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2013 Anniversary NON Questions 12
Ash Krafton Tibia fracture in a car accident sixteen years ago. Still aches when it rains.

Linda Palmer No broken bones ever.

Debra St. John No broken bones, but I did step on one of my hubby’s hunting arrows earlier this summer and wound up with stitches in the bottom of my foot. I hobbled on crutches for a week and am still limping. The story also involves a possum that was living under our front porch. And lots and lots of blood, along with a very…how shall I say?…interesting ER visit. You wouldn’t believe the kind of people who wind up in the ER on a warm summer Thursday night.

Kaylie Newell No broken bones! Now of course, I’ll brag about this and will fall down the stairs tomorrow.

Judy Alter Greenstick fracture of the collar bone when I was three–fell out of bed.

Linda Rettstatt I had a stress fracture in my foot once. The doctor put me on crutches. Then I slipped on the crutches and badly bruised my elbow in the fall. If I’d stayed on crutches, I might have broken everything.

Maeve Greyson *sigh* Yes. Hubby and I finally made my dream trip to Scotland. While walking down a set of castle steps, I decided to multi-task and take pictures at the same time. Bad decision. I crashed and broke my left foot. The worst part was that I did it TWICE. Apparently, I’m a slow learner. So, I limped through Scotland and Ireland and got a lovely cast when I got home. NOTHING was gonna interrupt my dream trip. 🙂

Niecey Roy Nope. I was too paranoid to break any bones.

Tess Morrison Never. But I do have a crooked finger from a volleyball mishap. Hurt like the dickens while my family laughed their butts off. I supposed it doesn’t help that I look like a drunk giraffe when I play.

Anne Van It’s funny after all the crazy things I’ve done in my life I never broke a bone until I dropped a TV on my toe. They say it’s the household accidents that will get you. It did me!

Tina Pollick Yup. Well I didn’t break it my daughter did.

We were lifting a heavy trashcan, and she said it’s so heavy and let it go… on my toe. Yeah. My toenail is still black and blue and that happened about four months ago.

Debra Doggett I have managed to never break a bone, knock on wood. Oops, maybe…no, still haven’t broken one.

Nia Simone Yes, my nose and my arm. When I was five I went for a thrill ride on my tricycle, not realizing that tricycles don’t have brakes until it was too late. I remember thinking as I discovered this, what kind of an idiot engineer would not put brakes on a trike? I didn’t like engineers for a long time because of this. I ended up marrying one, though, but a very smart one who makes everything work and never does anything stupid. Ever. Especially when he’s designing something.

Virginia Crane Good heavens yes. Broke my leg vacuuming. We have a central vac system and I was coming down the stairs when my foot hit the side of the hose, threw me off balance and fell four steps and landed on my left leg. Result: lateral fracture of the tibia.

Broken collar bone walking the dog early in the morning. I was busy looking at the stars, he saw a rabbit took off and down I went on the street. However, he did come over and lick the blood off my face. Guess that was his way of saying he was sorry.

Graeme Brown I broke my baby finger bone when a friend in school kicked me in the hand for stealing his Jube-Jubes.

Nancy Fraser I broke a collarbone when I was nine. I tripped over my mother’s foot as we were walking home from church. I kept trying to run ahead to play with my cousins. She kept telling me not to run that I’d trip and fall and get my good dress dirty. I guess, as always, my mother was right!

Robyn Bachar I’ve broken several toes, because my feet are hugemongus and if I’m not paying attention they catch on doorframes, table legs, radiators, the bottom of the couch…it’s not fun.

Jeanette Baker I broke my wrist when I was newly pregnant. I teach school and was standing on a chair, on top of a table to work on my bulletin boards. No one was there, I thought, so when I heard someone come into my room, it startled me. I turned, fell to the ground and broke my wrist. It looked like a roller coaster and terrified my teacher friend who had come in to say hello. I found out at the hospital that I was pregnant but everything turned out fine. That was 33 years ago and my wrist still aches when it rains.

Kim Hornsby I broke my wrist twice when I was a young teen. Back then I figure skated and that ice is pretty hard when you jump four feet in the air and come down on a twisted ankle. I remember sitting in the arena dressing room feeling faint and my Mom coming in to take me to the hospital.

