the male body, but I love a nice pair of biceps. I’m not sure what it is, but I love wrapping my hands around strong, firm biceps. *shivers*

Avril Ashton  I’m a fan of a tight ass and pouty lips. Also legs. They’re all sexy.

Maxine Mansfield  I love the sight and feel of a nicely rounded male bum. Makes me want to smack it, and then… umm… rub it all better. I also like bedroom eyes, kissable lips, broad shoulders, long arms, big hands, strong thighs, and well, let’s admit it, a finely formed cock certainly doesn’t hurt either. 🙂

Julia Talbot  Oh, just one? Hands. I love to look at people’s hands

BA Tortuga  Eyes. I’m an eye girl. There’s something about a gorgeous pair of eyes that does it for me.

Denyse Bridger  Eyes…. they’ll get me every time. Second to that would be voice, if that’s a physical attribute. When I look at someone and they’re willing to meet my gaze and hold it – there’s so much being said without ever speaking, a person’s eyes are often the most beautiful aspect of their entire being.

Anya Richards  I have a thing for really nice thighs and most men should take heart from the fact I’m not alone, since as I’ve gotten older I’ve noticed it’s one part of a man’s body that if they were really nice when he was younger, they often don’t… umm…deteriorate the way other parts do! I guess sociologists would say it has to do with seeing that a man can ‘thrust’ strongly. Who am I to disagree??

Dee Brice  I notice a man’s eyes and lips. If his eyes light up when he smiles, I’m hooked.

Diana Hunter  Definitely a man’s ass. Watching that well-muscled derriere as it walks away? Oh, yeah. That’s like watching art in motion.

Gotta tell this story:
I a junior in college and dating a nice young man. He took me to see Handel’s Messiah and to meet his parents. At intermission, he introduces them to me (they were sitting elsewhere in the theatre) and, while I’m trying to charm them, someone puts his arms around my waist from behind and gives me a great big hug.

I can see the look of shock on their faces and the irritation on my date’s. Turns out it’s the guy I thought I might marry, but who was involved in another relationship. He was just being friendly. I introduced him to the others and stressed the “other relationship” — he was studying to be a Roman Catholic priest.

So the lights dim and it’s time to go back to our seats. I do, thinking I’ve dodged a bullet, ’cause I really like Mr. Nice Guy and think this might go somewhere. I sit down and watch other patrons returning to their seats.

Then this Gorgeous Ass walks by. Tight pants that show it off beautifully. I mean, Michelangelo sculpted beautiful. Trying to hide my grin, I watch Gorgeous Ass all the way down the aisle. He turns to go to his seat and I am stunned.

It’s the Roman Catholic priest I’m trying not to fall in love with.

And yes, I married him 32 years ago. Too bad the Church doesn’t allow a married priesthood, ’cause they lost out on a good one.

And I got Gorgeous Ass all to myself!

Lynne Connolly  A beautiful back. Limber, sexy, strong.

Charlotte Boyett-Compo  I LOVE a man’s tiger line. A man has to have chest hair to really interest me. (Men with back hair need not apply) A nice tight bum, chiseled pecs, washboard abs, hard guns, and blue eyes with dark hair are musts, as well, but that tiger line….the tight little line of hair that dips from the upper chest, past the navel, to the pubic hair just mesmerizes me. I love to stroke that line with my palm. It does really interesting things.

Sharita Lira  On a man I’d have to say the outline of his pelvis when it sticks out of jeans. It means he’s going commando. Yumm… and the collarbone. Men are just sexy period. On a woman, her cleavage. I do love seeing women wear low dipping blouses.

Shoshanna Evers  I love muscles and big, broad shoulders. My husband is a former body-builder, and those shoulders of his just make me swoon. 😉

I also love extremely tall men – something about all that towering height makes me feel safe and protected. Like the werewolf guy on True Blood. Yum!

Cameron D. James  A nice round, firm bum. I think you can figure out why.

Christie Butler  The male buttocks, firm and just a little bit round. I don’t really have an explanation for why- it’s just the first place my eyes are drawn.

Alexandra Christian  They say that the eyes are the window to the soul. This is absolutely true. I think eyes are probably the sexiest attribute. They reveal so much about the person and make it impossible to hide emotion. They are always the first thing I notice about a man.

