Halloween Blogfest: Selah Janel

I’ve loved Halloween since I was a little girl. From decorating the house with spiderwebs and fall leaves to planning out elaborate, home-made costumes, to trick or treating at night (remember that?), it seemed the entire month of October was full of magic and possibility. Everything I did that month was influenced by Halloween: the books I read (from How to Haunt a House for Halloween to Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, to countless themed picture books as a little ‘un), playing pretend when I was really young (many playground games of ghostbusters and goblins were to be had), to the pictures I doodled (lots of pumpkins and witches hats and creepy houses).

What is it about this holiday that’s so appealing? For me, there’s a freedom to it, a permission to think about things that aren’t always encouraged. We don’t like to think about the macabre, or our own mortality, but put through a fun-and-games filter, it becomes acceptable once a year. For me, it provided a huge haunted-house world to explore. October was a month that required MY participation for the magic to happen. I had to come up with my own costume idea and at least help pull it off, we made a lot of our decorations and goodies for our family meals, I had to help figure out the fiendish faces for our jack-o-lanterns. I can’t help but think that it also translated more directly into my imagination.

Truth be told, back in the day it was permissible to trick or treat after dark, but my own mind helped to incite the delicious tension that followed me on those moonlit capers. Although we never got lost (thanks to my watchful parents), there were times when I wondered if they really knew where we were going, especially on misty, foggy Halloweens or nights when we decided to shortcut through back alleys or roads we didn’t normally walk down. I had to bring my imagination along with my trick or treat bag. Every rustle of the leaves, fading scent of pumpkin smoke, and patter of footsteps fed the ‘what ifs’ my mind was desperately grasping for…even more so once we got home (safe at last!) to watch spooky movies or television shows while gorging on sugar (a combination that probably didn’t help some of my childhood anxiety and over-imaginative tendencies at all).

Halloween makes it okay to explore those dark territories, to wonder what else exists on this plane besides us mere mortals, to ponder if the dead really can walk just a few steps after us for one night. As a writer, it gave me the permission to let my mind wander into all sorts of territory and ponder what’s really going on with some of the ideas that flit through my mind.

Lost - 400x600 selahWith that in mind, I’d like to give away one of the titles that sort of meandering has spawned: Lost in the Shadows. It’s a joint effort between myself and my friend SH Roddey, and in it you’ll find all forty-seven short stories that shatter genre barriers and make you think and wonder. I’ll be giving away one PDF copy of the book for my giveaway. I love sharing my work with the world, and I love it when I can make people explore their imaginations as I was encouraged to explore mine.

About the Author:Selah Janel has been blessed with a giant imagination since she was little and convinced that fairies lived in the nearby state park or vampires hid in the abandoned barns outside of town. Her e-books The Other Man and Holly and Ivy are published through Mocha Memoirs Press with more to come. Her work has also been included in The MacGuffin, The Realm Beyond, Stories for Children Magazine and the anthologies The Big Bad: an Anthology of Evil and Thunder on the Battlefield. Olde School, the first book in her new series The Kingdom City Chronicles, is scheduled to release from Seventh Star Press later this year.

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  1. Enjoyed your post, Selah – brings back lovely memories of my own childhood!

  2. Interesting sounding short stories

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  3. Awesome job!

  4. Not a kid anymore the bonus now is I can have that one day to, say, put on skeleton hands, or rock and roll wig and be Alice Cooper, and run around with my little ones and enjoy it like they do. Oh, and horde the Almond Joys from their trick or treat bags. 🙂

  5. Thanks to all who participated! I’m so glad my post brought to mind memories of childhood, and I loved hearing about your thoughts on Halloween!

    I’ve drawn a winner, and that winner is Rosemary Gemmell! Rosemary, I’ve messaged you via your site, so if you’ll email me with the email you want the pdf to go to, I’ll get on that!

    Thanks again to all the comments and I hope everyone had a happy Halloween!

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