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You know what I like about summer?

The shirts come off.

Not mine obviously. I burn to a crisp as soon as one ray of sun hits my skin, so I tend to cover up as much as I can, but the boys don’t.

I like them all. Surfer dudes in board shorts or even the longer variety that’s so fashionable these days. I like to look at the muscle guys who show off their *ahem* best assets in Speedos. I can even enjoy the twinks in their skimpy trunks, sleeveless shirts and flipflops.

Summer for me is all about sitting in the shade with my non-alcoholic drink (I know I’m no fun, but then I don’t need booze to loosen up, and I’m a cheap date) watching the guys parade by.

And right now I’m in the perfect spot for it too: Costa Blanca, Spain.

I suppose it’s high time I write something bright and sunny, but all my WIPs are lacking one thing: sunshine!

Coming up, I have a crime story set in dreary London, the first in a new series set in New York during the cold winter and the fifth installment of my cowboy series set in Idaho. That last one is called “Frost and Thaw” BTW, so enough said, right?

So what would make me write something so bright I’ve got to wear shades? I’m not sure. As much as I like my surfers, bodybuilders, twinks and cowboys, I also like snow and rain. I like my guys to be cold so they need to snuggle together under a duvet or soaking wet so they need to dry each other off with fluffy towels or share a hot shower just to get warm again.

Maybe I need to think differently. Maybe one of my guys needs a sunburn and the other has to help to apply sun lotion, ever so carefully? Maybe one guy needs to teach the other to surf?

Come on people, any ideas are welcome. Or else I’ll just stick with my rain and snow!

zahra ClearyPalit_LG (2)Edward “Ted” Cleary and Cazimir Palit have shared everything for eight years. Well, almost everything. They own a successful business together, share a house in West Hollywood, and never travel anywhere without each other, but they’ve never slept in the same bed.

There’s one more thing Ted hasn’t shared with Caz. Ted has a mother, sister, and brother in Atlanta Caz has never met. With good reason. They threw Ted out when he wouldn’t “change his ways,” and he’s never looked back. When Ted is rejected all over again, Caz steps up and proves he isn’t the superficial man Ted always took him for, and Ted’s long-hidden feelings might finally be returned.

About the Author:Zahra Owens is a multilingual globetrotter who loves big cities but also has a weak spot for the wide-open spaces that are so rare where she lives.

She likes her men every which way they come and never tries to change them. Men who are tough on the outside but have a huge soft center get extra credit, though, as do the strong, silent types who think they hide their damage well… but don’t. She makes it her personal goal to find them their happily-ever-after, even if the road toward this leads via hospital beds, villas with gorgeous vistas, or ranges full of horses.

Zahra is a proud member of the Rainbow Romance Writers, a special interest chapter of the Romance Writers of America, and won’t quit until M/M romances are treated like every other romance story. RWA allowed her into its Professional Authors Network, but she hasn’t quit her day job yet since it allows her to work in a man’s world. And what girl can resist that?

If Zahra had her wish, a day would have at least thirty-six hours, because how else would she find the time to finish all the novels still inside her head?

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Buy the book at Dreamspinner Press.

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  1. Love “men” watching. 😉
    I prefer sunny, warm weather over rainy, cold weather. It is one of the main reasons that I moved from Pennsylvania to Florida.
    Maybe one of those women need a break from that weather and head to the south for a sun and fun trip only to meet the man of their dreams?
    Good luck. Thank you for sharing.

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