#LASR_Anniv As Good as Gold by Heidi Wessman Kneale

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AsGoodAsGoldDaywen Athalia wants love–true and lasting. Fearing a future of bitter loneliness, she seeks help from a gypsy woman. The price: a hundred pieces of gold. Daywen’s never had two shillings to rub together in her life. Where’s she going to find a hundred gold pieces?

Bel MacEuros made a career of theft from fey creatures. When the cursed gold he rightfully stole from a gnome is taken from him by Daywen, the consequences could bless or break his life.

It is not the gnome’s curse or a gypsy’s blessing but another magic, far deeper and more powerful, that will change their lives forever.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Heidi Wessman Kneale is an Australian author of moderate repute. By day, she wrangles computers as a way of supporting her educational and musical habits. By night she stares at the stars in the sky.


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  1. Thank you for introducing me to so many new authors!

  2. Another great sounding story to add to my growing pile, love the cover!

  3. sharon rabner says:

    This is exciting to enter. I see so many books and authors that I’ve never heard of before.

  4. Beth Lechman says:

    Lots of authors I have never heard of but they do sound interesting.

  5. Neena Christianson Martin says:

    Thanks for the intro to all of today’s books and authors.

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