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Do you love being scared? Halloween is the only celebration of the year geared to indulge our overwhelming adoration of fear and the adrenaline rush that goes with it. Halloween, also known as All Hollow’s Eve, is a Western celebration that falls on October 31st every year. Originally, it was a Western European tradition, the festival of the dead, but it has spread to countries throughout the world.

Today, the observation of Halloween involves a variety of scary-fun practices, including carving pumpkins, holiday house decorating and even greeting cards. Adults and children dress in costumes and attend parties. Parents take their children trick or treating. (Better fork over that candy or you might get tricked!) Schools hold fun carnivals with games. Ghost stories and frightening horror themes from art, literature and movies are associated with October.

Halloween has its roots in Samhain, a Gaelic festival traced to the ancient people who lived in Scotland, Ireland and the Isle of Man centuries prior to Christ’s birth. The celebration of Samhain began on October 31st at sunset and lasted until sunset on November 1st. It marked the end of the harvest season and the commencement of winter. Bonfires were lit and animals slaughtered for provisions against the coming cold. The door to the spiritual world opened and souls ventured forth so people dressed in disguises to hide from these spirits. In the late 19th century, Samhain became known as the Celtic New Year. It also has strong links with All Saint’s Day (AKA All Souls’ Day). Today, Samhain is celebrated by some pagan and Wiccan groups as a religious observance.

Do you know what to watch for in order to bring good luck or avoid back luck on Halloween?
• If a person sleeps facing south the night before Halloween, it brings good luck.
• Finding a piece of coal on the road and picking it up guarantees good fortune.
• Dreaming of or seeing a white cat on Halloween is unlucky.
• Opening an umbrella inside a home or building may bring Death to your door.
• Beware if you hear footsteps following you! It may be the Grim Reaper.

Why Jack-o’-lanterns?

Vegetable lanterns are most commonly carved from pumpkins but they can be made from turnips or beets. According to an old Irish folk story, Stingy Jack was a shrewd thief who managed to trap the Devil by pinning him against a cross. Eventually, Jack let the Devil go after he made a promise never to collect his soul. But the plan backfired. Jack died, only to discover heaven closed to him because of his many sins committed in life. Thanks to the Devil’s promise, hell wouldn’t have him either. The Devil put old Stingy Jack’s soul into an ember from the flames of hell and placed him into a turnip for the rest of eternity. The first Jack-o’-lantern…known for their properties of protecting homes from the undead.

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Have a happy and safe Halloween!
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  3. I love Halloween, but I hate being scared! I like the cozy parts of the holiday: dressing up for trick-or-treat, decorating pumpkins, and hanging cute ghosties in the trees.


  4. I absolutely love learning about the origins of holidays. This is a holiday I hadn’t really checked out before and since I’m fascinated by Celtic lore, I guess now I have to look further. Thanks for a fascinating post!
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