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The Not So Quiet Country
Ginger Hanson

I live in southeast Alabama in what many city folks would call a small town. Well, I really live about 2 miles outside the city proper. Our subdivision developer (a local veterinarian) had the foresight to get us into the city limits as soon as he could. This guy spent 30 years investing in a dream that he doesn’t even live in, although his daughter’s family have a home here.

Dr. L put in a lake, roads, and most importantly, he planted lots of trees. He lined them up to shade roads he hadn’t even had built yet. And when he added the various new sections, the trees were there to draw people into buying the homes. The trees create shade and buffer us from the nearby highway.

They are are home to a lot of noisy night critters. Katydids, crickets, cicadas, little bitty frogs to big frogs, you name it and they live here. The trees, the lake and it’s tributaries, and the rural countryside contribute to creating a good home for them, too. Starting in the late spring, continuing all summer until cool weather puts them into hibernation, our yard and the woods around us are a loud symphony of noise. I’m not sure what the decibel level is, but these guys are loud. I can hardly hear the coyotes over them some nights. And if you’ve heard a nearby pack of yipping, yapping coyotes, you know how loud they can be.

Sometimes I think it must be quieter on a summer night in Brooklyn than it is in my backyard. Of course, I’ve never been to Brooklyn and have no real idea how loud it is there at any time, much less on a summer night.

But I lived in large cities when my dad was in the military. When we arrived in my current hometown, the prototype for my Tassanoxie novels, I knew I had come home. I was 16 years old and the small town offered a sense of security that had been lacking at my father’s last duty station. I didn’t have to worry about the police coming into the high school with their drug dogs to check our lockers. I’m not saying these kids weren’t doing drugs, I’m sure some of them were, but drugs were not yet the pervasive problem in small towns back then, as they were in larger cities.

Of course, that was many, many years ago. And my hometown has grown into a small city with the same crime problems faced by other communities. Which is why, in my Tassanoxie stories, I wound the clock back a little to reflect the town I knew as a kid. The town where folks enjoy sitting on their porch on a hot, summer night, watching the lightening bugs dot the dark while katydids sing their songs.

ginger hansen TCSS (2)Serena and Ted share a common history. Both have been dumped by their respective spouses, their self-confidence is low, and neither one thinks a second chance at love is in the cards. When Ted’s dog brings these two wounded souls together, will they accept the possibility of love?

About the Author:Ginger Hanson writes contemporary and historical romance novels, as well as essays and short stories. Her contemporary romance series is set in the fictional town of Tassanoxie, AL, a small town full of second chances. Fall in love with the town and its characters in Feather’s Last Dance, Ellie’s Song, A Christmas Diamond for Merry, and The Courtship of Serena Smith. To learn more about the goings on in Tassanoxie, visit with the town gossip, Miss Mabel at Miss Mable Talks Tassanoxie.

Enjoy historical adventure romance? Try Lady Runaway, Ginger’s venture into the Regency era and her third historical romance. Two Civil War adventure romances lurk on her backlist and will be coming to digital format soon.

Ginger has also been a “”clean up”” writer and copyeditor of FAA handbooks, written a lot of newsletters, and served a stint as a humor columnist for a small town newspaper. A workshop presenter at writers’ conferences, Ginger also gives programs for clubs, schools, and libraries.

When not writing, Ginger volunteers with the Friends of the Library. She is also a student of Taoist Tai Chi.

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