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Summer is probably one of the most romantic times of the year. I remember as a kid how exciting it was to be out of school and free to roam the neighborhood, spend time with other kids in the area, celebrating the 4th with fireworks and good food. And then there was always that one boy down the street that made every girl’s heart skip a beat when he rode by on his bike or skateboard.

As a teen, it was all about the swim suit. Hanging out at the local pool was the best place to meet all those boys we were too afraid to talk to at school. And, somehow, the swim suit put all the girls on even ground because none of us felt completely secure in our bodies, let alone showing them off in such a revealing fashion. We perfected the towel wrap, hiding those lumps and bumps that would one day become something different, something better. At least, for the lucky ones.

Then came adulthood. The novelty of a new relationship. The excitement of a first kiss. The romance of those long walks, be it on a beach under moonlight or on a city street in the rain. We were living our teenage fantasies, though they didn’t always live up to those expectations. But that was okay. Because the reality was always so much better than the fantasy.

Now, as a mom and a soon-to-be grandma, summer has changed once again. No longer do I dream about the future, about the romance yet to be. Today I live in the moment. I treasure every conversation with my expecting daughter-in-law, my incredibly clever seven year old, my fifteen year old daughter.

My daughter is now beginning to have her own dreams about romance. Those dreams are still innocent, still centered on Harry Styles and the unlikely hope that she will one day meet, and marry, him. I remember my own dreams along that vein, only replace Harry with Rick Springfield. How intense and focused those dreams were then, but seem so much like smoke now in the face of true romance, of the experience of a twenty-three year marriage.

Summer has become for me time with my children, my husband, the loves of my life. Sitting under the stars indulging in deep conversations about movies and music and whatever else might be on their minds. And barbecues and the yard work I once hated, but now find rewarding, and time…just time.

Laura Beth ToBeAMan_Small (2)As a race car driver, Demetrius Gallo was a man’s man. He was the one who protected his little brother, who put him through college and law school, who gave him a future. Now that Demetrius can no longer drive professionally, he has become unmoored, unable to define himself as the man he once was. To add insult to injury, Demetrius is in a devastating car accident that completes what the end of his career began. It destroys his definition of himself as a man.

Demetrius’s injuries force him to depend on his brother, Antonis, for full time care. When Demetrius convinces Antonis to return to his law practice, Antonis hires a home health aide, Sutton Jones. Sutton, a beautiful, stubborn woman, is the perfect antidote to Demetrius’s self-pity. But Sutton has secrets, secrets that threaten to destroy not only Demetrius’s newfound sense of self, but the bond with his brother that goes much deeper than the typical brotherly relationship.

Will be available August 2014.

About the Author: Laura Beth Peters was born in the mind of an amazing writer who believes sex is so much more than physical touch between two people. It’s about attraction, it’s about desire, but, most important, it’s about the emotions that rule it all. That’s why her writing will not only include the erotic; it will include the conflict and resolution that makes the erotic so much hotter.

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    • Hi Shelley!

      You are the winner of the $10 Amazon gift card. It should arrive in your mailbox pretty soon. If you don’t receive it, drop me an email at laurabethpeters at yahoo dot com…

      Thanks for your well wishes.

      Laura Beth Peters

  2. I found your post very romantic re: the summer. I can’t say I’ve felt the same – I never gave it much thought except for camp fires and S’mores. But you write with feeling and emotion and the blurb for your book supports that impression. Talk about angst! Good thing there’s an HEA, right? 🙂 moberlan@gmaildotcom

  3. Interesting and different premise for your book with the hero’s severe injuries from car racing, especially with the accidents in the news.

  4. Nice post

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  5. Barbara Elness says:

    I enjoyed the post, I can really relate to the idea that how we view summer changes as we get older. I think about what it was like as a child, how I couldn’t wait to go outside and play all day, and now it’s just stay in the a/c and read a good book, because it’s too hot to go outside. 😀

  6. This whole anniversary has enlightened me to many new books! Your book sounds interesting!
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  7. Shirley Ann Speakman says:

    The summer brings back so many memories of the hot and sunny weather the days spent on the beach those were the days.
    The book sounds really interesting a new author to me.


  8. Summer is great time of the year because everything slows down and yes I have my first big crush in life during the summer :).

    Good luck with your book it sounds interesting.

  9. Very sweet post, and the book sounds touching!

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