Play Twenty Questions: Question 11

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2013 Anniversary WC Question 11
Desiree Holt  Texan. I live in Texas and I swear, I’ve heard a zillion accents and not one of them makes me sit up and beg like this one. Warm, deep, soft, smooth.

Melissa Schroeder  Scottish. I don’t know what it is about the Scottish accent that gets to me, but I love to hear it roll off the tongue of men. I am sure the fact they might be wearing kilts when they say it has something to do with it too.

Karen Stivali  British. Why? Have you heard them speak? *swoons* Seriously, though, I’ve had an inexplicable attraction to men with British accents since I was a young girl. I don’t know if it’s from listening to my Dad’s Beatles albums when I was little or from watching old reruns of The Monkees and thinking Davey Jones was adorable but whatever it was, it stuck. We lived in England for a while when I was nine and would walk around all day just listening to the accent and sighing. After a few weeks I even picked up the accent myself. The locals actually thought I was one of them and would ask my mother, with her strong NY accent, what she was doing with a little Brit girl. I took it as a compliment. To this day I still love the accent and I can hear it in my head, so when I choose to write a sexy Brit character, all I have to do is listen to him talk. I’m always hooked, immediately.

Heidi Lynn Anderson  Irish. Need I say more?

Brenna Lyons  I like people-watching and people-listening in general. What author doesn’t? There’s not a single accent that will make me swoon though. Oddly, I’m not as fond of the Romance language accents as I am of Baltic, Gaelic, and Mediterranean.

Marie Tuhart  English and Scottish. I don’t know, there’s just something about the tone of voice that makes my insides go soft.

Wendi Zwaduk  Scottish. I have no idea why when they talk, I melt, but I do. Probably the view SAYING those words.

Sandra Bunino  Scottish, hence the Jamie Fraser infatuation.

Megan Slayer  British. I love the way they enunciate. I could listen to it all night.

Renea Mason  English. I have no idea but an English accent get me every time. So sexy.

Jessica Jayne  Italian. It’s a romantic language and so is the accent. I’m a sucker for an Italian!

Jessica E. Subject  Scottish.

Adriana Kraft  Had to ponder that a moment – I like them all! But there’s a special place in my libido for a British accent, and I have no clue why. Probably I associate it with being smart and sophisticated, attributes that definitely appeal to me.

Valerie Twombly  Spanish. It’s dark, sultry and spicy. A man could ask me my name and make me swoon with his thick accent.

Avril Ashton  French. Because it’s French!

Maxine Mansfield  Scottish. There’s just something about a Scottish brogue that makes my nickers damp and my heart pound. I truly believe that all a Scotsman would have to do to pop my top and send me flying off into space is talk to me. Even reciting the alphabet would probably do it.

Julia Talbot  I love an Irish or Scots accent. Ancestral memory, maybe.

BA Tortuga  Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi! Why? It’s a little wicked, a little dirty, and musical as all get out.

Denyse Bridger  European… in particular Italian, Romanian, and Spanish. If it’s emerging with a layer of roughened, masculine depth… well, you get the idea.

Anya Richards  I’ll confess I love an Italian accent. There is something about the cadence, the ebb and flow of it, that just makes me sigh. Just imagine having some studly Italian man whispering sweet nothings in your ear in the moonlight… yeah… you get it, don’t you?

Dee Brice  French or Spanish. You can say such dreadful things and they still sound sexy as hell.

Diana Hunter  Educated British. Every time. Something about those cultured vowels just makes my knees go to jelly.

Of course, there’s also Australian. Ever listen to Hugh Jackman speaking his native Aussie?

And then there’s the soft voice of an upstate New York Dom whispering in your ear…

Lynne Connolly  Texan. Cowboys!

Charlotte Boyett-Compo  I love a Kiwi accent. It is just sensual as hell to me. We had a neighbor in Nebraska who was from Auckland, NZ and he was so sexy, so cute, and just downright huggable. If I hadn’t have been a very happily married woman, I could have done very wicked things to that guy and with the deepest pleasure. That he was my husband’s friend sort of put the kibosh to that.

Sharita Lira  British accents because of my love for Duran Duran. *smiles*

Cameron D. James  One I can understand… :S I’m hard of hearing, so it sometimes makes accents difficult on me, though I tend to like Spanish accents…

Christie Butler  French, because it’s so melodious and the words are so soft and rounded. Everything sounds more romantic in French.

Alexandra Christian  It just so happens that I have an accent fetish. My husband has an extremely thick Southern accent. Seriously, you could spread it on toast. I’m also very partial to a posh English accent. Lord have mercy, I think those boys must be forced to gargle stones at puberty. That low, consonant-rich rumbling that seems to be both teasing and sinister at the same time– drives me completely wild.

Sabrina York  Oh dear lord. A braw Scot for sure, although I wouldn’t kick an Aussie out of bed…

Lucy Felthouse  I love posh British accents. I don’t know why, I just find them really sexy. Perhaps it’s something to do with corrupting posh boys and finding out they’re not such good boys, after all.

