Guest Blog and Giveaway: Changeling Eyes by L.A. Catron

As an epic fantasy author, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’d love fantasy RPG games as well. I still play them and write reviews for them from time to time. One of my earliest loves in this category was Fable 1 for the original Xbox.

Fable 1 is the story of a boy whose town is attacked by bandits, his family killed, and he alone survives. A Mage from the Guild Hall of Heroes saves him as flames consume everything the boy loved and that’s the last thing the boy remembers before waking up in the Guild Hall. He is trained as a Hero and sent out to make his own legend. But as he encounters growing evil in the world, he discovers that his Mage mentor serves the very villain who orchestrated the attack on his home village. And that the attack was much more personal than he’d ever dreamed.

Jack of Blades, formerly a renown, if vicious, hero had coveted the power innate in the boy’s bloodline. He attacked the town to capture the boy’s mother, a retired Heroine. The boy learns that his mother and sister are alive, that his sister is a servant to the bandits that attacked their home and that his mother is a captive of Jack of Blades. And that he was spared so that his magical blood, along with that of his mother and sister, could provide Jack of Blades with the key he needs to unleash ultimate destruction.

As the only member of his family still free, it falls to the boy to try to save them, thwart Jack, and in so doing, save the entire Kingdom of Albion.  

The game’s story is fairly pre-determined but it allows you, the player, to choose how you want to accomplish each mission. With honor and selflessness? Or with deception, deceit, or greed. Your choices matter and alter the outcome in subtle ways.

This game may have influenced my own storytelling, as I use Mages as my magic wielders in my book, Changeling Eyes, and each individual’s choice in my writing affects the outcome of other character’s story lines. I also appreciate the game’s vivid world setting and emulate its colorful detail in my own world-building. 

Why am I bringing all of this up? Because over time, the original Xbox fell into disrepair. No one would fix it or sell new units when the Xbox360 came out. So when my old Xbox finally died, I couldn’t visit that game anymore. Sure, I could have downloaded a really horrible copy that had been jury-rigged to work on Xbox360. But the graphics were terrible and the game glitched so badly as to make it unusable. Sure, I could also have bought the game for PC. But I’d first played the game on a console, so I couldn’t enjoy it on the PC with keyboard controls instead of a hand-held controller.

Now, to the joy of gamers everywhere, Lionhead Studios is re-releasing this classic. They intend to release it in HD glory, digitally re-mastered to make it as beautiful as any modern game, with additional story line (call the Lost Chapters DLC in the original game) and new game achievements for the Xbox360. It is also rumored that, after release in February 2014, they may release new DLC content! This new, shiny, beautiful, raised-from-the-dead rendition of the beloved game is called Fable: Anniversary.

And I can’t wait!

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<B>About the Author:</b> Author of Changeling Eyes and an avid reader and writer since high school, L. A. Catron tried to nail down a traditional job by obtaining a bachelor’s degree in animal science, but upon the discovery that the sight of blood greatly disturbed her, she switched gears and earned a master’s degree in creative writing… no blood so far.  She writes fantasy, breeds dragons, loves RPG video games, and lives in Hale, Michigan with her family and neurotic ten pound poodle. You can learn more about her at


11_15 Final_CoverFive common Elements bind all of creation together; Fire, Earth, Water, Air and Life.  But the Aesir Element, wielded by the Creator’s messengers, is the most beautiful and by far the deadliest.

When the human crown-princess, Lrill Kettenring, suddenly manifests the Aesir Element it slowly corrupts her.  Her eyes change color, limbs elongate, ears grow pointed and the power arcs out in crushing waves of blue flame to demolish everything around her.
Feared, resented and mistaken for a hated Changeling, she flees to the Mage’s Keep. There, with the help of a Telchine Scholar Mage, reluctant Changeling prince, kind-hearted Gnome, and a seductive Water Elf, she works to control her powers and find a way to reclaim her throne… but the very nature of her power makes her a ticking time bomb and the only one who could cure her has been ordained her enemy by an ancient foe Lrill doesn’t even know she has.
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  1. Thank you for featuring me this week, it’s been a pleasure! I look forward to seeing the comments this post receives.

  2. I like it so far!!!

  3. I loved Changeling Eyes! It’s always so exciting to find out where inspiration comes from. I’ll be looking forward to Fable: Anniversary.

  4. Linda Sullivan says:

    I usually don’t read fantasy, so I would like a change and would like to read Changeling Eyes.

  5. Linda Sullivan says:

    I would like to read Changeling Eyes. I usually don’t read fantasy, but I think I need a change.

  6. I’ve never been much of a counsel gamer. I mean there were games that I played, but Mario Bros and Cool Boarders hardly makes me a gamer. I’m a PC fan, and WoW ruined me to any PC game that doesn’t use WASD as controls. Though this Fable game seems like it has an interesting story. Maybe I’ll have to put it on the wish list. As for your book, the title and cover had piqued my interest. They were similar to a book series I had to start for class a year or two ago and just couldn’t put down. It’s definitely made the wish list.

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