Halloween Blogfest: Charlie Cochrane

I have never seen a ghost. Not knowingly, anyway, by which I mean I could well have seen dozens of ghosts and just not realised. (That’s exactly the sort of thing that could happen to me, given how oblivious I am to things going on around me.) The nearest I’ve got was when I was driving down an unlit road and a strangely moving, tall, glowing apparition appeared in my headlights. My stomach churned, but it only turned out to be a horse and rider, with reflective strips attached to various parts of their respective anatomies.

But I do know at least two people, whose testimony I would respect, who have seen ghosts. One saw the ghost of her grandfather at an upstairs window on the day of his funeral. The other saw a huge apparition of a monk near Beaulieu, something she described as terrifying but not evil. She was aware of an overwhelming feeling of good coming from him. Beaulieu Abbey is a well known tourist attraction and has a history of strange sightings/sounds.

I’ve also come across stories from family members that make me go, “I wonder…” Just this summer, we were holidaying on Jersey (a place which has many ghostly legends of its own) and my middle daughter plus her boyfriend decided to cycle round the island. It’s not far, but it’s challenging, given the number of hills. They were on the north of the island (one of the spookiest parts) and were going up yet another hill, desperately thirsty and tired. They’d given up hope when they turned a bend in the road and saw both a bench and an ice cream van. Miles from anywhere, nobody else around, just these two very welcome facilities.

Afterwards, looking at the map, we couldn’t work out where they might have been to find such an oasis in the hilly desert. We came up with the theory that these were a ghostly/angelic bench and a ghostly/angelic ice cream van, that only appeared when poor, desperate cyclists came panting and straining up the hill.

So, back to where I started. I wonder if I have come across ghosts and never realised?

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About the Author:CC_The_Shade_on_a_Fine_Day As Charlie Cochrane couldn’t be trusted to do any of her jobs of choice—like managing a rugby team—she writes. Her favourite genre is gay fiction, predominantly historical romances/mysteries.

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  1. It’s a really intriguing idea, and certainly explains the character of certain places!

  2. Sari Chile says:

    Are you sure that the rider wasn’t a ghost?
    I have never seen a ghost and I’m not sure I would like to see one, but I do believe in them. I think there are enough stories from serious non-gullible people not to.

  3. Haven’t seen one either

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  4. My experience with ghost was the feeling it’s there next to me, cold and hairs stood at the back of my neck and all. Not really scary but not very nice indeed. I’d rather read about it than facing one. Heh.

  5. Hmm… I’m not sure I’d have been too happy, if I were your daughter, to find I’d been eating ectoplasmic ice cream!

    Having grown up on the Isle of Wight (supposedly one of the most haunted places in Britain) and frequently visited Gloucester (supposedly another) I’m really quite disappointed to say I’ve never seen a ghost!

  6. Phoenix Emrys says:

    I’ve never seen a ghost while awake, but I’ve had several vistations from loved ones who’ve passed on in my dreams. As well as my kitty cat who died recently.

  7. I have never seen a ghost myself but growing up my mother used to talk about a chair that walked across the floor of a house she lived in as a child. She along with her siblings of which there were six and her mother saw it on several occasions. Personally, I’m glad I my chairs all stay put.

  8. have friends who can see them but never saw one myself.
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  9. I’m convinced my flat in Edinburgh was haunted, and one of the guys that originally shared it with me claimed to have talked to the ghost (a Victorian maid aparently). Sadly I may have accidentally exorcised her one night when I got annoyed about the haunting and told her to go bother my by now former flatmate. I never noticed the presence after that.

  10. I often wonder if it’s like “Sixth Sense” and they just look real if you can see them. Maybe we just pass them on the street? But like you, I’ve never seen a ghost. That I’m aware of.

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