Halloween Blogfest: Suzanne Rock

Raising the Bar at Halloween

Every Halloween there is always one of those neighbors who likes to raise the bar. You know who I mean. In our neighborhood, it’s this family who sets up strobe lights, decorates their front yard to look like a graveyard, and plays the song “Monster Mash” on repeat for about five hours. The kids love it, and often I’ll find a small group of young people dancing in the sidewalk out in front of their house. I love it when families go all-out to celebrate Halloween, because I find that my creativity just doesn’t run in that direction. I’m lucky if I remember to buy candy to hand out to the kids, lol.
My good friend is another one of those people who throws herself into the holiday. She is a connoisseur of Halloween artifacts, and every year adds to her collection. Her house is amazing. She has robot zombies, huge gravestones, cobwebs and black cats. Creepy music plays as the kids walk up the driveway to get their candy. Some get a little scared, but most think Trick-or-Treating at her house is great fun.
My brother excels in this area, and every Halloween his front porch is filled with gorgeous looking artwork. It takes him days to complete the project, but the neighborhood kids love it. I love it, too.
As I mentioned earlier, my family isn’t the type to decorate on Halloween. Instead, we go around and look at the other houses while my kids collect their candy. Sometimes, it can be more fun than seeing the colorful lights around Christmastime.
So how about you? Do you decorate for Halloween, or are you like me and just enjoy the show? Perhaps you are like some of my neighbors, and shut the shades and hide in your basement, lol. Tell us the most over-the-top Halloween decoration you’ve seen in the comments section below. One randomly chosen winner will receive a free e-copy of any SINGLE TITLE BOOK in my backlist.

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  1. I used to decorate inside the house a little when the kids were younger, but the boys are basically grown now, and I haven’t dug out the decorations the last couple of years.

    We have a few random houses that decorate here and there around the neighborhood. A couple of houses have the inflatable snow globe things that people put on their lawns that are Halloween themed. When I would take the boys trick or treating in that same neighborhood some people really went all out with scary stuff in the yards and spooky noises playing. It was a very popular neighborhood for the trick or treaters.

  2. Hi Michelle! It sounds like we live in similar neighborhoods. The houses around here go all out for Halloween. I live in a development and it transforms into a block party, lol. Lots of kids.Sounds like you have some good Halloween memories. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. I don’t decorate. I’m not a big fan of Halloween. When I was a kid though, my Dad used to deck out the yard and play the spooky music.
    This anthology sounds really good.Great cover.

  4. I do Halloween… I have three different theme’s I bounce between. The Graveyard, The mad science lab, and a witch’s kitchen. I dress up and hand out candy. What started me down the Halloween road was our house. It’s a four story 100+ year old beast with a screened in front porch. When we bought it the top 2 stories were cedar shakes painted black and the bottom was wood siding painted a dark gray. When giving directions to our house, I would say, we live in the Addams family house…. most visitors agreed that was what it looked it. Since repainting it was years away in the budget, I decided to play it up. Although, the gray is now white, I still decorate every Halloween. 😀

  5. Don’t decorate for Halloween

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  6. That must have been amazing growing up, Elaing8! My family was never really into Halloween growing up. We never decorated, but we did go around the neighborhood.

    Thank you so much for your kind words about the anthology. I hope you enjoy it!

  7. Wow Lyncee! I love it! you are going to have to show me pictures of your house sometime when it is all decorated. It sounds amazing!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  8. Sorry to hear that, bn100., but understandable. Esspecially if you don’t have kids. Before dh and I had our two girls, we used to go out to dinner to avoid the crowds of kids.

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

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