Play Twenty Questions: Question 13

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2013 Anniversary wc question 13
Melissa Schroeder  I talk to myself. It is the only way for me to think things through. Whether it is the plot of a book or what to pack for a trip, I have to talk it out so I can get it lined up in my head correctly.

Karen Stivali  I don’t think this is a particularly weird thing but when I’m home alone I tend to eat things right out of the jar/package/container. Not just typical things like ice cream or peanut butter or a box of Oreos. I’ll get the jar of Marshmallow Fluff…or the jar of hot fudge…or BOTH and just eat them with a spoon. Stuff tastes better right out of the package. It’s a strange phenomenon. Like Chinese food tasting better with chopsticks and when eaten out of those folded cardboard boxes with the wire handles. And don’t worry, when I eat out of the carton I always finish it. I don’t let anyone be victim to unknown previous double dipping.

Heidi Lynn Anderson  I stripper dance in my kitchen.

Brenna Lyons  Sleep with the light on. I don’t like sleeping in the dark when my husband isn’t in the bed. I’m not sure if that counts as odd, but it feels odd to me.

Erin M. Leaf  I massage my head. It helps me think.

Wendi Zwaduk  Sing. At the top of my lungs, I sing. And talk to myself. That’s how I work through issues sometimes.

Sandra Bunino  I sing (really loud) to the radio in the car when I’m alone. Usually country songs. It’s not pretty.

Megan Slayer  Talk to myself. I think through issues when I’m alone. I hear myself and most of the time figure out where I’m making my mistakes. I also like to talk to the dogs and argue with the television.

Renea Mason  Eat tomato paste. What did you think I was going to say? I love tomatoes and sometimes the best way to sate the craving is with concentrated tomato. Low calorie. Really yummy.

Jessica E. Subject  I chew a lot of gum.

Adriana Kraft  I don’t think of it as weird – I think of it as Alzheimer’s prevention, since it’s in my gene pool. I’m never far from a book of Sudoko puzzles and I work away at them any time of day for a brief break.

Avril Ashton  Is talking to myself weird?

Maxine Mansfield  I pace and talk to myself when I’m trying to work out a plot problem or a difficult scene. If people outside could see, I’m pretty sure I’d be committed.

Julia Talbot  I talk to myself all the time and tell myself stories in first person

BA Tortuga  Sing. I sing a LOT. Constantly.

Denyse Bridger  I have a 36 inch television, full stereo sound and all that good stuff, but often even when I’m alone I pull out my little 7 inch individual DVD player, plug in my headphones, and watch movies that way. Everyone who knows me thinks I’m a bit nuts for not enjoying the big screen experience.

Anya Richards  Ummm…what do you consider weird? Talking to my animals? To my plants? I do both. I also curse at my characters when I feel as though they’re misbehaving and often refuse to get out of my PJs or brush my hair.

Dee Brice  I talk to myself–not uncommon among writers. I also close my eyes and envision love scenes.

Diana Hunter  I talk to myself. Constantly. If anyone else ever were to overhear me, I’m pretty sure they’d be concerned about my mental stability. Mostly because I give myself directions.

For example, I’ll be in the kitchen and about to make myself a meal. Under the pretense of talking to the cat, I’ll talk myself through each step, dancing to a tune only I can hear, as I put everything together.

Or I’ll be cleaning up and have several items in my hand. I’ll stand in the middle of the room and look at each one, state out loud where its going, and then take it there in the order in which I said them.

You asked for weird!

Lynne Connolly  You want a list? I write.

Charlotte Boyett-Compo  I’ll never tell. Some things a gal has got to keep to herself unless she shares them with Antony Starr or Chris Vance.

