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What says summer to me? A refreshing Hippie Juice, of course

Summer is always so much fun. My favorite part is the monthly party that friends of mine throw at their farm. The parties are a bit of an extravaganza, held each month during the summer season. It’s a great time to catch up with friends and meet new ones. One of the things that my friends and I do is to test out a new cocktail at each party.

Today I’m sharing my favorite cocktail with you, it’s Hippie juice and really was a smash at the party with everyone loving it. Although, I have to include a warning. This drink is so light and refreshing, you can almost forget there’s alcohol in it. I hope you enjoy it as much as my friend and I did.

Hippie Juice

1 seedless watermelon.
1 cup Vodka
1/3 cup Malibu (coconut rum)
1/3 cup triple sec
Bottle of Lemonade
Ice cubes

Blitz up the seedless watermelon flesh in a blender (to make about four cups worth) and add to large container, mason jar or bowl. Mix in the alcohol, lemonade and ice cubes to form a fluid mixture.

Because we make the cocktails for large numbers of people I’ve estimated the alcohol and other quantities so just adjust to your taste by adding more lemonade or watermelon to cut the intensity of the alcohol.

You can add strawberries or other berries if you like. Some recipes also include the addition of mint leaves. It’s totally up to whatever your inner hippie desires.

Resisting Love_200Kenzie Stuart is an artist who’s finally started to achieve her dream. She doesn’t need anything to interfere with that, especially a relationship. Her number one rule when it comes to men is, love them and leave them, without getting emotionally involved. This worked perfectly until she met Justin. When Kenzie realized she cared for him, her only option was to leave, but she didn’t merely walk away from the man she loved. Kenzie ran like the wind, determined to never look back.

Justin Davies waited until he thought Kenzie was ready to accept his affection. He believed he did everything required in order to win her heart, but Kenzie still walked out, leaving him to nurse his wounded heart. Despite everything, he wants her back and this time Justin has thrown the rule book out the window. He’ll recapture Kenzie anyway he can. By fair means or foul, he’s determined to break down her resistance to love.

About the Author:Jan Graham is an author of Contemporary Romance and Romantic Suspense, all her writing is erotic and some includes BDSM elements. She has numerous published titles to her credit, with more to come once she overcomes her current bout of procrastination. Jan lives in Newcastle, Australia where she writes, reads, feeds her Netflix addiction and drinks coffee with friends.

For those who enjoy labels and tags, as well as being an author, Jan is a blogger, a submissive, an aunt, dyslexic, a lover of all things erotic, naughty, a participant in the BDSM community, a widow, an orphan, and a member of The Australian Sex Party (no it’s nothing kinky, they are a legit political group).

In short, she is generally a bit of an eccentric who lives her life slightly left of center. You can find out more about Jan and her work by stalking her on the various social media sites where she occasionally hangs out.

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  1. Oh – I have to try the Hippie Juice recipe. It sounds yummy and the name rocks.

    Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Rita Wray says:

    Hippie Juice sounds good.

  3. Hippie Juice sounds really good!

  4. It really is nice and refreshing ladies. I hope you enjoy it.

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