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Summer Wear

What you should wear this summer:

• Sundress
• Floppy hat
• Sunglasses
• Sunscreen/bug repellant
• Sandals

What your ebook reader should wear this summer:

• Zip-locked bag

I love summer reading on my ebook reader. Yet everywhere I go, my poor ebook reader is in danger of… well… everything. For all the fun places I love to read during the summer, there lurks perils that threaten the safety of my ebook reader.

To keep my ebook reader safe so I can enjoy the latest book, I’ve clothed it in a zip-locked bag.


I love to read by the pool. Back in the Good Old Days, the worst thing you had to worry about was ruining your paperback if you dropped it in the pool. Today, drop your ebook reader in the pool and there goes about eight hundred books. Thus, the zip-locked bag.


Nothing like going to the beach in summer. Sure, you can stay as far away from the water as you want, but then there’s the sand. That stuff gets into everything! The last thing you need is your USB charger port plugged up with sand. Thank goodness for zip-locked bags.


Ah, camping! Nothing like it. No pool water, no beach sand. Lazing about in the Great Outdoors while the kids go for a hike in the woods is the perfect time to catch up on your summer reading. However, one should not take one’s ebook reader naked while camping, especially if you have a campfire. Smoke is perilous for electronic equipment. Not a problem for the well-dressed ebook reader sporting the latest in zip-locked bags.

Sporting Events

No pool, no sand, no smoke. Just good honest sport. However, unless you keep your ebook reader separate from the sports gear, it is at risk of moisture damage from spilled water bottles and sweaty towels. You might be wearing Nike, but your ebook reader is wearing Hefty.

Go ahead and enjoy your summer reading and your summer fun. Just as you slip-slop-slap on protection from the sun, consider slipping your ebook reader into a zip-locked bag for its protection from everything else.

Heidi Kneale
Author of “Her Endearing Young Charms”
Available from Amazon and wherever all good ebooks are sold.

HEYC paperback cover_200Miss Merribelle Hales spent years imbuing a silver locket with man-attracting charms. On her way to her first London Season, her locket is stolen–along with a kiss–by a highwayman. Her only clue to his identity: a pair of intense eyes. This vexes her. Without her best charm, how will she ever be able to compete on the Marriage Mart? It would be so much easier if she didn’t have to compete at all.

Lord Alexander Rochester has worries aplenty. His ailing father’s estates are woefully in debt, so he must seek a wealthy wife. His courtship of Miss Hales goes terribly awry with a simple kiss that leads to his slapped face and an accusation of theft.

It’s a case of mistaken identity. Alexander knows and fears the real culprit. He faces the loss of his father, his estate and Miss Hales–whom he’s loved since childhood–by the hands of the Handkiss Highwayman.

About the Author: Heidi Wessman Kneale is an Australian author of moderate repute. By day, she wrangles computers as a way of supporting her educational and musical habits. By night she stares at the stars in the sky.

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Buy the book at Amazon.

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  1. Just my kind of book! And I like the cover, too!

  2. Your zip-locked bag idea is a smart one. I’m going to be giving it a try!

  3. Great advice to protect one of my favorite possessions! Zip-locked bags are a great invention. I use them for so many things.


  4. Rita Wray says:

    Sounds like a good read.

  5. That is great advice for protecting an e-reader. Thanks

  6. How many books or stories have you published? I want to make sure to read them all.

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