Halloween Blogfest: Gail MacMillan

Halloween Hoot

Much like my romance novel, “Holding Off for a Hero” which has Halloween as a climax (I’ll be giving away a copy as a prize to someone who comments today) not all Halloween stories have to be scary. Some can be downright funny. This is one of those.

As a writer of dog books and stories as well as romances which generally include canines, I always have at least a couple of dogs in residence. Last Halloween my husband Ron and I had just acquired a new puppy we named Fancy. At eight weeks of age, she was adorable, a beautiful shade of amber with big, golden brown eyes. Ron and I thought Halloween and its young visitors would be an excellent opportunity to assist in Fancy’s socialization. As a result, Ron pulled a chair near the front door and sat down, puppy in his lap, a large container of treats within reach.

Things went well for a while, the kids’ and Fancy’s enjoyment at meeting an equally enjoyable experience. Then a three year old dressed as the Lion King toddled through the door. Stumbling up to Ron (he’s gotten his tail tangled around his foot) he held open his sack and commanded, “Put puppy in sack.”

We hadn’t anticipated any of the kids thinking Fancy was one of the treats. Now Ron gently advised him the puppy wasn’t a give-away and reached to distract him with a handful of treats.

“Put puppy in sack!” This time the order was shouted.

“No, no, dear.” His mother inserted herself into the situation and took his hand to draw him away. “Puppy isn’t a treat.”

With the kind of scream only a frustrated three year old can emit, the little fellow wrenched free and once again issued the order, this time at full volume.

Apparently seeing no other course of action, (perhaps she’d found herself in similar situations) his mother gathered him up in her arms and headed out the door, the kicking, flaying child clutched to her breast.
The last we saw of them they were turning the corner of our street, the little boy still kicking and screaming, his mom struggling to march determinedly away from the place of instigation of this Halloween debacle.

Next year, no matter how cute a puppy comes to reside in our home, it won’t be used as a greeting on Halloween.


  1. Aside from the toddler debacle, it sounds like a great way to socialize your puppy! I see so many that aren’t socialized, and it’s such a shame because the dog misses so much…and so do their owners. Excellent Halloween story, too.

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