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Welcome to Long and Short Reviews, Anna!

Hi, and thank you for having me on your blog today.

I’ve been thinking about balancing work and life, quite a lot recently. It’s actually been a subject of discussion between my husband and I over Christmas and the crux of my New Years Resolutions.

Balancing my writing with life is hard, there is no other way of saying it. I’m not going to fib and tell everyone that I’m this superwoman who looks after a family, works as a teaching assistant and writes books on the side, because the truth is, I’m not.

Four years ago when writing became a reality for me, it seemed much easier. My childen were younger and although it seems odd I had more time on my hands. Now they are older and I’m constantly saying things like “Have you done your homework?” “Have you done your reading?” “Jake do you ever want to learn to read, or are you just happy to look at the pictures for the rest of your life?” (Jake is my six year old, and he likes to pretend he can’t do things so I get stressed about it!)

Then there is the housework. . . Sadly fairies don’t come and do it over night and I am left realising that my family have run out of clean clothes all because I am caught up in the moment writing my new book (I get very into character).

So what am I going to do about it? Well, I’m going to get organised, I’m going to get people to help me, and most importantly I am going to set myself some realistic targets that I can stick to without feeling like I am sacrificing some part of my life.

I have an assistant now, she keeps on top of my social stuff so I can concentrate on my writing. I have set myself the daily goal of a 1000 word minimum word count, this is flexible though, yesterday I wrote 5K because I was just so into it.
Lastly I need to recognise that I am more than one thing. I’m a mother, sure. I’m a wife, but I am also a writer and for me to be a happy person then I need to allow all aspects of myself into my life and learn to live with them, not having them fighting for my time and attention.

My children will always come first, always, but my writing is something that I can do that will one day make them proud. Yesterday when I was in the midst of my major plot development my daughter came up to me and gave me a massive hug and said “Mummy, I’m so pleased you’re a writer. It makes you special.”
My answer. “No, lovely. Being your mum makes me special, everything else is just an extra bonus.”

And that is how I plan to balance my work and life. I will have to let you know how I get on!


Rebecca Walters is haunted by past tragedies and the names that people call her. When her parents take her to Cornwall for two weeks and she meets local artist Joshua Adams, Rebecca starts to understand that her future is what she can make it. But when her past secrets start to catch up with her will Rebecca fight to remain the girl she’s found or will she run from a past that won’t stay Gone.

Enjoy an excerpt:

For the first time in a long time I want to do more than just graze my lips against another shoulder.

I can’t though.

While she is technically not a holiday maker and therefore hasn’t fallen in my ‘Not to be Approached’ criteria, I know she is not staying. And if she is not staying I know we will never do more than walk down a beach holding hands. I don’t do goodbyes of any description.

Last night as we sat on the moonlight flooded beach we told each other everything, but at the same time nothing. She is eighteen, to my twenty. Her family have moved here so her sister can have a life not in the middle of London.

The girl who looks like she is made of the sun is leaving in two weeks to go to university. But that’s not all I found out. Without knowing it, she hinted at all the stuff she doesn’t want anyone to know. As we sat on the dark sand I found all the answers to the things she wasn’t telling me. They were hiding in every moment of silence that hung between us in the night air. She is lonely, frustrated, confused, all of these things and something else. There is something else there. It’s in the way she holds her body, and it’s in the way her fingers absentmindedly graze over the bangles adorning her wrists.

Something, or someone.

Something that she thinks defines her. She does not want anyone to know it. She does not want me to know it. And to be honest I’m not sure if I want to know either. Well at least I thought I didn’t until we reached her gate last night, and instead of giving her a good bye wave I stepped right into her space, holding myself back from kissing her and asked instead if she would like a surf lesson.

About the Author:

Anna Bloom is a contemporary romance writer with the sole writing ambition of writing about life as it happens. Dedicated to real characters, real problems and real romance Anna writes tales to stir your heart and head. Combining a busy schedule of looking after two young children, working in a local school and writing swoon worthy romance for Mature Teen readers, she also spends a lot of time imagining kissing hot guys and talking to the voices in her head- all in the name of her art.

Buy the book at Amazon or Amazon UK.

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