Mary Jo Burke No, but I was present all four times my nephew broke his arm in the same place. He jumped off a boat in the neighbor’s driveway, fell off his bike, slid into the bar in my uncle’s basement, and tripped down the front stoop. All incidents happened in one year.

Willa Blair I dropped a bowling ball on my foot during freshman orientation in college and limped around campus for the first few weeks of class with a broken toe. I was trying to get at the finger holes to pick up the ball when it rolled off the shallow-sided ball return, and the rest was gravity.

Lynda J Cox Broke my big toe when a 150 pound mastiff I was showing was startled by a 2 pound chihuahua. She jumped onto the closest grooming table she could see, pulled the table down onto my big toe with all of her weight behind it and broke the toe at the first joint. This was the first day of a six day show circuit and I had several collies and the mastiff to show every day. It was NOT fun.

Lynda Coker I hate to ask this, but… You are referring to other people’s bones and not my own, right? That’s a much more interesting story. But for the sake of future legal action, I’ll just take the 5TH and shut up.

Susan Fox Not a single one, which is surprising considering that I was a tomboy. I felt guilty because my best friend broke her arm, climbing a tree with me. She’d really rather have been playing dolls. We took turns planning activities. On her days, it was dolls or her cake-baking set. On my days, it was bicycling, the beach, tree climbing, or playing horses. Thinking back, isn’t that a great model for a relationship? You don’t have to like all the same things, you have to be willing to share. (Preferably if no-one breaks a bone!

Maryann Miller I broke my little toe once and when I went to the doctor he was touching it, asking where it hurt. Then suddenly he pulled the toe into place. (It had been sticking out at a very odd angle.) After my screams died down, he said, “That’s what’s known as Vocal Anesthetic.”

That was after I broke my ankle several times, my nose once, and my back, hip and pelvis once. The nose suffered when I missed a pole vault. The first ankle break came when I swung a baseball bat the wrong way and clobbered the bone. It was quite a sight to see. The other breaks happened when I was thrown from a horse. I didn’t blame the horse. It was my fault for riding bareback at a full gallop. The horse stopped and I didn’t.

Meg Benjamin I broke my ankle once, but don’t ask me when or where. I only found out it had been broken when I got it x-rayed after I sprained it badly. “When did you break your ankle?” the doc asked. “Haven’t a clue,” I replied.

Mary Hughes In middle school I broke a toe bone. I was on crutches for a few weeks because that’s what they did in those days. Now, I wasn’t terribly athletic then, but for some reason in our science class we had one-legged races (studying leg strength or speed or something). Normally in foot races I came in, puffing, second-last or last. But I won the one-legged race–proving anyone can win if they’re forced to strengthen one area.

Shannyn Schroeder I’ve never had any real broken bones, but I did fracture my nose in fourth grade. I was on the playground before school one morning talking to a friend. The playground was really just the parking lot with a couple of hopscotch and four-square games painted on the ground. My younger brother ran up and kept bugging me while I talked with my friend. I finally got fed up and chased him. I slid on some broken asphalt and ran my face into the guardrail. I fractured my nose and had two black eyes.

Barbara Meyers I broke my collar bone when I was three or four years old. I had straddled the side of my crib and was rocking from side to side showing off for my older brothers. They were probably more impressed with my antics when I fell.

Carol Henry A couple broken toes—learned never to go barefoot again (well, most of the time). Both times my foot (two separate times, two separate feet) made contact with a very hard oak dining room chair—the chair didn’t give an inch. Yeouch. The only thing that made me go to the doctor was to prove to everyone that I didn’t break anything. Boy was I wrong. Hated wearing those flat-footed shoes–clunkers.

Robin Renee Ray Good Grief…I’ll give you one story. I fell head first 17 and a half foot at 13 and broke about 52….okay, a friend yelled…”watch out for that spider” and there I went….very true story!!!