Sharita Lira  Talk to my characters? lol Yep, I do that a lot

Cameron D. James  Hahaha — what I do when I’m alone is between me and my webcam… 😉

Alexandra Christian  There are so many weird things I do when I’m alone. I won’t tell you about the really scandalous ones… But probably the weirdest thing is the way I work scenes out in my head. Before I got into writing, I was going to be an actress. This love for theatre has led me to an unusual technique. I will sometimes act out particularly complicated or difficult exchanges between the characters. It helps me to work out dialogue and tone. I have to do it alone, otherwise it looks like I’m talking to myself, but I think that those close to me have already chalked it up to one of those “crazy writer girl things.”

Sabrina York  I play with my hair. I don’t know why, but I do love the way it feels. Shh. Don’t tell anyone.

Lucy Felthouse  Hell yeah. But I’m not going to tell you… I’m very odd!

Cassandra Carr  Weird things? I’m wondering how everyone else is answering this question and starting to think I might be incredibly boring. I can’t recall that anything I do is weird. Mostly when I’m alone I’m working, since I only have part-time childcare. Is it weird that I try to be super-productive? If so than I’m weird.

JB McDonald  I do a lot of kitchen dancing. It’s especially important to dance when there’s no music playing — or rather, it’s just the music in my head playing. I dance most often with my dogs or my parrot, who all quite enjoy it.
I talk to myself. I talk to my animals, too, but when I write I talk to myself. When I’m editing it gets much worse — I’ll say, “Jeez, how many times can you use that one word on this page? Change it, change it, change it!” Or I’ll burst out laughing at something I wrote and say, “Oh, man, London cracks me up.” Even though London came from my own head.

I also like to paint my toenails. Not just one color, but I’ll paint them black (for instance) and then put pink and silver polka dots on them, or wavy lines, or something like that. You never know how my toenails might look under my shoes and socks!

Amanda Young  On the rare occasions when I’m alone, I like to kick back in my pajamas, put my feet up, and read dirty stories. Shh. Don’t tell anyone. ;D

Eliza Lloyd  I’m myself – completely and totally myself – and not only is that weird, it’s probably a little scary. Mostly I just ignored the world when I’m alone and I love that!

Tracey H. Kitts  I sing Michael Jackson songs while cleaning sometimes. LOL

Lainey Reese  I dance with my dogs. I close the curtains and lock the door then blast feel good music and dance around the house with my dogs. And sometimes the cat, but he doesn’t like it as much as the dogs. He gets bored and jumps away after only a song or two, the dogs will go all day as long as I’m game. I’m a terrible dancer and I have zero rhythm and my puppies are the only ones who don’t laugh at me.

Donna Gallagher  I watch sport on television. Any sport will do but my personal favorites are rugby league and baseball. Strangely even though I live in Australia I follow a New Zealand team for league and Detroit Tigers for baseball.

Leah Braemel  I talk aloud to myself. Not to the dog, but to myself. And yes, I get answers.

Victoria Blisse  Well, I talk to myself all the time but that’s only because I’m such a good listener!

Jennifer Leeland  I sing to myself. I get songs in my head like Sara Bareilles’s “Gravity” or Skylar Grey’s “Words” and I sing it.

Kate Deveaux   I talk to myself out loud. Sometimes I answer 🙂

Ayla Ruse  That I’ll admit to? *g* Okay, I’ll confess. I sing and dance. This may not seem weird, but let’s just say you’ve never seen me sing. Or dance. And you don’t want to, either.

Sarah Castille  Other than eat frozen chocolate?

Anna Alexander  I wear fairy wings when I clean the house. Makes me feel like I’m doing magic. But maybe I’m not the only one who does this.

Cathryn Cade  Listen to Hawaiian music on Pandora Internet Radio. I started a station when I was writing my contemporary paranormal Hawaiian Heroes series.

Then I discovered I was hooked on those melting island harmonies. Kealii Reichel, Izzy, The Cazimero Bros, Hapa … ‘Aue!

Lila Shaw  I like to tap dance–time step, spins, shuffle ball changes–preferably when I have loud shoes on. I dance in my office’s kitchen when the microwave is running and no one is around. Shhh…don’t tell.

Heather Long  As opposed to the weird things I do with others? I sing along at the top of my lungs to songs I love.

