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Balancing Acts by Janie Emaus
From the time we start to walk, through adolescence and into adulthood, we learn that life is a balancing act. Some days we do a good job. Other days we fall flat on our face. But if we are well-adjusted individuals, we never give up.

janie emausI’ve been balancing and juggling things all my life. So, it seemed only natural that this summer when I given the opportunity to balance myself, literally, on a paddle board, I thought why not?

How hard could it be? Besides, the instructor was one hot English guy. Who could refuse a lesson from him?

Of course, I was a bit jittery. It was something I’d never tried before. And although the paddlers on the ocean made it look easy, most things worth accomplishing come with hard work.

My teacher was quite explicit with his directions. He showed me exactly where to put my feet. How to hold my body upright. Where to keep my eyes. And how to use the paddles.

It was a bit distracting, since his accent and his hard body kept getting in the way of my concentration, but I forced myself to listen.

And surprisingly enough, there I was, minutes later, standing up on the board. I kept my core straight, eyes toward the horizon. Toward the future. I didn’t look back or wonder how I’d gotten in this position.

Much the same as I approach life.

Once I called out, that I couldn’t do it. When in fact, I was doing it. I was in total control. Yet as often happens, my imagination began to conjure up all sorts of underwater monsters that could cause giant swells at any moment and throw me off my course.

But how silly of me. The ocean was as calm as a lake. Why anticipate something that is never going to happen?

So, I kept at it. I paddled right. I paddled left. I drifted a little. I sped up. I slowed down. I fell into a steady rhythm.

A few times I panicked. My sister, my friends, my sexy instructor, simply waved at me. Their collective confidence spurred me on. Besides, they were only about ten feet away!

And what was the worst thing that could happen? I’d fall off. But that didn’t mean I couldn’t climb right back up and continue on my course.

After all, it’s my life. I’m in control.

janie BeforeTheAfter_JEmaus_MD (2)“Love takes on a new meaning when soul mates are brought together through time and space.

Like every goal-oriented twenty-something, Jessica Singleton, an aspiring filmmaker, is obsessed with finding her future as quickly as possible. Tick Tock. What she doesn’t know is that the future is obsessed with finding her, too. Renn Porter, an agent with Time Traveling Matchmaker’s Inc, blasts back in time – and into her life- in order to transport Jessica to the soul mate who has paid for this service…in the future. But things turn dangerous when it’s revealed that Renn has been sent after his own soul mate.

Jessica wants nothing to do with this strange guy and his crazy romantic notions. Who has time for a soul mate anyway? But tell that to her heart.

Caught between two times, Jessica and Renn must struggle to stay alive. Falling in love is the biggest risk either of them has ever taken – because, as they are destined to learn, the very existence of Time Traveling Matchmakers, Inc. rests in Jessica’s hands.

About the Author: Janie Emaus believes that when the world is falling apart, we’re just one laugh away from putting it together again. She is the author of the time travel romance, Before the After, and the young adult novel, Mercury in Retro Love. She has an essay in the Best Selling humor anthology, You Have Lipstick On Your Teeth. She is proud to be named a 2013 BlogHer Voice of the Year. To learn more about Janie visit her website

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  1. Who wouldn’t love such a great giveaway? I’m in!

  2. Hi Janie!

    I’ve yet to muster the courage (or the balance) to try paddle-boarding. But you brought a couple important incentives to my attention: (1) there’s a metaphor for living in the attempt; and (2) hot, English instructor. Thank you!

  3. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    Love your metaphor about jumping into the unknown. You tried it and it turned out to be a wonderful experience. Good for you!

  4. I am the queen of thinking I can’t do something, when in fact, I am actually doing it. Love the parallels. Thanks for introducing me to your book!

  5. Fabulous, Janie. I love your willingness to try new things. We often lose that bravery as we get older (me) so I applaud you. Loved your books!

  6. Helene – I actually need to try it again. I really didn’t go very far!

  7. You are so brave… and so right! What a fabulous way of looking at balancing life and everything that goes with it.

  8. A sexy instructor can make a lot of seemingly impossible things seem worth trying.

  9. I’m in. I always enjoy your posts and messages, Janie.

  10. So awesome! Good for you to try something so different – maybe if there was a hot guy to teach everything, we’d all be willing to be more daring!

  11. Sounded like fun

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  12. SHELLEY S says:


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