Joya Fields I broke my hand in a water skiing accident. It was pretty scary because we were out on the water and I was getting ready to ski, but a boat passed too close, tagged our ski line (with my hand in the middle of it) and dragged me under water. For the few seconds I was under water, I was sure I was going to lose all five of my fingers. All was good…one broken bone and eight weeks in a cast. Whew.

Patty Campbell Broke my little toe while rounding a door. I was running away from my husband who was determined to catch me and tickle me to death.

Genie Gabriel My own or someone else’s?

Pamela S Thibodeaux Well sort of, I fractured my finger playing volley ball in high school.

Elysa Hendricks When I was in my twenties skateboards were all the rage. I pestered my husband for one and first day, first hour out on it I broke my foot while attempting to ride the stupid thing. To add insult to injury as I lay on the ground clutching my foot the eleven-year old neighbor boy skated up on his board and asked it I was okay. Since then I’ve stayed off wheeled machines that don’t have hard metal shells for me to sit inside.

Allie Boniface The summer I was 8, I was playing on my swing set and fell off and broke my wrist. The funny part of this story is that I recall sitting on the couch in my living room while my mom made me twist it all around and ask “Does it hurt? I don’t think it’s broken.” (turns to my father) “Do you think it’s broken? Maybe we should go to the ER just to be sure.” I ended up in a cast for the rest of the summer…

Kate Robbins Yeah I broke my tailbone when I was 11. My friends and I were playing a skipping rope game and I got tired (I really don’t do physical exertion haha) and so I went to sit on a chair while the rope was around my ankles and then my knees. Why should I stand up until I have to? Anyway, I stood up to move the rope and when I went to sit again, my friend hadn’t realized what I was about to do and had removed the chair. CRACK! Scream! I couldn’t walk for days. It’s was nasty. Seriously childbirth is less painful.

Jennifer Shirk Oh my gosh, yes. I only broke one bone in my life and it was in college. My friends and I were… Okay, I was drunk and fell out of a bunk bed into a trashcan. There. Happy?

I broke both bones in my wrist, but luckily someone there who was not drinking was able to take me to the emergency room.

My parents didn’t know the truth until many years later… 🙂

Ryshia Kennie I broke my thumb when I was eleven or twelve. Playing tag with a friend, she tagged me and tackled me from behind. I landed on my hand with my thumb at a funny angle. But it was a “green stick” fracture so the first x-ray was misread by the intern who deemed it a “sprained” thumb. I spent a month with all sorts of tapes and bandages and mother approved remedies. But the thumb wouldn’t stop aching and it wasn’t until another doctor looked at the same x-ray that it was deemed broken and put in a cast.

Troy Lambert My right thumb in a motorcycle accident in 2000. I call it my $10,000 thumb.. After 5 surgeries I have about 85% use. I’ll probably cut it off by accident in the table saw sometime and lose in the garage.

Jane Toombs Nope, not a one, Possibly because, since I’m not good at sports, I never was part of any team.

Beth Trissel Wrist, kid, clumsy on the monkey bars

Gail Pallotta I’ve had three broken bones. Ouch, and I wish I could say I was doing something exciting like swooping down the Alps on skiis, or hiking a mountain trail. I wasn’t though. I was just slipping and sliding around the house. In one incident the refrigerator ice maker was the culprit. While I was upstairs, it just decided on its own to spit out an ice cube. Eventually, the cube melted. I strolled into the kitchen on my way out in a hurry, stepped in the water and slipped. Now, every time ice cubes plunk out of the refrigerator door onto the floor, my husband hollers, “Death!”

Helena Fairfax I once ruptured my Achilles tendon playing cricket. You might think this is a gentlemanly English game – but not when I play it! I’m quite competitive, and I whacked the ball with the bat as hard as I could, jumped back, and next minute my tendon was snapped. It was really, really, painful!

Kelly Whitley Yes.

The most interesting was a spiral fracture of the tibia in childhood. I fell off my bike. My dad was one of those “brush it off and walk” kind of guys, and insisted I walk on it–I don’t recommend it. Finally my mom intervened and there was a doctor visit and a thigh-high cast!

The other kids would steal my crutches at recess and leave me stranded on the swings!