Eden Bradley  Almost any-lol! But I do love a Scottish accent. When I was in Scotland I could barely understand anything anyone said to me, but I almost didn’t care. It’s beautiful and lyrical…imagine that accent when a man is whispering in your ear…

Cassandra Carr  British. Let’s see, Colin Firth, Jamie Bamber, Richard Armitage – I could go on, but I think you see my point. Hot guys with hot accents? Yes, please! Though I will say Jamie Bamber does an excellent American accent too and I was actually surprised when I found out he was British.

Savanna Fox  Almost any one, if it’s spoken in a sexy masculine voice. The voice that immediately comes to mind is Gilles Marini, and his accent is French. Or how about Sean Connery’s Scottish burr? It’s fascinating that we’re so drawn to accents that are foreign to our ears. I’m Canadian and have to wonder if anyone in the world finds a Canadian accent sexy!

Eliza Lloyd  Any and ALL. David Gandy’s British. Gerard Butler’s Scottish. The Merovingian’s French (The Matrix.) And Antonio Banderas’ Spanish. Yummy and dreamy.

Tracey H. Kitts  British, straight up. I have no explanation.

R.G. Alexander  Scottish. I am an accent whore, love them, swoon at most of them, but Cookie did this dirty rant with a Scottish accent very early on in our relationship that made me laugh until I cried and turned me on at the same time (if you ever see us I’m sure you could convince him to repeat it) and David Tennant, the 10th Doctor Who is Scottish and…well, I get all gooey inside. LOVE.

Lainey Reese  Scottish. Did you ever see Bo Derek’s Bordello? Horrible movie. But…there is this one scene. Just seconds really, but those seconds changed my life. I was fifteen, I was just sitting there thinking to myself how dumb this movie was when Bo’s best friend meets this big, beautiful, muscle bound man in a kilt. I was lost. From that day forward what I thought was hot had been forever altered and it all starts with a kilt and that sexy burr….

Katalina Leon  I did some traveling in the South Pacific when I was young and discovered the voices of Polynesian men are incredible! For the most part Polynesian men have big deep, rumbly voices and the Polynesian languages are so, so soft, very feminine with lots of round vowels sounds. The volatile combination of these powerful men speaking gentle words just melted me. Think Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) or Jason Mamoa OMG! I’m daydreaming of the south seas again! lol

Donna Gallagher  Having just returned home from a holiday in the UK and Europe, I would have to say I love a Scottish accent. Maybe the castle wedding I attended and all those men in kilts have swayed that opinion.

MK Schiller  The British accent wins every time. I have no idea why it’s so sexy, but it is. Every word drips with intelligence making it cerebrally seductive. I do also have a soft spot for deep gravelly southern boys too so a Texan accent is a close second.

Leah Braemel  I have a thing for Scottish and Irish accents. There’s a lyricism, especially to an Irish brogue, that just makes me swoon. I have no idea why.

Victoria Blisse  I love all kinds of American accents. Oh, they get me going every time.

Jennifer Leeland  I love the Scottish burr. My favorite. I love Sean Connery’s accent.

Kate Deveaux  Irish. Pierce Brosnon. Melt.

Ayla Ruse  Any European or Australian accent. These sounds simply make me melt. I don’t care what they’re saying, so long as I can listen. Heck, I had a guy from England install our satellite dish several years ago, and I couldn’t stop asking questions – just to hear his voice. I know he thought I was loony – or maybe he got that a lot. As to why? I really don’t know. Maybe I’m simply wired that way.

Fiona McGier  I’ll tell you what accent doesn’t do it for me: Scottish. Me faither was from Glesga, and he certainly wasn’t sexy to me! Nor was his chubby best friend, or any of their drinking buddies. So when I hear or read the accent, first I laugh at how comical it is when non-highlanders try to do it. Then I think, “Dad!” Definitely NOT sexy!

I do get turned on by the image of Latin lovers, so if any accent would get my toes curled, it would be Spanish.

Sarah Castille  Irish. So sexy.

Anna Alexander  Scottish- oy-yea. Always. Love the Scotsmen. And occasionally Russian, especially when spoken by a young blond man. Don’t know why but when I hear it, I want to tackle them to the ground.

Cathryn Cade  A cultured British accent, spoken in a deep, smooth voice. Think Rupert Everett … swoon! Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes also very fine.

And I can listen to an Aussie or a Kiwi gent all day.

Eliza Gayle  Oh my goodness my absolute fav is a Scottish accent. It sounds so lyrical and yet so manly to me. I swear I think someone could read the most boring texts with a Scottish accent and I’d love it. Plus Gerard Butler comes with that accent. Need I say more?

Luna Zega  Scottish. Without a doubt. Probably because it sounds really hot and sexy and I can’t understand a word they are saying so I have no idea if I’m being insulted or not.

