Interview: Carla D.E. Godfrey

Carla D. E. Godfrey has stopped by Long and Short Reviews to chat with us. Her newest release What Happens Inbetween releases on March 25. She also has another book coming out this fall, Into the Woods.

What Happens In Between is all about family. It tells the story of two men who, on the face of it, just seem like a normal employer-employee but, as the story goes on, you realize that they have more in common than was previously thought.

“I think it’s grittier than anything I’ve ever written,” she said, “because I normally write chick-lit and I suppose it is up to a point, but I wanted this one to be more down to earth. The e-book is available to pre-order on Amazon.”

She uses Carla D E Godfrey for her paperbacks and just Carla Godfrey for e-books because, she said, “It sort of felt right to use those names as a mark to distinguish between my e-books and paperbacks.”

She has been writing since she was eight, as a hobby. She grew up watching period dramas on television, then reading the books– falling in love with them, especially Jane Austen.

“I was praised for my imagination at school and then I started writing little four-paged stories; they were mostly about me and my family, although I did attempt a short period drama of my own before settling on contemporary fiction.”

She finds it easier to begin her books with the plot, then the characters are defined by the plot. Once she’s decided where the plot is going, she can focus on character traits and personality.

“I think about my characters personalities and where the plot is going and then I try to intertwine the two. It’s really important the nature of the characters and the plot go together,” she explained.

If she had the stamina, she’d love to do a massive family sage.

“I think the most interesting stories happen within families where people assume that they know everything about one another,” she told me. “There’s more room for the element of surprise.”

3_20-author-photo-225x300About the Author: Carla was born and brought up in Norfolk and has been writing as a hobby for nearly twenty years. She moved to France when she was twelve and a half and lived out there for eight years and can speak fluent French, she loved any excuse to use her imagination, as a result, she did very well with regards to essay writing. She graduated and started working at home, she then returned to England. She was quite a solitary child, choosing to keep to her own company. She started writing after reading Jane Austen and watching adaptations on TV. At first, they were about herself but then she began to develop different characters and finally settled on contemporary fiction. She currently lives in Norfolk with her family.




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3_20 what-happens-in-betweenOne affair

One big mistake

One consequence

With everything to live for; a brilliant job and beautiful fiancée, Gregory’s pretty much got it made. When he develops a close friendship with his PA, Peter; secrets are exposed and hearts are broken, leaving Greg with a race against time to try and mend his already fragile family.


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