Paty Jager No broken bones, but I dislocated my collar bone as a teenager from falling off a horse. I was riding bareback around a pasture that had a power pole at one corner. Twice I blacked out and fell off at the power pole. The second time my shoulder hurt. After that I put the horse up and went to the house. My mom was an RN who detested people who came to the doctors office and wasted the doctor’s time when they didn’t have anything wrong with them. She said I must have sprained something I’d be fine. I walked around about a week, cradling my right arm in my left hand. When I was getting my college physical the doctor asked me when I dislocated my collar bone. My mom turned red. But it turns out what I did to ease the pain would have been what they would have done had I gone to the doctor.

Linda McMaken I’ve had twelve broken or fractured bones – can you say ‘klutz’? Oh, how I wish I had a brilliant story to go with them – like skiing in the Alps.

Alas, the true story is pretty boring. I broke eight bones in my foot and ankle —- jumping over a snowdrift. I was a senior in high school leaving my job and it had snowed. Crews had plowed the parking lot and I didn’t realize how high the snow drifts they’d plowed were.

Being a teenager, I didn’t want to walk all the way around the lot, so I climbed up the drift and when I went to step down I realized too late that the drift was about fifteen or twenty feet high and a solid sheet of ice. Needless to say, that blacktop parking lot at the bottom was a nasty place to land. I actually ended up under my car. It was the scream heard around the world.

After nearly 16-weeks I got the cast off – two weeks before graduation.

Penny Estelle Only my thumb. I was showing off when I was a kid about how I could do a front flip. I lost my balance after the flip and whacked my hand against a door jamb….

Keena Kincaid Broke a collar bone when I was a toddler. Just started crawling/walking and was having great fun climbing onto the back of the couch and jumping onto my dad (or so I’ve been told). He got distracted by a game on TV, missed me when I jumped and I fell to the floor. I crawled to the corner and wouldn’t let anyone touch me for a couple of hours. When they finally got me out of the corner, my parents realized I was really hurt and took me to the hospital. Oddly enough, my older brother had broken his collar bone about 9 months earlier, so the ER doctor called in social services to interview my parents as potential child abusers. I suppose my saying “bad daddy” didn’t help.

Isabo Kelly I broke my toe once. I have no idea how I did it. Just ended up limping one day and my toe was all swollen. It got better eventually–not much you can do for a toe.

Lynne Marshall In all of my years, I have only broken one bone and that was just this last February. I was pet sitting for my daughter’s big old lab, and my little mutt was all excited having company. They seemed keyed up so I went out back with them – in the dark! – to let them run. Something made this gal decide to run with them. My pooch ran like a bullet and cut me off. Down I went and knew immediately I’d broken my foot. Broke a metatarsal in my left foot.

Melissa McClone My right thumb was broken during a sailing race. It was a practice race, but my then-boyfriend-now-husband acted like it was a leg in the America Cup. I was tailing the rope when we were jibbing and he was cranking the wench handle. My hand to go close and he hit my thumb. He and the owner of the boat then told me to suck it up because there was no way that would break my thumb. WRONG!

Aaron Speca I had my nose broken playing basketball, took an elbow right across the schnozz. I had never seen so much blood emerge so quickly in my life.

Shirley Martin  Broke my ankle when I was 23, racing down the steps of my apartment. I was engaged at the time, and my fiance was very helpful. He lived at home, and his mother did my laundry for me.

Amy Corwin: Yes. Several bones. When I was a kid, I had problems with “doors”. I broke my thumb when I was about two when someone thought I was all the way in the car but still was clutching the doorframe. THen I broke my middle finger in a door at church when I was going through it and someone called my name and I turned back and the door slammed on my hand. Then I fractured my tibia (leg) running down a hill after a dog. Recently broke my thumb (again) playing volleyball when I hit the ball open-handed instead of with a fist. The list goes on. Generally just clumsiness and distraction on my part. LOL


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  1. My feet aren’t big but like Robyn Bachar, I’ve broken toes several times. Nothing they can do about it, though.

  2. All the stories made me wince, but Graeme Brown’s made me gasp!

  3. I’m shocked. Shocked, I tell you, that Jennifer Shirk was drunk. LOL!

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