A hot Latino speaking to me in a thick accent causes swooning too.

Shoot, a hot anyone with any kind of accent makes me swoon.

Kate Hill  I love a Georgia accent. I could listen to someone with that accent talk all day and still want to hear more. One of my characters, Trixie, has a Georgia accent. When I wrote about her, I could really hear her voice in my head. It helped make her one of the easiest heroines to write about.

Heather Long  In no particular order: Australian, British, French, Italian

Jean Hart Stewart  French. I speak enough French to get by but my accent is definitely terrible. A real accent is downright smooth, and so sexy.

Desirée Lee   A French, Irish or Scottish accent is sure to perk my ears up. They seem to roll off the tongue nicely.

Nina Pierce  Scottish accents do it to me every time. Give the man a kilt and I will be putty in his hands!

Charity Parkerson  Scottish. It is my favorite. I once had a man from Scotland with an accent exactly like Sean Connery read a section of my book Sarah’s Dirty Secret to me. I couldn’t even speak afterwards.

Bobbi Brattz  Oh, give me an Aussie any day. That sexy accent sends me all a twitter. Hugh Jackson is my idol. When he speaks on talk shows, I melt. G’day, mate. Even Crocodile Dundee brings shivers up my spine. I love that gruff, sexy growl.

Kay Dee Royal  I love a Scottish brogue, and I love an outback Australian accent. Can I have two? Both come across like music to my ear, all of my senses snap to attention, and when I hear either, it always makes me smile;)
That’s gotta mean something, right?

Tonya Renee Callihan  Irish…it gets me every time

Gale Stanley  Welsh. One of the characters in my book – Love Bytes – has a Welsh accent. So sexy!

Naomi Bellina  How can anyone resist an English accent? It’s so very proper, I want to hear the speaker say naughty things while he tears off his clothes. But I also love words spoken with a Jamaican or Haitian lilt. It almost sounds like singing.

Kemberlee Shortland  Well, I used to say an Irish accent, but then I married an Irishman 😉 It’s still sexy though. And there are so many accents in Ireland. Every region has it’s own. A Scottish accent is pretty neat too. I also like a Polish accent (Ireland has a huge Polish community). Whatever the accent, I *love* hearing it when it’s speaking its native language. {meow!}

Hurri Cosmo  for some reason, I honestly do not know why, the Australian accent really gets to me. Maybe because I really did like the movie Crocodile Dundee.

Sherrie Henry A British accent, for sure. I find British actors very sexy and mysterious. They are so much more reserved than American actors (or ‘celebrities’). I find British actors aren’t concerned about being in the gossip columns like Americans are. It makes them and their accent much more intriguing.

Trina Lane  Scottish or Irish. I love the lilting quality. There’s nothing better than a deep husky accent when thing are getting hot.

Elyzabeth M. VaLey  Finnish. All my favorite musicians are from Finland and though most sing in English, there’s just something about their voices…



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  1. Boy, am I the odd one out here or what? Me faiter telt me that wee Scottish lassies thought the American accent was the best! I guess whatever you’re used to becomes boring, and the “different” is what intrigues. Goes along with biology research that shows we can sniff out close relatives without being aware and never find them as attractive as total strangers–nature’s way of ensuring we mix the genes up.

  2. Scottish is my favorite (though I understand Fiona McGier’s misgivings)! I kind of like Czech lately, too, especially the hockey players who come to US teams and end up saying Americanisms like “for sure” in the cute accent…

  3. As much as I love a Scottish accent, I agree with Desiree Holt that Texan accent with the “yes, ma’am” politeness. So hot, polite and sexy!

  4. This was a fun question. Gerard Butler, among others, can talk to me any day!

  5. I love several authors’ answers of Australian accents.

  6. The Scots have it! Though I’m glad to see a fondness for Southern (US) accents.

  7. Now that I think about it, my answer shows why I love love love Detective Tommy Connel (Richard Flood) on Crossing Lines and David Tenant in anything. It’s the accent. *happy sigh*

  8. Definitely Scottish. Can’t explain it, but when I hear it it just makes me melt.

  9. I’m a huge fan of The Rock and Jason Mamosa, so I’ll have to agree with Katalina Leon…and all the authors who said, Any I can understand!!! 🙂

  10. Can’t Choose between a Scott (tell I am wrong for wanting to look under their kilts and see if it’s boxers or briefs…LOL) answers or Cowboys (all that all natural muscle that they build with hard work…)

    I am going to go with Desiree since she was the first to say Cowboy…

  11. Many accents are really very nice, Brit, Assie, Scott, Irish, but for me it is the voice itself that did it for me. James Marsters! He has done several accents in various things. Have you heard him read The Dresden Files? I could listen to him read the phone and swoon! *sigh*

  12. Becki Wyer says:

    I love a Spanish accent. There’s just something about the romance languages.

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