Sabrina York  I love a thick neck. Of course, it doesn’t hurt if it is attached to a smokin’ bod. Another feature I drool over is muscular forearms. Yeah, my dream guy has a thick neck and bulky forearms. And a Scottish accent. And bacon.

Lucy Felthouse  Eyes, I think. Because they’re so expressive, so different, can convey so much meaning, etc. I’m a sucker for a mischievous pair of eyes.

Eden Bradley  I love a man with good shoulders. There’s something about a strong shoulder…that flow and flex of muscle when they’re pulling their shirt off, the way they feel under my hands. But when I first meet someone (assuming they have their shirt on) it’s the eyes. Beautiful eyes will get me every time.

Cassandra Carr  Abs. Oh man, give me a guy with good abs and that’s all I need. I’ve seen a lot of “just okay”-looking guys who had a great set of abs and I was still attracted. I know it’s popular to say eyes or smile, so maybe I’m shallow, but yeah, abs. This does not surprise anybody who knows me.

JB McDonald  Shoulders and eyes. I know, I know, you can only have one “most.” But I like them both about equally!

A set of well sculpted shoulders can send my little heart going pitter-patter. It was one of the first things I noticed about my girlfriend, in fact. They imply strength and confidence both.

Eyes are the other first thing I notice. (I take turns between shoulders and eyes. *grins*) My first long-term boyfriend had eyes that changed colors. Whenever he got stressed (or sick) they’d go an emerald green, but at other times they’d be blue or — occasionally — gray. Very neat. My girlfriend has incredibly dark eyes, some of the darkest I’ve ever seen. They sparkle most obviously when she’s having fun, and seems like they can see right into your soul when she’s being serious. How’s that for romantic-sounding? 😉

Amanda Young  It doesn’t get much sexier than the broad expanse of a man’s back for me. All that strength and vitality beneath smooth skin just makes me want to rub my hands all over.

Eliza Lloyd  I’m going for eyes. Eyes that sparkle and eyes that are willing to look into your soul and eyes that look without judging.

R.G. Alexander  Eyes. I mean I love shoulders, hips and a good jawline just like everyone else, but eyes are the windows to the soul right? And the way they squint in the sun, the lines that crinkle at the corners when they laugh, the long lashes most women are jealous of…the way they watch your mouth when you’re talking or eating, or right before they’re going to kiss you? As far as sexy attributes, the eyes have it for me. *G*

Lainey Reese  I love a man’s hands. Work roughened or smooth skinned, big and blunt or long and elegant, doesn’t matter. As long as he uses them with authority, I’m a puddle at his feet.

Katalina Leon  I look at a man’s hands when he speaks to me because his hands often subconsciously give a lot away that his mouth might be censoring. I have a fetish for cleft chins. I love a great jawline on a man and a cleft chin.

Donna Gallagher  Biceps, I love a nice strong arm wrapped around me.

MK Schiller  A nice smile – maybe one that produces a dimple. Interesting eyes, and…large hands (the better to rub me with!)

Leah Braemel  Just one? Wow, make it tough why don’t you? Can I say “the face” so it encompasses the eyes and the lips and the jaw? Because they are all sexy–

Victoria Blisse  I love expressive eyes, I don’t mind the colour but sexy eyes get me every time.

Jennifer Leeland  I like big arms. Big guns are a turn on to me. But not the veiny over worked look. I mean the “I’ve been working with my arms at some really menial task and I can toss a log over my shoulder” look.

Kate Deveaux  Eyes. They tell everything about a person.

Ayla Ruse  As in singular? There are so many! But yes, I do have one attribute that will stir my blood more than any other. Arms. If a man has strong arms, with defined muscles, I will salivate, shiver and swoon. It doesn’t have to be steroid-induced Mr. Muscle type, but a strong set of arms is my lustful turn-on.

Fiona McGier  A nice, tight butt. I like tall men with wide shoulders. But I go nuts for firm buns on top of long legs. I want to bite them, and dig my fingers into them while he’s on top of me. They make me crazy!

That being said, I study men’s fingers when I meet them. Sometimes I don’t even realize I’m doing it. Then someone will have particularly wide fingers, and I’ll remember Xavier Hollander’s “formula” from “The Happy Hooker”, and I’ll think, “Yum-yum! Wish I could have some!”

Sarah Castille Eyes. They truly are windows to the soul.

