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There’s something about weddings. Seems like everyone is getting married. At least in my romance novels. I’ve noticed a trend in almost all of my stories to include romantic, candlelit wedding ceremonies. Maybe this is the reason why I decided to go full out and write a romance book about a wedding planner. Or it could be the fact my daughter suggested my next heroine should be in the wedding planning business. Whatever the reason, my latest romance, My Sexiest Wedding, was a thrill to write. Not only did I get to include a sizzling, sexy-fun wedding into the story but my lead character was all about weddings.

In each of my books, I like to make the wedding scenes as romantic and unique as I possibly can for each couple. Sometimes it’s the main characters who happen to be the ones repeating vows and sometimes they’re attending as guests. Nevertheless, with each matrimonial celebration I look for little details to add in that will make the ceremony and reception special, not only for the couple, but for the reader too. I take in to account the personality of the bride, the situation, and the setting. I have to admit it’s a lot of fun to do research to write a wedding scene. I get to spend time looking over beautiful bridal gowns, pretty flowers, scrumptious looking cakes, and decided what music will be played and what kind of bubbly champagne to served. Along with adding in personal touches from the hero and heroine which could be a keepsake, special song, or even a heartfelt vow.

In the first book of the Cedar Point series, I’ve Got You, the heroine Amber Bradley meets the hero Josh Craig at a wedding and decides he’s not what she’s looking for. Luckily the guy doesn’t give up. In my second Cedar Point book, Falling For You, there’s a romantic Valentine’s Day-night wedding with tons of red roses, feathery greens ferns, flickering candles, soft jazz playing…besides lots of drama. My heroine Heather Grant and hero Cooper Gerhardt have quite the tear-filled scene to play out. In my romance, Manhattan Holiday, the hero Roman Vasquez whisks the heroine April Sutton way for a breathtaking wedding over a holiday weekend. And now in my latest romance, My Sexiest Wedding, the heroine, wedding planner Spring James, can’t believe her one-night stand, sexy Spanish cowboy Rafael Quintero, has shown up in her hometown looking for love. You’ll have to read the story to find out if he gets her to the altar. Not easy. Even though she loves planning weddings—marriage is the last thing on her mind.

So if you’re looking for romance and marriage—here’s a personal “wedding” invitation to read one of my romances. Enjoy!

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About the author:

Linda Engman is intrigued with the idea of falling for someone when you least expect it. That’s one of the reasons why she loves to write romances. She also loves heroes who are sexy, rugged, hard working guys, and has fun creating heroines with awesome careers and fashionable wardrobes. Sometimes she’ll set the story in a small hometown and other times in a fast-paced big city. She lives in NW-Wisconsin on a lake with her husband, two teenagers, plus two dogs.

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As a wedding planner, getting couples down the aisle is all part of the work week for Spring James. But when it comes to her own love life—marriage is the last thing on her mind. Until her one-night stand arrives in her hometown unannounced. Tall, dark and handsome is only a start. Nothing but lean, taut muscle, he’s ruggedly charismatic and good with kids, besides. Prompting her to reconsider her no marriage rule.

For the past month, Spanish cowboy Rafael Quintero has been haunted by what happened between them in Miami while there on business. He’s spent the time since on his ranch in Argentina, with a crushed ego, and his male pride keeping him from going after her. Now a twist of fate has brought them back together and all bets are off.

Set in the small town of Bernie, Ohio, Rafael and Spring’s romantic-steamy love story will capture your heart as they discover the secret to falling in love.


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  2. Dawn Staniszeski says:

    My daughter got married this past October. She wanted it in our backyard. Wow! That was alot of work and I prayed everynight that that day it would not rain. It all fell in place at the last moment. It turned out very nice…but I don’t want to do that again!!!

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