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Welcome to Talia Aikens-Nunez, whose OMG… Am I a Witch, a Benjamin Franklin Silver Award-winning early chapter book, was released this summer.

My Favorite Scary Story
I do not have a particularly favorite Halloween story, per se. As a child, I was told stories about the Headless Horseman and numerous ghost stories. It was not until I went to high school that I truly read a scary story.

I remember reading my English class syllabus for the year. There was an author on there I never heard of before. And for the first time, I read the best scary story writer ever, in my opinion, Edgar Allen Poe. It was that year that I found my favorite scary story—The Tell-Tale Heart.

The Tell-Tale Heart is so scary, to me, because you really feel like you are in the mind of a deranged killer. The killer’s painstaking detail and thought coupled with their excitement about the possibility of getting away with the murder really submerse the reader into the killer’s disturbed personality. And, once there, Poe, gently then forcefully pushes the reader into the killer’s psychotic break.

Whenever I finish a story my heart is always thumping and my eyes are racing down the page. Poe’s short stories can be scary and suspenseful while others are down-right horror stories. Stories by Poe spook me out and scare me more than any horror movie.

omg am i a witchApril Appleton is so annoyed at her older brother that she searches the Internet for a spell to turn him into a dog. When the spell works, April realizes she has more powers than she ever dreamed of! Now she has to figure out how to turn him back to normal before her parents find out.

She has little time, but with help from her friends Grace and Eve she finds a book of magic that will hopefully reverse the spell. Will it work, and will April’s newfound magic save the day?







Author Bio: Talia Aikens-Nunez wanted to be a meteorologist, a politician and a lawyer. It was raising her bilingual children that inspired Talia to write multicultural children’s books. Her family loves nature so much that she and her husband vowed that they will always try to live close to water, so now they live on a river in Connecticut.


  1. I’m more into the short scary stories atm, but it sounds interesting 🙂 Watched a movie about Edgar allen poe not long ago. I should consider reading the books.

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