Love Calls You Home by Donna Simonetta – Spotlight and Giveaway

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Stephanie Williams left skid marks on the road out of Willow Springs, Vermont after she finished high school. She didn’t return until her company sent her to evaluate the town for a massive development project. Back then she thought the town was way too small and too cold. Now the cold isn’t as much of an issue since she’s reconnected with her childhood friend, Donald Flanagan. Stephanie doesn’t remember his eyes being quite so green, or his body quite so built. He’s smart and funny as he ever was, and a forest-fire sized attraction burns between them.

Donald never understood his old friend’s driving need to leave Willow Springs. He loves everything about it. When he learns the truth about Stephanie’s project, and how it will turn his hometown into a theme-park version of itself, will it extinguish the flame that has sparked between them?

Enjoy an Excerpt

It was much darker on this side of the building, without the bright, neon lights around the entrance, and even though they could hear the muffled music through the wall, it felt as though they were all alone in the world. Donald stopped and turned to face her, which placed her between him and the building. He cupped her face in his hands, and Stephanie marveled that she’d never noticed how big his hands were before. He leaned down a little and studied her face. His eyes seemed to be searching for a clue as to what she wanted. There were complications aplenty––putting their lifelong friendship at risk, and her work here in town, which Donald still didn’t know the extent of, being two major hurdles, but Stephanie knew what she wanted right now. She knew it from the bottom of her toes to the top of her head, with a certainty she’d never experienced before. Her blood pounded in her veins, and she felt a little breathless with excitement about the step they were about to take.

“Hurry up and kiss me, Flanagan, before I spontaneously combust.”

One side of the mouth she longed to be kissing quirked up in a sexy half-grin. “There’s no turning back if we take this step, Williams. Are you sure?”

About the Author:

Donna Simonetta writes the kind of books she loves to read–contemporary romances filled with heart, heat, and humor, like the books of her favorite romance writers, Susan Mallery and Jill Shalvis.
A Sweeter Spot is the first book in the Rivers Bend trilogy, which is set in a fictional small town, populated by quirky characters. But if you prefer a big city setting and a little fantasy mixed in with your romance, try Angels Fly. A heartwarming story, set in beautiful San Diego, about getting a second-chance with your first love, with a little help from some unlikely guardian angels.

Writing is Donna’s third career. She has worked in the business world, which she decided wasn’t for her. So she went back to school to get her MLS degree, and worked in a school library, before deciding to pursue writing on a full-time basis. Donna lives in Maryland with her husband, who is her real-life romance hero. They enjoy traveling to visit far-flung family and friends, and spending time on the beach with an umbrella drink and a good book.

Amazon Author Page | Goodreads | Twitter | Facebook | BooBub

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  1. James Robert says

    Thank you so much for taking time to bring to our attention another great read. I appreciate it and thank you also for the giveaway.

  2. Thanks for hosting!

  3. Donna Simonetta says

    Thank you so much for featuring Love Calls You Home today!

  4. Rita Wray says

    Sounds like a great book.

  5. Bea LaRocca says

    Happy Friday! Do you have any specific reading or writing plans for the weekend? Either way, have a great weekend!

    • Donna Simonetta says

      Happy Friday, Bea! I do not have writing plans
      this weekend. I do hope to get some reading done. Currently, I’m reading a cozy mystery set in Ireland, called Dial P for Poison. Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Great review. Thanks for sharing.

    • Donna Simonetta says

      Hi, Nancy! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment! If you decide to read Love Calls You Home, I hope you enjoy it!
      : )

  7. Great excerpt! Can’t wait to read this book.

  8. Donna Simonetta says

    Hi Sue! Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy Love Calls You Home!

  9. Of Sound Mind and Someone Else’s Body

    Currently 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon

    Interested, but not yet committed to reading the book? Visit my web site for a longer excerpt. (Warning: This is a tad explicit. Of course, now that I’ve said that, it’s even more tempting to go look, right?)

    Still wondering? Here’s what reviewers are saying.

    5 Star Review: “One would like to believe this”
    “That two sane rational people would react in a sane rational way to finding themselves in another body especially one of the opposite sex. Much of the genre that involves body/mind swaps is strictly erotic in nature as if every person swapped can’t wait to have sex. Mr. Belle’s work is far from that even though one of the protagonists is a professional escort. Sex plays a role in this decently plotted story but only as a sideline to some interesting philosophical questions. Questions that are approached with both humor and an open-minded desire to question societies hangups. Food for thought in a book about a bodyswap. Who would have thought? Then again in the end this is a thought piece wrapped in a sci-fi story that is just plausible enough to be believable. An entertaining and enlightening read.”

    5 star review: “The mind switch trope but with nuanced exploration of the sexes”
    “When I first started this book, I expected it to be just another mind switch story so common in sci-fi. But the author has carefully chosen his switchees – Alan, a rather self absorbed rich guy, and Hana, a high class escort. Alan goes to bed, and is suddenly wakened in a position he finds repulsive. He panics, grabs his purse and runs home. He makes his way back to his condo, and meets with Hana,, now in his body. Over the next few days they experience life in different socioeconomic conditions than their wont. Even more significant, they experience being “the opposite sex”. They both need to readjust their pre-conceived notions. Hana opens Alan’s mind to looking at the world differently, and they both learn that some of their assumptions about men and women may have been mis-founded. For Alan, it’s eye opening being looked at like a piece of meat. And Hana learns some painful physical lessons.

    I was very pleasantly surprised at the way the author turned a rather trite science fiction cliché into an entertaining novel.”

    • Donna Simonetta says

      Hello, William,
      I don’t think you meant to post this as a comment to this post about my novella Love Calls You Home. I just wanted to let you know it didn’t end up where you wanted it to! This is an old post, and the Rafflecopter is closed and done, so no one will see it here.
      Best of luck with your book.
      : )

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