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There’s nothing we look forward to more after a harsh Canadian winter than some warm summer sun. And this past winter season kicked our butts here in Ontario. Lots of snow—more than we’ve had in years—ice storms, power outages, freezing rain and cold temps. Even our spring was delayed, putting our lovely blooms back. But gradually we’re warming up. We go from one extreme to another, complaining about the cold to griping about the heat.

What’s a girl to do when her A/C goes on the fritz?

Call a hunky repairman!

Funnily enough, that’s how this story came about. I wrote this tale last summer during an incredibly humid heat wave. A chance meeting with a terribly good-looking repairman, while I was out running errands, sent my imagination into overdrive.

He was the classic tall, dark and handsome. Piercing blue eyes. A slight cleft dead centre of his chin.

I was in a hurry to get things done. It was a hot and sticky day. I nipped into the bank, hoping it would be a quick stop. But the line was long. I just wanted to get my tasks finished up and get back to the air-conditioned car and out of the intolerable heat.

As I waited, my gaze wandered over the other irritated customers and the bored-looking tellers. My attention strayed to a set of broad shoulders, encased in a standard issue blue work-shirt. I assumed he was a repairman of some sort. I enjoyed the play of his shirt, as it pulled tight across his back. I admired the snug navy work pants as they hugged his nicely toned backside. He picked up his tool box and turned. I quickly read the patch on his right chest pocket; unfortunately it wasn’t his name, but the company logo. He looked straight in my direction, as if he’d known I’d been watching him. The corner of his generous mouth turned up and he gave me a slight nod. Trying to be cool, I returned the gesture then swiftly averted my stare. He moved out from behind the counter and I restrained myself from watching him leave.

I continued on, with the business at hand and after my turn at the wicket, I made my way towards the exit. As I reached for the door, the gorgeous repairman appeared, his hands full—toolbox in one, an aluminium ladder in the other.

Yes, I could have just pressed the massive automatic door swing button, for his convenience. And, it would have held both sets of doors for him, but I didn’t, I opened them manually, instead.

He grinned. “Why, thank you.” His voice was deep, just as I’d hoped.

“You’re welcome.” I followed him through to the next door and held that one, too.

He thanked me again and held my gaze.

“It’s another hot one, huh?” he said, looking off towards the horizon for a second then back at me.

Hot. Yes, it was freaking hot and I wasn’t thinking about the climate. “Mmm, it’s rather nasty, isn’t it,” I responded, admiring the distinct colour of his eyes, and the light stubble on his chin.

He stepped off the curb and began to walk in the direction of his service van. “Thanks for your help,” he said, over his shoulder.

“My pleasure,” I replied, heading towards my vehicle.

“You have a good day now,” he smirked, as if he knew exactly what I was thinking.

“You, too, Techo-Co,” I replied, using the company name that I’d read off his shirt.

He threw his head back and laughed out loud. It made me smile.

I hurried to my car and surreptitiously, watched him load the back of the service van, blasting my air conditioning, as I did.

Once he hopped into his van and I could no longer see him, I drove away. But all day, his smouldering good looks, were right there, in my mind’s eye.

That night, I started a very sexy story, about a character named Techo-Co, with clear blue eyes and a nice young hard body.

My lovely repairman may never know he was the stimulus for Hard and Fast but it did earn him a nice dedication.

Woo! Is it warm in here!

Happy and safe summer!

HK Carlton hardandfast_800 (2)Josslynn Rossdale has dedicated the last ten years of her life making her sister’s dreams come true, and happily so. But now that Pasha is on the cusp of taking the fashion world by storm, Joss realizes she needs some time apart from Pash to find her own direction. Temporarily breaking away from the fast-paced modelling industry, Joss returns to their hometown and decides that opening her own agency is the way to go.

An overly hot and humid summer season has kept repairman Billy Maas more than busy. But when he attends a routine service call, he doesn’t expect the most beautiful woman in the universe to answer the door, let alone allow him to service more than just her air-con unit.

But Joss isn’t looking for a simple fling. After seeing how happy her sister, Pasha, is with her husband, Lot, she wants some of that. Billy is fun and exciting, but their lives and interests are very different. So when Joss begins to have real feelings for the adorable Billy, she sees no alternative but to distance herself from the younger party boy—leaving the bewildered and lovelorn repairman with a crisis he can’t fix.

About the Author: H K Carlton is a multi-published Canadian author of romance and its varied sub-genres, including contemporary, paranormal, historical, family saga and erotica.

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  1. Sounds like a hot read!!

  2. I am thinking about this repairman already!!! It’s getting hot in here…thank goodness for the fan!

  3. I loved this book HK. Great to see a story about a hot air-conditioning technician. Cause I’m married to one 😉

  4. Interesting inspiration

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  5. Tricia Bartley says:

    I think this giveaway is awesome = ) thanks for the chance

  6. Thank you to everyone who stopped by and left a comment.
    And thank you LASR for allowing me to help celebrate. Happy 7th! 🙂
    The winner of a copy of Hard and Fast is bn100. I’ll be contacting you soon. Cheers!

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