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Long and Short Reviews welcomes Lori Bradley, author of the Soiled Dove Saga series.

How impromptu characters can become good scenes later

While working on my Soiled Dove Sagas series I found that the suggestion of virtually non pertinent characters such as a parent or friend have come back later to create good scenes. Sometimes they do not move the story, but add color, conflict, and humor.

I have been working on Book 2, The Queen of the Cow Towns and my main character shoots someone. During a court proceeding scene I mention her seeing the man’s wife and mother in the courtroom. Later I added a scene where the wife comes to the main character’s hotel to apologize for her husband’s actions. Later my character and the wife of the man are in a restaurant and have an encounter with the man’s mother that is both dramatic and humorous. These two women were never planned in my original outline, but came to me as I was writing. I find that this happens quite often. Seemingly unwarranted characters just pop up.

But, when you think about it, in our real lives people just pop up who add color, conflict, and humor all the time. Just yesterday I heard yelling from across the hall in my apartment building. I went to the door and my neighbor was evicting her brother who’d been staying with her for a few months. He’d called other family members and they were taking televisions out of the apartment. My neighbor was screaming that the televisions were hers and trying to block them from leaving.

Writing this into a story would be colorful, dramatic, and possibly humorous depending on dialogue used. Life happens to others around us. We must remember as writers that life happens around our characters too that can contribute to your story. Try to remember that life happens even to the characters in our novels. It helps to add believability. Life happens.

Thank you for your time and I hope you will take the time to enjoy Book 1 of The Soiled Dove Sagas, The Ruby Queen, available on Amazon free if you have Kindle Select.

5_19 BookCoverImage Ruby QueenMattie Wallace is rejected by her family and her community when she refuses to marry one brother because she loved the other. She is labeled a trollop and run out of town when she runs away with the brother she loves. He backs out after one night together on the road and returns Mattie to her parents, who turn her out.

While on the road with her meager possessions and little money, she meets Roxana North, a woman in the Trade. Mattie is impressed with Roxie’s confidence, independence, and her lovely wardrobe. She is also impressed with the fact that Roxie is making her way in the world without having her life dictated by a man. She has her own money, she can travel when and where she pleases without the accompaniment of a husband, father or brother. She is an independent woman of means. Mattie joins Roxie on her way to a new and profitable life in the West where women are few and men will pay for the company of those who are. They make their way to Abilene Kansas, a cow town where cowboys spend their money on whiskey and women.

Mattie learns the ways of the women in the Trade and the hazards of the west where she becomes The Ruby Queen.

About the Author:5_19 author imageLori Beasley Bradley was born in 1958 in Benton, IL, a small town in southern Illinois. Her mother was from that area and her father from Alabama. She has a great love for the South and has traveled extensively and studied the histories of most of those states. Her book, The Legend of the Swamp Witch takes place in southern Louisiana one of her favorite destinations. She is currently working on her second novel about a Kentucky girl who finds herself practicing prostitution in the Old West after the Civil War. Book 1 of The Soiled Dove Sagas, The Ruby Queen, was published in February 2015. Book 2, The Queen of the Cow Towns will be available later in 2015.

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