Halloween Blogfest: Sharon Buchbinder

Haunted Duplex
By Sharon Buchbinder

When I was in college, I shared a duplex with four other women. The day I moved into my attic room, as I unpacked my boxes, I heard my roommate shout, “Sharon!” I ran downstairs, only to find Cindy in the shower. When she came out, I asked if there had been a problem.

She smiled. “Oh, I forgot to tell you. We have a ghost.” This ghost moved things around, knocked things off shelves and mimicked other roommates’ and even boyfriends’ voices to get attention. She also paced a hallway that ran from the kitchen to the bedroom on the main floor.

One night I pulled an all nighter for an Organic Chemistry exam (not my best subject!). I had a little dachshund, named Bisou, who went everywhere with me. That night I studied in the kitchen, drinking gallons of coffee, memorizing benzene rings. I decided to take a little nap. I cuddled on the couch with Bisou and closed my eyes. The doxie started shaking and whining and I heard the footsteps. They came closer and the dog became more agitated. The ghost was standing right next to the couch and the dog was in a frenzy.

“Please,” I said, “I need to get some rest, this exam is really important to me. And you’re making my dog crazy. Could you please go away?”

The ghost’s footsteps receded from the side of the couch, down the hall and then stopped. I aced the exam (a miracle).

After I had been living in the haunted duplex in for a few months, I invited my sister-in-law and brother over for dinner to meet my new boyfriend, my roommates, and see the place. My room was in the attic, and at $25 a month for rent (5 women, $125 total!) I wasn’t complaining about my space. I was very happy to be there and grateful to have such a bargain. The ghost was almost an added value at that point.

We had appetizers, did not really get to dinner, when my brother, a Vietnam vet and Green Beret who to this day keeps in touch with buddies from the 82nd Airborne, said, “Why don’t you show us the place?”

My then boyfriend had already been repeating all the strange events (with embellishments) that I had told him about and was making Twilight Zone music.

As I led my brother and sister-in-law up the stairs to my room in the attic, the now very annoying boyfriend said, “Ooooooo! Can yooooou feeeeeel the spiriiiiit?”

“Yes, I can,” my brother said. “She’s right next to me, has shoulder length brown hair, and is wearing a brown print dress. She’s very lonely.”

My brother turned on his heel without even reaching the attic and raced down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairwell he said, “I have to go! She’s all over me. It’s like she’s so happy I can see her, she’s trying to get under my skin.”

My brother and astonished sister-in-law ran out the door. The dinner party was over and so was my relationship with that idiot boyfriend.

PostScript: Ever since that night, my brother literally “sees dead people.” I always thought it was interesting that I heard them, and still do at times. It’s as if each of us got one part of the psychic abilities, but not the whole package.


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  1. Anyone else have stories of haunted houses?

    • Sharon,
      Years ago when the kids were little (now grown) we lived in an old mill village house in a small southern town. My husband worked the night shift and I was alone with the kids. At night when the house was dark, you could hear a radio playing. At the time, everyone had battery operated radios, so I went through the house removing batteries and unplugging radios. The music continued to play. Outside the house you could not hear the music, only in the front bedroom was it heard. It was very soft and you had to listen to be sure what you were hearing. This was in the late sixties, and the music was from the late 30’s and early 40’s. I recognized it because my parents had ’78s of the songs when I was a kid. I always played a radio in the house because I wanted it to be my music I was listening, not memories of the past. So, yes I hear things and often smell things like my grandmother’s perfume. I haven’t seen more than a glimpse out of the corner of my eye that was fleeting and quickly gone. I guess that is why elements of the paranormal always finds it’s way into my stories.

      MJ Flournoy
      A Matter of Trust, romantic suspense with paranormal elements available on Amazon

  2. i havelived with up to 4 at one house a dog 2 women and baby we liven int hehouse and i new someone died in it the one lady cme with us from ark i set my bears in the room and then by moring it ws on floor and i got pissed so i sttyed in the room one night and then i seen the lladyput the bby incrib then threw my stuff on the floor foudn out she and the baby were buried on the probety a long time a gao well they ened up in the attic and would have to go up ther and tel them quict fighting and then i had to get the young girl who was murder victum in another house i was in and i got her doll whocriedma ma and then hey fought over the rocker well another rocker went up and then when i had compony they woudl throw the dvd at people and then they set the couch on fire when i moved they did not like the people in the house the people clalme and tell me come and get the ghost take them with you but i come over and tell them put the rocker up there and do not smoke and then dont pissed them off any more
    the house eventually burn down and they were at peice