Cathryn Cade  I like big men, who are fit and relaxed with their bodies. That’s sexy. No posturing, no cockiness needed. Quiet confidence that they have the best physique possible for them, and can use it to keep their lady happy.

Luna Zega  Physical? Does the brain count? Because I need smart and funny above all else. Sure, I like gorgeous eyes, thick thighs, manly hands and a beautiful smile, but I need brains to go along with that. Make me laugh, I lose my panties.

Lila Shaw  Call me a dirty ol’ gal, but there’s nothing better to ogle (amongst other verbs) than a man’s package, preferably when it’s sly and perky, freshly roused.

Kate Hill  There are so many physical attributes that are attractive–eyes, hands, even underarms! As for the most sexy, I usually go for legs. I like big legs with nice muscles.

Heather Long  Eyes. A man who can communicate with his eyes really does things for me.

Jean Hart Stewart  The eyes. Smokin’ hot eyes.

Desirée Lee  The first thing I usually notice is someone’s eyes. I prefer a dark, smoldering gaze. Dark hair is a plus for me too. Oh heck, give me the typical “tall, dark & handsome” any day!

Nina Pierce  Strong shoulders and back. *sigh* I think it’s because I know a man with muscles could literally sweep me off my feet … and isn’t that just about the most romantic thing ever?

Charity Parkerson  Wide shoulders. I want a man who makes me feel protected. If we get attacked in a dark alley, I don’t want to be the one to take care of us.

Bobbi Brattz  The eyes have it! When I look into his eyes, our souls meet and send me into a spiral of sensation. It’s like an electrical current that begins at the toes and tingles it’s way up to my heart. All else fades away as I’m mesmerized by those baby blues.

Kay Dee Royal  My DH has always had the sexiest arms – defined, but not too much…they look strong and feel strong *grins*

Abs are excellent, but arms…gotta love ’em especially wrapped around me.

Tonya Renee Callihan  Eyes and smile. If an intense pair of eyes land on mind, chills.

Gale Stanley  I find eyes extremely attractive, especially when you share flirty looks with someone special. A whole scene can play out when your gaze locks with a pair of sexy eyes. Of course longish hair, and a bit of stubble is good too. And muscular thighs… Oh hell, it’s all good.

Naomi Bellina  Something about a strong, hairy arms turns me on. I guess that’s because I like guys who are handy and can do things. Watching a man work makes me want to interrupt him and get him to wrap those arms around me.

Kemberlee Shortland  Eyes. A sexy gaze can speak volumes. A sexy gaze can melt me from the inside out faster than a touch. Yeah, most certainly it’s the eyes!

Hurri Cosmo  On a guy I have actually changed what I am attracted to. It used to be I liked them thin and small but these days the guys who turn my head are big and tall and strong. I think that is the most sexy. I imagine them holding me down and whispering sweet things.

Lyncee Shillard  Smiles. They tell so much about a person. If a guy has an easy going smile, or a boyish smirk I’m all about that.

Sherrie Henry  The eyes. Definitely the eyes. The eyes are the windows to the soul. You can tell a lot about a person through their eyes, whether they make eye contact or not, if they look into yours for more than a heartbeat.

Angelina Rain  Good personality. Looks fade, attitude is forever. Besides that, I like strong arms. I can’t be with a man who looks like he can’t lift a five pound cat.

Trina Lane  I’m a sucker for an intense pair of eyes. I’ve always felt that you can see a person’s true nature in their eyes, so in a way they are an effective tool. If they’re an unusual color, very bright, or very dark it adds another layer of interest. I also like a set of good legs and shoulders on a man. Not necessarily bulky with ten tons of muscle, but strong and firm. I think I mentally equate that strength with the ability to remain resilient in the face of life’s obstacles.


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  4. The eyes have it! (I know. I had to say it. It was a moral imperative.)
    I love seeing the answers here.

  5. So I definitely agree that the eyes are great, but my favorite is Sharita Lira. She said about the outline of the man’s pelvis when it sticks out of jeans. It’s those (I think) hip bones that stick out when the guy has on low cut jeans.

  6. I’m surprised there were so many “eye” fans. I almost never notice a man’s eyes unless they’re unusual.

    But Amanda Young took the words out of my mouth. “…the broad expanse of a man’s back…”

  7. I agree, Lainey Reese. Hands are so important.

  8. I agree with Megan Slayer. I love a good butt to squeeze!

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