LASR Anniversary Scavenger Hunt: Empty Handed by Jo A Hiestand

Thanks for joining us on our 12th anniversary scavenger hunt! There are two ways to enter to win and it’s easy to play– first read the blurb below, then answer the question on the first Rafflecopter. You might win a $100 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC. Follow and visit authors social media pages on the second rafflecopter and you’re entered to win another $100 Amazon/BN GC!

One dark night, fine artist Craig Saxton goes missing from his village. His body is found thirty-two hours later in the river, floating like a bobber on a fishing line. Rumors swell like tidal waves: who killed this likeable young man?

Now, two years later, his fiancée hires ex-police detective Michael McLaren to find out.

The peaceful village holds this, as well as other, secrets: who’s poaching fish from the river, and why is the local ghost suddenly reappearing after decades of sleep?

What appears to be a straight-forward investigation quickly becomes as tangled as fishing lines. Are the strange events, as well a personal assault on McLaren, simply to muddy the investigative waters, or are they connected to Craig’s death?

McLaren has his hands full. They become even fuller when a nemesis from his past appears one night, bent on revenge. And the ensuing struggle opens a new future for one man…and leaves the other empty handed.

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  1. Debra K Guyette says

    This one sounds very mysterious

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