Halloween Blogfest: MJ Fredrick

Fall has always been my favorite time of year. I live in South Texas, so we don’t get the full effect of fall, but we do get cooler mornings, and not-so-miserable afternoons.

Being a music teacher makes enjoying fall challenging, I must say. I’m in charge of the United Way campaign, and the Veteran’s Day program, and the Christmas program…all the more reason to find things to enjoy.

I LOVE the new TV season. All my new favorites are back (Scandal, Chicago Fire, Supernatural, Arrow, Big Bang Theory) along with some promising new shows (Sleepy Hollow, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D). I love to get in my cozy pjs, get my bowl of popcorn or my 2 cookies and curl up on the couch with my husband to watch.

Also, a lot of the summer movies we missed are coming out on DVD. We’ve watched Gatsby, This is the End, Much Ado About Nothing, and Epic.

I LOVE Halloween. I have almost as many Halloween decorations as Christmas ones, including plates and glasses! And here’s the confession–it’s just me and my husband at home now, but he indulges me.

I love fall clothes. Now, keep in mind, I wear sandals pretty much 9 months out of the year. If the temperature is above 50, I’m wearing sandals. BUT when the temperature drops, out come my boots. I love fall colors too, the rich, warm, earthy tones. I probably have more fall clothes than I can wear in a season.

There’s a new Nora Roberts series starting. I preordered the audiobook so I can start listening to it the day it drops.

And my first audio book is out, Midnight Sun! Let me tell you, trippy to listen to someone else read your words! But so exciting!

AND I have a Christmas book out with two friends! Swept Away for Christmas is a beach Christmas romance, three stories set at the fictional town of Starfish Shores, Alabama. My hero played football for Alabama, naturally, and my heroine is his best friend’s sister. Fun, right?

What do you look forward to in fall? One commenter is eligible for a $15 gift certificate to the online bookstore of her choice!

SweptAway_v2_3_1400x2100Christmas isn’t always snow-covered with a frosty chill in the air. Sometimes it’s sandy beaches with balmy breezes.

And sometimes we find love in the most unexpected places, a place like Starfish Shores.

“Here Comes McBride” by Tanya Michaels

Shelby James has only truly loved one man — but Finn McBride broke her heart when emotional baggage from his past came between them. Now, Shelby is serving as maid of honor at a beach wedding where Finn is the best man. Will reuniting with Finn be a Christmas miracle, or the worst mistake she’s ever made?

“Two Hearts a Leaping” by MJ Fredrick

After a break-up with her high school sweetheart, Harley Blume retreats to her brother’s home in Starfish Shores to lick her wounds and figure out what she’s doing next. But her brother is in the Coast Guard reserves and heading out of town, leaving her in the care of Liam Channing, his best friend since they played college football together. She’s never been able to keep her tongue in her mouth when good-looking, easy-going Liam is around. How is she going to find her way if she can’t keep her balance?

“Cruisin’ for a Kiss” by Trish Milburn

When Avery Phillips loses her magazine job right before Christmas, she heads back home to Starfish Shores to spend the holidays with the grandparents who raised her. The plan is to hit the job search hard so that she has a new position when the New Year arrives. What isn’t part of the plan is heading up a remodeling effort at her family’s beach motel or falling for the man helping to save the business into which her grandparents put a lifetime of work. As Christmas draws closer, will Avery stick to the original plan to leave town again or take a chance with Luke Taylor and a new life she never expected?

Buy the book at Amazon or Kobo

About the Author: MJ Fredrick knows about chasing dreams. Twelve years after she completed her first novel, she signed her first publishing contract. Now she divides her days between teaching elementary music, and diving into her own writing—traveling everywhere in her mind, from Belize to Honduras to Africa to the past.

She’s a four-time Golden Heart Award finalist, and she won the 2009 Eppie Award with Hot Shot and the 2010 Eppie with Breaking Daylight. She was a 2012 Epic Award finalist with Don’t Look Back.

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Website: http://mjfredrick.com
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  1. I love fall, and I love the new Nora Roberts book. I love Christmas stories, and I am looking forward to reading this one. It sounds really good.

  2. I started listens to the new Nora this morning. So excited! Don’t have cooler weather in South Texas yet–it was 75 degrees this morning! Hopefully soon though!

  3. Ashley F. says:

    Ditto Momjane, I’am excited for both books. and Ahh don’t you love this Halloween-Thanksgiving-Christmas time of year? except for the mounds of snow that is..and the cold hate the cold. *Shiver* Brrrrr. But it’s just another reason to cuddle up with a blanket, some coco and a good book I guess. 😀

  4. What I love about fall — pumpkin pie! 🙂

  5. I’ll take the snow! I just had to come home and shower after teaching dance in the gym all day. It’s 85 degrees here! Hopefully will cool off soon!

  6. Naomi Bergner says:

    I’m in the South too and really miss the change of seasons this time of year. Of course, it is nice to do the barefoot sandal thing! Thanks for the contest! moonlightvirgo AT yahoo.com

  7. I love the return of hockey season!

  8. Naomi, it is nice to be able to wear sandals into November, that’s true! Trix, good point! I’m going to my first college football game this weekend and am looking forward to that.

  9. drinking hot chocolate

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  10. Leslie P Garcia says:

    Back in GA, my favorite part of all was the way an October sky turned a special shade of blue I’ve never seen since, gilded around the horizon by a band of gold. Now, the pumpkin pie and the occasional chance to wear a sweater make me happy!

  11. jennifer mathis says:

    i love that the weather cools off

  12. I live in Texas as well, and it was anything but cool today. Rainy and wet and very warm. Ugh. *shudder*. I made some chicken noodle soup, dreaming about cooler weather. Fall makes me think of pumpkin recipes and cinnamon tea. Oh, and my favorite drink comes back to Starbucks. Salted caramel mocha. *ummmmm*. I also love the paranormal ebb and flow of the books and the spirit of Halloween as it moves everyone toward Yule and the holidays.

    Happy Halloween and I am looking forward to reading your beach holiday stories.



    erzabetwrites at gmail dot com

    • Jennifer, we’re getting a cool front today–so happy! Erzabet, cinnamon tea is my favorite! Another tradition we have is going to the craft shows, and one we go to serves cinnamon tea. Is yummy!

  13. I look forward to the leaves changing, the days getting shorter, and the nights getting cooler.


  14. Honestly, I look forward to the upcoming holidays. 🙂
    And the food of course!
    I also love that my shows come back on.

  15. We drove up through the Hill Country yesterday, and while we don’t have a lot of color, it was neat to see. I need to start my Christmas shopping!

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