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2013 Anniversary NON Questions 13
Ash Krafton Talk to myself in foreign accents.

Linda Palmer I plot. Is that weird? Not for a writer, maybe.

Debra St. John  I talk to myself when I’m working on a project. Cooking, scrapbooking, writing, cleaning…I also talk to myself at the grocery store, which is probably worse since there are people around. I know a lot of people talk to themselves. I do it to stay focused.

Kaylie Newell I talk to myself. But I don’t have to be alone to do it.

Judy Alter Sing Scottish ballads at the top of my voice.

Linda Rettstatt I talk to myself. And when I don’t get the answer I want, I talk to the cat. Then I interpret her expression to my own satisfaction. She always agrees with me. Well, before she gets up, gives me that ‘you’ve got to be kidding’ cat look, and walks away.

Maeve Greyson That depends on your definition of weird. *ahem*

Niecey Roy Not really, but I sing my face off everywhere I go…to the washing machine, to the kitchen, IN the kitchen, while I’m cooking IN the kitchen, while I’m getting ready for work… You get the drift.

Tess Morrison I crank up the music and sing and dance. It’s really quite disturbing for anyone coming to the door unexpectedly. But I have such fun! I gyrate and wail at the top of my lungs. Great stress reliever – you should try it. Just pull the shades and lock the door.

Anne Van I love to sing to myself. Especially after the few singing lessons I took. I’m not half bad. : )

Tina Pollick Alone? What’s that? Seriously when I get ‘alone’ time I usually go see a movie. I know it’s weird, but it’s nice to sit through a movie without anyone asking me questions or needing to go to the bathroom. 🙂

Debra Doggett Yoga. Trust me, the way I do it, it’s more than strange. I try never to do it when anyone is around. No one wants to see that.

Nia Simone  Ripping pictures of people out of magazines to save for character ideas.

Virginia Crane Sip a martini and eat almonds but that really doesn’t sound weird. Actually, when I’m alone I mostly read or do crossword puzzles. Does that make me dull and uninteresting? Maybe I’d better start paying more attention to what I do when I’m alone.

Graeme Brown Oh, lets NOT go there!


Nancy Fraser If no one else can see them, they couldn’t possibly be weird. Could they? However, I do have a tendancy to sit at my computer and write in my underwear. Which is another reason I don’t have Skype!

Jeanette Baker I already mentioned the talking to myself.
I also attempt yoga moves and dance steps that I’m too self-conscious to do in public. I’m not terribly coordinated.

Kim Hornsby I’m a mother, I’m never alone. Okay, seldom. And I have dogs who follow me around the house from room to room. BUT, for that rare moment when I don’t have anyone or anything in the house with me, I sing, loud. Like Melissa McCarthy did in the car in Identity Thieves.

Juliet Waldron I don’t know how weird it is, but I talk to plants and to birds and, of course, to my cats. I have a tree in my yard which has a sentient feel about it and so that’s my particular “friend.” I don’t tell it anything about me, mostly I just listen to it. After a while, it’s almost as if I can hear it breathing/sap rising or falling. We have a lot of brush and old trees on our small lot and many birds who mark their territories with song. I often talk to them; most don’t pay any attention as they are on their own programmed trip, but the crows do listen and sometimes talk back.

Willa Blair Make up stories and write them down? Not weird for an author, but for most people, it probably qualifies.

Lynda J Cox I talk to myself…let me clarify. I talk plotting and dialogue out loud, so I can get the feel for the story.

Lynda Coker You really expect me to answer this one honestly? Okay, I’m a pretty boring person, not too many wacky personality traits. But I do have to admit I love watching Asian Dramas. My husband doesn’t care for them so it’s definitely something I do when I’m alone.

Brenda Gayle I like to sing at the top of my lungs to the radio or CD. Before I had kids and heard myself singing lullabies a cappella, I thought I had a pretty decent voice and was willing to share my talent with the world. Now that I know the truth, I only sing when I’m alone and when I am accompanied by Mr. Springsteen.

Maryann Miller I don’t know how weird it is, but sometimes when I am alone I play music at a very high volume and sing along at an equally high volume. That used to be a problem when I lived in a suburban area, but not so much since I have moved to the country. Although my horse does stop his grazing now and then to look at the house as if he is wondering where that awful noise is coming from. The goat doesn’t seem to care.

Meg Benjamin If my hubs is gone for a couple of days, I’ll binge watch “Say Yes To the Dress”. For some reason I just love watching those brides choose dresses they’ll never wear again.

Mary Hughes Sing at the top of my lungs. I used to dance until the downstairs neighbors registered their displeasure with a broomstick on the ceiling.

Shannyn Schroeder I tend to talk to myself. I guess it might be reminiscent of the days of having an imaginary friend. When I’m trying to process something, I’ll carry on a bit of conversation, at least my half and within my head, the person I imagine I’m talking to will answer. In my house, however, talking to myself is not weird because everyone in my family does it.

Lynn Crandall I’m probably like a lot of people in that being alone — and with music playing — unleashes my inner dancer. It’s fun! One time when my children were younger, my step-daughter walked in the backdoor just as I was doing the dishes and jamming to music. She laughed and I laughed too. My inner dancer was let out of the closet!

