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Beyond “Altered States”: The SHIVA Syndrome

Imagine sitting in the shade of a beach umbrella or near a glassy lake fully absorbed in The SHIVA Syndrome by Alan Joshua. A unique science fiction/paranormal thriller, one Goodreads reader calls it, “Awesome, awesome, totally Awesome!!!” Another says, “Not your typical sci-fi thriller….One of the best books of 2015.”

The SHIVA Syndrome, a finalist in two competitions, is the saga of Beau Walker, a disgraced research professor who is tortured by paranormal abilities beyond his control.

In a secret Russian mind research laboratory, an experiment has gone horrifically wrong, creating a black hole that devastates the city, destroying thousands of lives and leaving a mysterious mile-deep crater. Walker is strong-armed into helping the US government work with Russian authorities to uncover what happened to prevent another such an event from occurring. Unchecked, SHIVA can destroy humankind and rip apart the very fabric of reality.

British psychic investigator, Brian Allen says, “If ever there was a book that richly deserved to be made into a film it is this one.”

Sheri Hoyte of Reader Views claims, “I was absolutely captivated from beginning to end, and by captivated, I mean held hostage, as my life was literally put on hold until I finished reading.”

SHIVA is a genre-crossing thrill ride that caused one reader to write, “Almost to the end. Had to take a break. My neck and shoulders are in huge knots due to the tension! If I were a nail biter, I’d have nubs!!!”

If you prefer light and airy summer reading, SHIVA is not right for you. However, if you crave a challenging read, enjoy white-knuckle action, and dare think the unthinkable, the plot is full of surprises and fast moving with lots of twists and turns.

Discover why a Goodreads reader said, “The Shiva Syndrome is in the top 10 books of the best sci-fi/fantasy books I have read in over 40 years and I read over 200 books a year!”

TheShivaSysndrome-EBOOK-newA secret Russian mind research laboratory in Podol’sk erupts, annihilating thousands and leaving a monstrous, one-mile deep crater in its wake. Beau Walker, parapsychologist and reluctant empath, is coerced into joining a research tem, code-named SHIVA, to investigate the enigmatic event.

Walker must fight his way past political and military deceptions and a host of deadly adversariees to unlock the riddle of the SHIVA syndrome.

Will he have the physical, emotional, and spiritual strength to defy the dangers he faces…or will they destroy him before he can come to a new, challenging understanding of the nature of reality?

About the Author:Alan Joshua is an author, clinical psychologist, and parapsychologist. His debut fiction novel, The Shiva syndrome, is a science fiction/paranormal thriller. A believer that the exploration of human consciousness and its hidden abilities is the ultimate frontier, he skillfully blends and interweaves altered states of consciousness and parapsychology with genetics, paleontology, mythology, and religion to produce a frightening, brisk, and film-worthy story building to an intense climax.

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  1. This sounds like a great read, I enjoy these type of stories, this is the type of book that keeps me totally engrossed in it.

  2. Rita Wray says:

    The story sounds very intriguing.

  3. Thanks for the post! I enjoy both science fiction and fantasy, so The Shiva Syndrome sounds like a book I would like.

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