  3. i can tel you another one i have live with ghost since iws 12 we live in 2 hosue and was satying in the back one while repairing the one in front we moved in and then i keep hearing a lady clal me and ask her what she wanted well she ws mad at her son so i called the landlord he was over 90 years old he come over and sit down a couch and then i said Audie what going on with mom and then he ws sitting there and then here he come his mom and she started to yell and then told him get the dam house done and then told my dog to move his ass he was sitting on the porch and then she told Niger my other dog that the squriell going to get him if he did not shut his mouth i lived in the hosue for over 3 year and then i injoy talking to her and found other thing the old man di dnot know about the hosue

  4. No, I don’t

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  5. I grew up in a house that had a ghost we moved into it when I was 10 and shortly after myself and my sisters started having experiences with him .I would see his face in the bathroom mirror or hear him talking .He once pushed my sister down in the hallway she was six and I heard her fall and cry I asked her what happened she says the man pushed me down. We grew used to him .He would occasionally push stuff off of counters and once even lifted the end of the couch while my dad was laying on it and dropped it real quick.There were alot of things that happened but those are a few .It was pretty cool.


  6. Hey Sharon, my sister’s house has a ghost cat! They see a fluffy white blur run through rooms, hear it running down the hall and (love this one) feel it jump on the bed when my sister and her husband are in bed!

  7. Tawnya Peltonen says:

    Oh, super interesting (and super creepy!) story!!!

    I only really have one ghostly experience. And it was pretty tame, I guess, compared to most.

    I was in the hospital several years ago. I was in a room by myself, across from the nurse’s station. It was pretty late at night and I had just been admitted. I got settled in and ready for bed. I shut the lights off and closed my eyes. A few minutes later, I opened them (I’m not sure why) and I saw an old woman standing in the open doorway watching me. I blinked and she was gone. The lights were on in the hall and there was no shadow to indicate that anyone was walking away from my room. And there’s no way that she could have moved fast enough that there would have been no shadow.


    • Oh, Tawnya–You just gave me goosebumps! Great story! Maybe she was a relative checking in to be sure you were okay. My husband saw his grandmother, who died the day he was born, standing at the end of our bed when we got engaged. I told him she was checking me out, to be sure I was good enough for her grandson! LOL!

  8. jennifer mathis says:

    i once lived in a house with a ghost who loved to tear down the curtains

  9. Rose Dickinson says:

    I absolutely love your tale and believe it to be true as you stated. From the time I was a little girl, I have known when bad things are going to happen. It really freaks some people out but for me it is just a party of who I am. Anyway, thanks for sharing and the chance to win an awesome prize!

  10. The only paranormal experience I had in a house was when I lived in Virginia as a child. I remember walking in the living room in the middle of the night and the curtains all flared out from the windows all at once, frightening me out of my wits. I remember running into my parents’ bedroom shrieking about ghosts. Were there any? Who knows, but it scared the holy mother crap out of me.


    erzabetwrites at gmail dot com

  11. My family has had a haunting that’s followed the family line from generation to generation thanks to a many times great ancestor on my father’s side. So I grew up with paranormal happenings all around me. Some were good, some bad. My friends while I was growing up were not fans of my attic, the spookiest place in the house and it still is today. I had a major event happen there. As a kid we were playing a game up there one day and the lights went out and something grabbed us all around our midsections and started shaking us up and down into the air. Off our feet! When I touched the thing around my waist..it felt like the smooth, cool coil of a snake. Whatever it was got mad at my touch and shook me harder, banging me into the floor. My parents heard the racket of the banging and me and my friends crying out. They had to almost break down the door to get in and turn on the lights. When the lights flashed on, whatever it was disappeared. I still remember the shocked look on all of our face as we were suspended in mid-air and then suddenly fell to the floor. We had a priest come bless the house for the 2nd time after that but my friends still preferred to play outside even though the house seemed to calm a little after the blessing.

    • April–What a scary story!! Only a priest? I would have called in an entire army of priests, ministers, rabbis, Imams, and spiritual advisers! I don’t blame your friends for wanting to play outside. It’s one thing to see and hear these things, another to have them grab and shake little kids. YIKES!

  12. I was visiting a friends cousin’s house and she was saying how they thought the baby’s room – on the 3rd floor of a duplex was haunted she kept seeing the silhouette of a man outside the baby’s window. My friend and I volunteered to use a Ouija board to make contact. I wasn’t a big believer but I have to tell you I was after that night. We never got straight answers – but that table did move all by its lonesome!

  13. Congratulations, Jennifer!!

    You have been randomly selected as the WINNER of the PRIZE! You won the Obsessed with Obsession Super Swag Box, filled with a signed print copy of Obsession (or a Kindle version if that is preferred), a mug with the cover of Obsession on it, an Obsession mouse pad, two book marks, two Romance Trading Cards with the hot hero and heroine of Obsession, Alejandro and Angie plus two Obsession cherry flavored lip balms AND receive a $15 Amazon Electronic Gift Certificate. I will email you for mailing details!


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