#LASR_Anniv A Question of Boundaries by Sandy Bruney

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AQuestionofBoundariesBy 1895, the United States is in the 80th year of the isolation imposed by King Thomas I and upheld by his successors. But, some are chafing under the shortages and restrictions, and when inventor Dr. Featherstone declares he has found a way to override all borders, there are those who applaud the discovery and those who fear it.

When Dr. Featherstone fails to return home for an important scientific gathering, his daughter Caroline enlists the help of the Member of Parliament from Charlotte, Nathan Llewellen. As the two search for the kidnappers, Caroline is plunged into a world where travel to other realities is possible in the blink of an eye, and people can assume the forms of fearsome as well as familiar animals…and where love comes at the most unexpected times and places.

Nathan’s peculiar gift might cost Caroline her life, but she has already lost her heart.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sandy Bruney is a writer living in North Carolina with her husband and a rescue calico cat. She is the author of several works of women’s fiction, but broke away from that genre with the paranormal romance, A Question of Boundaries “because it was so much fun to write.” She has also written a non-fiction book recounting her journey with cancer, and co-wrote a psychological thriller with a former newspaper co-worker.

A Question of Boundaries was followed by A Question of Loyalty in 2015, also from Clean Reads.


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  1. Wow, I love the sounds of this book. I hope to read it.

  2. Interesting story and cover, thanks for sharing!

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