Sheila Claydon I dance. I turn up the music and rekindle all those moves I did when I was young, you know, the really energetic ones. I dance until I’m out of breath and beginning to worry that my heart’s not up to it anymore, then I dance some more. And by the time I’ve finished I feel years younger and ready for more.

Carol Henry Because of my love of dance, I turn the radio up and dance my heart out in the living room when no one is around. I watch my reflection at night in our full-length picture window that takes up one whole wall. It’s such a liberating sensation—and great exercise.

Robin Renee Ray Not really…I’m pretty much a freak all the time..LOL

Joya Fields I sing and dance a lot when nobody is looking. I mean, people already think I’m weird, why give them more reasons by doing this when others can see me? 🙂

Patty Campbell I listen to classical opera arias at ear-splitting volume. Doesn’t matter if the singers are male or female. I get a thrill in my chest that is a real physical response. BTW I don’t like opera.

Genie Gabriel Does this count? I was alone, but the whistling may have been overheard…The neighbor’s grown son is pretty obnoxious sometimes, so this morning I decided to be disgustingly nice. Whistled a familiar song as I was unloading my vehicle, but didn’t sing the slightly altered words to anyone but myself. And, no, I can’t share those words on a PG-rated site.

Elysa Hendricks I do lots of weird things (of course, I don’t really consider them weird,) but rarely wait to do them when I’m alone. Why deny the world my creative awesomeness?

Kate Robbins  I talk to myself whether I’m alone or not. Does that count? I’ve often been told that the only time I should really worry is if self starts talking back. o_O

Ryshia Kennie I talk to myself – not always, but sometimes. Sometimes I’ll put music on and dance, wild and crazy and more than likely badly. I’ll dance circles around the house and sometimes – well I’ll clean and dance. Which, of course, is why I do it when I’m alone.

Troy Lambert I have a stuffed monkey my kids gave me. It came with a card with a website on it, so I can play online. So sometimes when I’m alone, I play with my monkey online. Is that weird?

Jane Toombs Really weird? No, if you don’t consider picking your nose weird.

Jaleta Clegg How much TMI are you after here? I talk to myself; wait, that’s not weird. I sing, loud and off-key, while I play the piano. I do gorilla impersonations. I quote movies and do actor impressions. I sing the Six-Million-Dollar Man theme and move in slow-motion. Or Baywatch if it’s summer.

Wait, I do all those things in front of my family and in public. I guess I’m just weird no matter who’s watching.

Beth Trissel Define weird.

Helena Fairfax Plenty! Ones I can talk about in public are: talking to myself, singing really loudly (and out of tune), and repetitively watching reruns of Frasier. (I’m not actually crazy – honestly!)

Kelly Whitley Sing along with the iPod.
I don’t do this when anyone else is around. Not only do I have eclectic taste in music (read: “You LIKE that?”) but I cannot sing. Not even a little bit.

Laurel O’Donnell I don’t know if you would call it wierd, but I love to sing on Rock Band 3. I will do it if I’m alone or sometimes with my children. I like to pretend I’m really good and in this super popular band. I can dream!

Paty Jager I don’t know if it’s weird. I like to dance but I’m not very coordinated or good at it, so I wiggle and jiggle to loud music when I’m alone and feeling the need to expel extra energy.

Linda McMaken LOL, define weird. Okay, I confess, I LOVE to sing and when I’m alone I find songs on Youtube with the lyrics and pretend I’ve just filled Madison Square Garden and I rock out. Occasionally, I will even put on lip gloss and pretend I’m sexy when I rock out!

Even the dog leaves the room, nuff said.

Penny Estelle I two step by myself….

Isabo Kelly I walk around acting out scenes in the stories I’m working on–or sometimes just scenes I make up for fun. Like I’ll have full conversations with imaginary people. Sometimes I do this so I won’t go all political on social media, or to work out my anger on a soapbox issue like women’s rights. My boys are sometimes subjected to these conversations but mostly I try to only do this while I’m alone.

Pamela Turner I practice being interviewed. Okay, stop laughing. I simply practice scenarios in case the opportunity arises and I find myself in such a situation. At the same time, I’m visualizing. Has it worked? Yeah, it has. Not only that, but it helps make me better prepared. And no, I haven’t worked on my Oscar speech yet. 🙂

Shirley Martin Not really. I daydream a lot. I think about places I’d like to visit, things I’d like to buy if I had the money.

Amy Corwin: Sing to the dogs. Sing or just chat. I chat constantly to the dogs. I’m sure people think I’m completely insane because I’ve been caught several times chatting in a sing-song voice to the dogs and cat.




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  1. And I discover I’m not alone. All these years I worried that I might be a bit mad not just talking, but Sane Liza often scolds Silly Liza for not getting their work done or buying something they can’t afford. And yes, I act out scenes, having been an actress in my early years, And I sing hate songs to programs that don’t work (keeps me from tossing the laptop)

    All these years I thought I was mad, now to discover I’m on overly creative writer, possibly crazy, but I’ve channeled crazy into a productive channel like all of you.

  2. LOL at Graeme Brown answer. A lot of people talk to themselves,I’m not alone 🙂 Like Shirley Martin I daydream a lot too.

  3. Well I feel normal now…like most I talk to myself and like Kate Robbins, I’ve been told that as long as I don’t respond I’m doing ok 🙂

  4. @Linda McMaken
    Even the dog leaves the room,


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