Interview and Giveaway: Sadie Grubor

Long and Short Reviews welcomes Sadie Grubor, whose latest release – Hidden in the Stars (HITS) Book 2 in her Falling Stars series – was released this summer. Leave a comment for a chance to win a ebook copy of all the books in The Falling Stars Series (Falling Stars, Stellar Evolution –novella, and Hidden in the Stars – HITS).

HITS is very much about Jackson and Liza; however, the secondary characters are very important to Sadie as well. In fact, the third book in the series will follow two characters introduced in this book.

“I adore good secondary character development and really strive to do this with my books,” Sadie told me. “So, not only do you get Jack and Liza, but you will also experience a birth, the strife of a young boy, and experience a cousin that we all wish we had in our life.”

Her books are very character driven – in fact, the characters usually just come to her on their own.

“They sort of start speaking in my head and I go from there,” she explained. To develop them, I often use character and plot summaries to list out the characters, their traits, and even short-line some point plot components for them, especially with series. From there, I write and just listen to their voice. They often veer off from the summary I originally create for them and I have to go back and update it.”

She hit a bit of a writing wall, though, when she tried to work on HITS.

“The character wouldn’t speak to me. He just shut down. I went on to a couple other manuscripts that I’d already written and worked on those, but I just couldn’t get Jackson to speak,” she said. “When I have a hard time writing, I usually start reading books. Sometimes I’ll find myself inspired to start writing – even if it’s not the story I planned. I’ve made the mistake of not allowing myself to write anything else until I’ve worked of finished another, but have finally found that this is the worst thing I could’ve done for myself.”

“What inspired you to start writing?” I asked.

“Reading books and wanting a character to do the opposite of what I read. I would read stories and be rooting for another character and then eventually I couldn’t read much anymore, because I was changing things around in my mind. This led me to write my own ideas.”

I asked Sadie some fun questions. Sit back, put down your drink, and enjoy her answers.

“If you could keep a mythical creature as a pet, what would you have?”

“Who doesn’t want a dragon?! I mean, come on. Who’s gonna mess with me when my pet can crisp your ass. And just imagine the entrance you can make arriving on a dragon,” she replied, sighing deeply.

“What is something that you absolutely can’t live without?”

“Hair color,” she answered promptly. “Honest to God, having the same hair color for more than 4-6 months is my own personal version of hell. Sure, I’ll be bald soon… BUT then I can just rock some amazing wigs. (WalMart after Halloween clearance here I come!)”

“Favorite color?

“Green. Not sure why and I don’t even have a lot of this color in my wardrobe, but if I have to choose for any reason I go to green.”

“Weather: Hot or cold?”

“Neither. I’m one of those people who need perfectly comfortable weather. Though I do enjoy a good jeans and hoodie/sweater kind of day.”

“Favorite place to read?”

“Next to my husband, so I can bury my feet underneath some part of his body.”

“What is one thing your readers would be most surprised to learn about you?”

“I’ve modeled Adult Incontinence Products. (Yes, adult diapers and protective underwear). No lie, and I have the pictures to prove it. They are currently published in some marketing material at the manufacturing plant I day job at.”

If Sadie were on the staff to have a book adapted to movie, she would choose I Zombie by Hugh Howey.

“I LOVE zombie movies, shows, books, etc, and THIS book kind of blew my mind,” she explained. “It’s a really gritty book that puts you in the mind of a zombie. And not like Warm Bodies where Z is redeemable and there is a ‘cure’. No, this is not a happy ending and while you both fear and ache for some of the surviving humans, you can’t help but feel the anguish and torture of these zombies. It’s gross, scary, and beautifully epic.”

Finally, I asked, “What, in your opinion, are the most important elements of good writing?”

“Good steady characters, easy/believable dialogue, and a plot that the author has put their own stamp on. Originality is good, but often hard to achieve with all the work out there now, but putting your own twist/stamp on it makes it a bit more successful. I’m not sure I always capture all three of these, but I try to.”

10_14 interview HITS eBook CVR 1000When you’re Jackson Shaw, guitarist of The Forgotten, and your hearts been broken, shattered by the deception of a woman you thought was the one. You can’t hide from cameras and millions of fans hanging on every dirty detail printed and posted.

What you can do, is swear off love and dull the ache with gorgeous women who look nothing like that girl who tore you apart. A supermodel girlfriend and sexplicit escapades splashed across the tabloids is the ultimate revenge. It’s also the perfect way to hide your pain in the media. But when the ache turns to a hollow pit, and there isn’t enough sex, drugs, or alcohol to fill the emptiness, what do you do?

You cut your losses and head to L.A. to mentor the latest reality talent show. You follow an old friend into a world where the art of the tease and bump and grind were perfected. Where the sound of her voice calls to every primal instinct buried within your body and makes the demand for your attention.

Jackson’s an addict, and just one taste puts him back in the precarious position of falling in love with a woman who’s mastered the art of ensnaring and teasing.

About the Author: A self-professed foul mouthed book nerd, who reads everything from Y/A to Erotica to Horror. She embraces her inner awkward trashy girl and brings her inappropriate and immature humor to most of her books.

Currently working on a novella and the next full length book in the Falling Stars series, she also has plans for a series based in Central Pennsylvania with a group of men and women who spend their time river camping, pontoon boating, and falling for the last person they ever dreamed. She hopes to have upcoming releases in late fall and late winter of this year.

She invites you to stalk her, stalk her real hard.

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