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We’re hurtling towards the end of this blog tour, and I’m hoping that Moondancing is going to be on your ‘to read’ list very soon. It’s the story of a woman who is finding her life somewhat stifling. Of course Molly loves her children, all four of them, but they are driving her up the wall at times, and as for her husband Jake…

This is my fourth novel, and the second to feature Molly. She’s my favourite heroine, and is also featured in Little Boxes. It was only yesterday that I told a colleague at work that she had been one of the models for Molly, back I the deep dark past. At the time, the lady in question was curvier and had a huge cloud of wonderful curly back hair. The years have passed, and my friend is now slimmer and blonde, but Molly still has the same crazy hair and voluptuous figure.

Moondancing is the prequel to Little Boxes and it was written at odd times and in stolen moments over a period of twenty years. It was the first book I ever finished and in its raw state, was pretty awful. I hope you enjoy the polished version, many rewrites later. Thanks to the New Writers’ Scheme (RNA) for an early report and to Mandy James and Christine McPherson for their invaluable, inspiring edits. Without these people, Moondancing would still be mouldering in the bottom of a cupboard. I raise my glass to you all!

1_14 celia Moondancing_by_CeliaJ_Anderson-500Together since their teens, Molly and Jake have four children, a house in a sleepy village and jobs that bore them to distraction. Their marriage is an accident waiting to happen. When Nick arrives in Mayfield, young, disturbed and in desperate need of mother-love, Molly doesn’t realise that he will be the catalyst that blows everything apart. Add a headmaster whose wife doesn’t understand him and Molly’s unpredictable, frustrated best friend to the mix, and the blue touch paper has been well and truly lit.

Enjoy an excerpt:

Jake leaps from his car, desperate to vent his fury on anyone who dares to stop him on a morning like this. As he shoves his way through the small huddle of onlookers, he sees the focus of their amusement. Molly’s best friend, Kate, is standing in the middle of the lane, slim as a reed, hands on hips. Her black boots are staggeringly high, her skirt and matching jacket are figure-hugging to the extreme, and her short hair is standing up on end as if she’s been dragging her fingers through it angrily, which she probably has.

Jake guesses Kate’s language must be verging on the obscene, because even the farmer is blushing. Redheads are said to be feisty but this one is in a league of her own. The sight of Jake is all it takes to make her flip completely.

‘I don’t know what you’re doing here gawping at me, Jake White, but you can do something useful for once, you great long piece of piss. Tell these sexist cretins that no driver, woman or not, can avoid a herd of cows if some silly bugger leaves his gate open!’

As he drives Kate to work – her car’s a total write-off, like the farm gate – Jake once again thinks wistfully of their school days when he used to help Kate to tuck her skirt in her knickers so that she could climb trees faster than his mates. Flicking him a sultry sideways glance under her lashes, she selects a poison-dart.

‘Did Molly enjoy herself last night when she came out for Wednesday Wine Night with the girls, then? Home in time to get your cocoa and read you a bedtime story, was she?’

He ignores her, driving in icy silence, while a vision of Molly drinking red wine and laughing with her friends floats into his head. After a while he relents.

‘So, what did you ladies get up to last night? I bet you gave the locals something to ogle, didn’t you? Were you lot drinking at the only decent pub in the village, Kate, or don’t they serve hen parties in there? A gang of screeching women?’
She blinks, and for a second he thinks he’s gone too far, but then she grins.

‘Good-looking hen parties are welcome anywhere, Jake, but we were hardly in that sort of league; just us four, and not a cowboy hat or a fluorescent sex toy between us. I’m not a tart but I know how to enjoy myself, which is more than you do, you boring old sod. When was the last time you gave your wife a good time and took her clubbing? No, don’t strain yourself trying to remember. Rod Stewart’s drawing his pension now!’

Jake frowns. He hopes that Molly hasn’t told her friends about the way he likes to entertain her with his dance moves in the bedroom to the soundtrack of If You Think I’m Sexy.

‘Going out isn’t easy these days. Babysitters take some arranging when you’ve got as many kids as we have, Kate.’

‘Not that you’d know much about sorting childcare. From what I can see, Molly’s always done the necessary grovelling to the kids’ grandparents when she needs a bit of help with the school run and so on, hasn’t she?

‘Well, I suppose so, but there’d be no need if she’d listen to me. She still doesn’t trust Sam or Theo to look after anyone but themselves for more than half an hour at a time, but I reckon they’re big enough to cope now if we wanted to go out for a quick pint or two. Molly likes being at home in the evenings anyway.’

‘Does she?’

About the Author:1_14 celiaprofile author photoCelia J Anderson teaches English in a small South Derbyshire town and dreams of living by the sea. Having her previous books published (Sweet Proposal, with Piatkus Entice and Little Boxes and Living the Dream with Tirgearr) has whetted her appetite for the author’s life, but at the moment she is juggling her love of junior drama and writing classes, reading thrillers and drinking too much wine/eating too much cake while she keeps on top of the marking pile. One day…

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  1. EVERYTHING!! I love how two characters fall in love and grow together!

  2. In a good romance, it’s the chemistry between the characters and how it builds.

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    Love the cover. Sounds like a good romance.

  4. I love to see two characters fall in love, grow together, and form a bond!

  5. The chemistry between the characters and the HEA, 🙂

  6. I love how romance makes me feel!! Thanks for the chance!!

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