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winter blogfest banner copyMerry Christmas and welcome to a chance to meet our reviewers! Enter the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win a grand prize of a $25 Amazon or Barnes and Noble Gift card, with runnerup prizes of a $10 Amazon or Barnes and Noble gift card, or one of four book/swag prize packs (US only).

Why did you become a reviewer?

I honestly became a reviewer because it’s what I’ve been doing since I fell in love with books and reading. I’ve always recommended books and at times pushed my friends to read them, so writing my thoughts and getting them to a larger audience was the natural progression. I love reviewing. It’s my escape.

What are your favorites genres to read in and why?

Erotic Romance, mostly contemporary, because I like seeing real life situations come out nice in the end. I also love Paranormal because I can completely escape into a new world.

What book in your youth made a big impression on you and why?

Matilda by Roald Dahl. I wanted to be her, and I totally strove to be her and read everything I could get my hands on.

What is one thing we would be most surprised to learn about you?

I’m a really shy person, I talk a lot so people don’t realize that I’m actually really shy and prefer to be at home.

What is something that makes you stop reading a book?

Cheating, very poor editing but mostly cheating or if the book just doesn’t seem like the author knew where it should go.

What were your top ten books you reviewed for LASR in 2014?

Special Delivery by Heidi Cullinan
Tough Love by Heidi Cullinan
Iron Rods by Brenna Zinn
Carnal Magic by Lila Dubois
The Wizard King by Dana Marie Bell
Farren’s Wizard by Amber Kell
Homecoming by Meredith Daniels
Slide Down on Me by Lissa Matthews
Having Her by Jackie Ashenden
Theirs to Share by Trista Ann Michaels

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  1. I bought the book Matilda for my daughter when she was young. She still has it after all these years,

  2. I’m a homebody too. I would rather be at home reading than out in social situations. Nice interview!

  3. Wow, I would have never pegged you as a shy person.

    I’m shy in real life as well.

  4. Being shy is something we have in common. I sometimes do the whole nervous rambling thing which confuses people.

    Good interview, Lisianthus 🙂

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