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Summer memories

When I think of summer, I think of vacation time. A chance to relax and play at the beach, have a picnic, savor the beauty of a park or mountaintop. However, my fondest memories are of my childhood summers when I visited my family in Long Island, New York. My father was in the military so we moved every few years. Because of the distance between where we lived and where my family lived the only time I had to spend with my grandparents, my aunt & uncle, and cousins was during our summer vacations.

My grandparents lived in a small two-story, wood-sided house with a large basement. Summer in New York in those pre-air-conditioned times was hot and humid. We’d all retreat to the cooler basement level to eat our evening meal around my grandmother’s large claw-footed dining table. (The men in the family would move the large table downstairs from the dining room to the basement at the beginning of summer.)

After dinner we’d head to the shady backyard where we’d gather under the star-filled night sky to talk and laugh until late in the evening. While the elders caught up on family news, my cousins and I would chase fireflies.

I miss those summer fireflies from my childhood. They don’t exist where I live today. The only time I’ve spotted them recently was during a summer trip to Tennessee. When I saw them winking and blinking in the dark my memories of summers past surfaced. I had to smile at all the fond memories but things have changed from that long ago time. Some family members are sadly gone and the house is no longer our family home.

However, I’ll always cherish those long ago times on Long Island when I shared love and special times with family and chased those fireflies.

I hope you possess fond memories of your summers past. Memories that will always be cherished when you think of them. I’d love to hear from you joan@joanbetherickson with your summertime memories.

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About the Author: The daughter of a military man, Joan Beth Erickson developed a keen interest in travel at an early age. Continuing this love with a degree in journalism she eventually became a travel writer and editor. Now she enjoys weaving the exotic destinations she’s visited into novels packed with suspense and romance.

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  1. Love your post. I think a lot of us hold fond memories of our summers as children.

  2. I can remember my father bringing out the BBQ to grill steaks for July 4th holiday with one of our dogs just laying nearby.

    • Joan E. Erickson says:

      Hi Jess1–Yes, I remember those BBQ days. Just thinking about them makes me hungry Thanks for your comment, Joan Beth Erickson

  3. Suspenseful sounding book

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

    • Joan E. Erickson says:

      Hi bn100–thanks for your comment. People say they can’t put Rainbow’s End once they start reading it. Quite a compliment for a writer. Joan Beth Erickson

  4. Val Pearson says:

    When I was small, summer was all about running through the sprinklers and going swimming at my friends house. Thank you for participating in the blog. Can’t wait to read your book.

  5. Joan E. Erickson says:

    Val–I remember those spinklers, what great memories. With our drought out here in the West, they are a distant memory at the moment. Joan Beth Erickson

  6. Delores Radford says:

    I ran across this blog while searching you on Facebook and just had to try to share some of my memories of East Tennessee summers. The very first thing I remember was impatiently waiting for the weather to warm enough so we kids could go barefooted. After that we spent a lot of time wading in the creeks and playing in the woods of our mountain homes. My very favorite time of summer was when the adults gathered on the front porch in the evening and started telling stories of their childhood and other things from a lifetime of their memories. I wish you could have been there. Delores Radford

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