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Long and Short Reviews welcomes Rowan McAllister who is celebrating the release today of her newest book We Met in Dreams.


It’s release day and a big thanks to Long and Short reviews for having me on here to introduce my latest historical.

Though I loved writing my contemporaries and have dipped my toes into pagan paranormal a couple of times, I always come back to my first romance genre love- the historical. There’s nothing like escaping into a bygone era without cell phones and televisions, computers and cars, and the overwhelming “noise” of the modern age… even if just for a little while.

There’s also nothing like going down the rabbit hole while researching one either. You finally find the perfect house to set your book in, and then you come across an interesting ghost story about a neighbor, or you learn the house was one of many destroyed in the bombings of WWII or converted into a school. Or you start searching for the wine or spirits that everyone who was everyone was drinking at the time, so your character can be quite the posh gentleman, and you learn how nearly all the wine grapes in France were wiped out by a blight, and the only thing that saved them was grafting onto rootstock from the U.S. (we may never know what a truly “French” wine tasted like).

I’m not the kind of history buff that wants to read about the great battles fought, the deeds of the high and might, or other greatest singular moments in time. I like the little things, the odd little stories and anecdotes, stories about medicine and science and agriculture.

It’s tidbits like these that make me follow those little threads of information down and down, clicking and clicking until I almost forget what the original purpose of my search was. Then of course I have to backtrack to get to the meat and potatoes I need for the my story, but I’ve learned something new along the way.

(BTW, this is also how I lose hours and hours on Pinterest, following the breadcrumbs of cool stuff and brilliant ideas down and down until I have so many ideas I have no idea where to start.)

We Met in Dreams was born of my fascination with these parts of history as well as the study of the human mind, and just a bit of spiritualism and the unknown. I gladly followed those threads and added a bit of what I learned to Arthur and Fox’s story. I hope the readers can find a lovely escape from all the noise, noise, noise, noise (channeling my inner Grinch there). I also hope they enjoy the ride as much I did.

In Victorian London, during a prolonged and pernicious fog, fantasy and reality are about to collide—at least in one man’s troubled mind.

A childhood fever left Arthur Middleton, Viscount Campden, seeing and hearing things no one else does, afraid of the world outside, and unable to function as a true peer of the realm. To protect him from himself—and to protect others from him—he spends his days heavily medicated and locked in his rooms, and his nights in darkness and solitude, tormented by visions, until a stranger appears.

This apparition is different. Fox says he’s a thief and not an entirely good sort of man, yet he returns night after night to ease Arthur’s loneliness without asking for anything in return. Fox might be the key that sets Arthur free, or he might deliver the final blow to Arthur’s tenuous grasp on sanity. Either way, real or imaginary, Arthur needs him too much to care.

Fox is only one of the many secrets and specters haunting Campden House, and Arthur will have to face them all in order to live the life of his dreams.

About the Author: Rowan McAllister is a woman who doesn’t so much create as recreate, taking things ignored and overlooked and hopefully making them into something magical and mortal. She believes it’s all in how you look at it. In addition to a continuing love affair with words, she creates art out of fabric, metal, wood, stone, and any other interesting scraps of life she can get her hands on. Everything is simply one perspective change and a little bit of effort away from becoming a work of art that is both beautiful and functional. She lives in the woods, on the very edge of suburbia—where civilization drops off and nature takes over—sharing her home with her patient, loving, and grounded husband, her super sweet hairball of a cat, and a mythological beast masquerading as a dog. Her chosen family is made up of a madcap collection of people from many different walks of life, all of whom act as her muses in so many ways, and she would be lost without them.

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