Jean Hart Stewart  Please….let’s not go there either. Beyond scratching in strange places and being lax about any manners.

Desirée Lee   I do caraoke, which is like karaoke, only that I sing along to music when I’m alone in the car.

Nina Pierce  I watch reruns of the original Star Trek. I still find William Shatner as Capt Kirk sexy as hell. I wanted to be the Native American woman he fell in love with in the episode where he lost his memory. What can I say? I’m a total geek at heart.

Bobbi Brattz  When I’m alone, I dream of the sexual encounters of my characters. There is no better time to let my imagination wander. I must have my computer close so that I don’t forget a moment of it. The weird part? I talk out loud to my dream lover.

Kay Dee Royal  Weird things…hmmm, sometimes to take a break from when I’m doing writing ‘stuff’ I’ll check out the erotic romance novels from buy sites and on my kindle – deciding which ones I want to read.

I usually find so many, I don’t get a chance to read any of them – but my list of TBR books continues to grow.

I know…this isn’t too weird…I guess I never take the time to do fun weird stuff. Maybe I should start fantasizing about some of those and they’ll come true *grins*

Tonya Renee Callihan  No, not really. I mainly read, crochet, organize…oh wait…I eat cookie dough when I’m alone!!

Gale Stanley  Oh no, I’m not going there.

Naomi Bellina  Weird things I do when I’m alone? Mwa-ha-ha! Lots! Okay, I’ll pick one to share that doesn’t make me sound like a total weirdo. I love to sing really loud when I’m driving down the highway at night, especially after I’ve had a glass of wine. And let me tell you, I sound great!

Kemberlee Shortland  Hmm . . . What’s weird? Weird to you could be normal to me 😉 And it wouldn’t really be weird unless others were around to tell you they’re weird, right? My husband says I have weird eating habits. They’re perfectly normal to me, but he can’t get around my logic. Like strawberry jam with sausages. What’s weird about that? We eat applesauce with pork, or even peaches with pork. Venison in prune sauce. Who says only vegetables go with meat?!

Hurri Cosmo  It’s probably not unique but I still consider it weird, I talk to my animals and myself all the time. When I am old they will pass it off as an old person thing but I do it now. Not good…

Lyncee Shillard  Close my eyes and try to guess what color of peanut M&M I just picked out of the dish. I’m currently at a 40% correct ratio

Sherrie Henry  I talk to myself. I find I can find the solution to a problem if I talk it out. Confuses the heck out of my dogs, but it works. It also helps when I have to remember to do certain things if I say them out loud.

Angelina Rain  I dance in the dark. I daydream (those daydreams later become book plots). And I play… Read Bunnies and Batteries to understand what kind of toys I play with. 😉

Trina Lane  When I’m alone, I’m usually either reading or writing. So not a lot to get weird about. Although I’ve been know to dance around the house in my shirt, socks, and underwear a-la Tom Cruise in “Risky Business”.

Elyzabeth M. VaLey  Ummm… only one? Okay, I like to play my music (we’re talking metal here) really loud and dance with my dog (well, I dance, he jumps around).



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  1. Vanessa N. says:

    I like Leah Braemel’s answer.

  2. Angelina Rain I dance in the dark. I daydream (those daydreams later become book plots). And I play… Read Bunnies and Batteries to understand what kind of toys I play with. 😉

  3. Anna Alexander. Those fairy wings I have to see.

    erzabetwrites at gmail dot com

  4. Renea Mason gets points for originality!

  5. Love that Lainey Reese dances with her dogs–and draws the curtains closed. 😛

  6. Lila Shaw. I love to dance 🙂

  7. Amanda Young On the rare occasions when I’m alone, I like to kick back in my pajamas, put my feet up, and read dirty stories. Shh. Don’t tell anyone. ;D

    Ditto here 😀

  8. Erin Thompson says:

    Lyncee Shillard. LMAO. Love M&M’s myself!

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